MicroMillions 4: The mother lode for ImYaMama, Event #56 champ ($5.50 5-Card NL Draw)

Of all 100 events on the MicroMillions 4 schedule, just one offered players a chance to play plain old, no-limit 5-card draw, the classic variant that dates back to the game's origins over two centuries ago. I suppose one might say including 5-card draw on the schedule is PokerStars's way of suggesting we respect the earlier generations of poker players. Thus it is perhaps fitting that the tournament was won by a player named ImYaMama, who following a three-way final table deal took away $1,677.30 for the win.

From 2,476 to 12

There were 2,476 players taking seats around the six-handed tables for this one, the smallest field thus far in MicroMillions 4. Even so, that turnout added up to a $12,380 prize pool which as has routinely happened this week for MM 4 events more than doubled the event's guarantee ($5K).

The top 330 finishers got to divide up that money. Making the last 12 and final two tables guaranteed you more than a hundy back. And the top three spots promised four-figure paydays.

After four hours and 45 minutes of dealing and drawing, just 100 players were left. MisclickMan led the way then with about 345,000, with pokergogo610 next with almost 318,000 and Hoozat third with just under 260,000.

About 45 minutes after that they were down to 50. MisclickMan was still on top with about 463,000, only barely ahead of Evg Pirogov with about a thousand less. A moment later, though it was softsell24 surging past both to be the first player to half a million chips.

From 12 to 6

A little over an hour later they'd crossed the six-and-a-half-hour mark of the tournament with just 12 players left, with MisclickMan's run having ended in 17th ($82.94). ImYaMama was the new leader at that point, having accumulated more than 2.5 million chips, with Westforde then the closest competitor with just over 1.71 million.

There'd be a lot of chip movement over the next 50 minutes as six more players fell, with Westforde pushing into the top spot with nearly 4.3 million and ImYaMama then second with about 2.57 million.

During that sequence fpsik (12th), nardella777 (11th), and 2chance2 (10th) each fell, earning $108.32 apiece. They were followed by luckman74 (9th), pokergogo610 (8th), and Siveens99 (7th) who each took away $148.56.

Nearly seven-and-a-half hours after the tournament had started, the final six-handed table was underway.


Seat 1: Westforde (Sweden) -- 4,265,467
Seat 2: matporter7 (United Kingdom) -- 1,144,146
Seat 3: ImYaMama (Germany) -- 2,570,807
Seat 4: Speck CHAMP (Germany) -- 919,082
Seat 5: rashii10 (India) -- 1,199,544
Seat 6: softsell24 (Germany) -- 2,280,954

From 6 to 3

The fifth hand of the final table saw the first elimination.

With the blinds 30,000/60,000, ImYaMama opened the action with a raise to 120,000 from under the gun, then the table's short stack Speck CHAMP reraised all in to 724,082 from a seat over. Everyone else folded, then ImYaMama called the reraise.

ImYaMama discarded two cards while Speck CHAMP drew three. Speck CHAMP then showed Q♥Q♣6♦4♦2♦ for a pair of queens, but it wasn't enough against ImYaMama's trip treys with K♥5♠3♠3♦3♣ and they were down to five.

The remaining players would battle for nearly half an hour more before another fell.

With the blinds up to 60,000/120,000, it was rashii10 opening for 240,000 from the cutoff seat, matporter7 reraising all in for 583,292 from the big blind, and rashii10 calling.

matporter7 then took two cards while rashii10 took but one, and the at-risk player turned over A♥K♣K♦J♣7♠ for a pair of kings. Alas for matporter7, rashii10 had kings, too, along with a second pair -- K♥K♠8♣8♠7♦ -- and matporter7 was eliminated in fifth.

Then just prior to the eight-hour break, ImYaMama raised 2x to 120,000 from under the gun and it folded to a short-stacked softsell24 in the small blind. Down to just 101,808 to start the hand, softsell24 called the 11,808 left after posting the SB, then Westforde called ImYaMama's raise as well from the big blind.

Both softsell24 and Westforde drew three cards in the blinds, while ImYaMama took just one. Then when Westforde showed A♣T♠T♣5♣4♠ for a pair of tens, both of the other players mucked and softsell24 hit the rail in fourth.

A deal, then Westforde waylaid in third

The break arrived, and the remaining three took the opportunity to pause the tournament and discuss a possible chop of the remaining prize money. By then ImYaMama led with about 5.81 million, Westforde was next with just under 4.07 million, and rashii10 was third with about 2.49 million.

"ICM" numbers were provided leaving $100 on the table for which to play, and Westforde and rashii10 immediately agreed to the proposed figures. ImYaMama was less sure, though, but with just a small adjustment to the terms (giving ImYaMama a few more dollars) all three were amenable and a deal was made.

It would take a half-hour more before a third-place finisher was found.

The blinds had crept up to 100,000/200,000, and ImYaMama raised to 400,000 from the button. It folded to Westforde in the big blind who reraised all in for 1,035,286, and ImYaMama called.

"well this was fun," said Westforde while drawing one card. "got straight draw." Meanwhile ImYaMama took one card as well.

ImYaMama then turned over J♠6♠6♥2♦2♠ for two pair. Westforde showed K♠Q♣J♦T♥5♣ -- that five picked up on the draw doing no good -- and at last they were down to two.

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ImYaMama wins after trippy final hand

Heads-up play began with ImYaMama in front with 7,325,064 to rashii10's 5,054,936. Then came a hand in which ImYaMama was dealt a pat straight, ultimately earning a 3.2 million pot to widen the gap even more.

rashii10 slipped a little further, then managed to double up once with a pair of kings versus ImYaMama's jacks. But ImYaMama regained control, and after having built up over 11 million to the 1.35 million in rashii10's stack, ImYaMama finally grabbed the last of the chips to win the title.

The final hand saw ImYaMama open-shoving from the button and rashii10 calling all in for 1,109,872 total. Both players drew three cards, then came the showdown...

rashii10: Q♣T♣2♣2♠2♥ -- three deuces
ImYaMama: A♦T♦T♥T♣8♥ -- three tens

An interesting end, to be sure, as both players had made trips. But ImYaMama's was best, and after eight hours and 34 minutes the tourney was decided.

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Congratulations to ImYaMama, the latest MicroMillions 4 winner! And kudos as well to rashii10 and Westforde for making it to the three-way deal and also earning handsome returns on their $5.50 investments.

MicroMillions 4 Event #56 ($5.50 5-Card NL Draw) (*reflects three-way deal):
1st: ImYaMama (Germany) -- $1,677.30*
2nd: rashii10 (India) -- $1,300.00*
3rd: Westforde (Sweden) -- $1,450.00*
4th: softsell24 (Germany) -- $680.90
5th: matporter7 (United Kingdom) -- $433.30
6th: Speck CHAMP (Germany) -- $234.60

Entrants: 2,476
Prize pool: $12,380.00
Places paid: 330

There are still more than 40 events left in MicroMillions 4, with the big $22 buy-in, $1 million guaranteed Main Event (Event #98) scheduled for this Sunday. Check the MicroMillions site for more.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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