MicroMillions 4: tseries91 starts series with Event #7 win ($5.50 NLHE)

MicroMillions 4 is a round-the-clock affair, with nine more events coming on Day 2 after a half-dozen played out on Thursday. The first Friday event was Event #7, a $5.50 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament with a $20K guarantee, and after nearly 10 hours it was tseries91 of Portugal taking first to claim a $5,655,32 first prize after a three-way chop -- a more than 1000x return on the buy-in!

With 8,673 playing this one, the total prize pool ballooned to $43,365, which like happened with the first six MicroMillions events easily crushed the guarantee. The top 1,170 finishers divided the money, with the top six all scheduled to earn more than $1,300.

About five-and-a-half hours into the tournament, sitro12 became the first player to 1 million chips with about 130 players left alive, with opk1, tseries91, and louk82 occupying the next three spots in the counts.

Ninety minutes later just 36 players remained, gathered around the tourney's last four tables. sitro12 was still in front with more than 2.77 million, with louk82, Betija89, and kiLLArrQueeN all north of 2 million as well.

A little over a half-hour later just 18 were left, with sitro12 still leading with about 4.5 million, but the chase pack not far behind. A half-hour after that they were down to nine, with sitro12 still on top with almost 7.8 million.

Of those just missing the final table, killer_11527 (18th), rage4dorder (17th), and basilcat1 (16th) each earned $114.91; P.Tom1981 (15th), Bertha999 (14th), and MattyDaCobra (13th) took away $173.46 apiece; and TigerRon107 (12th), bananaman61 (11th), and kaybrown777 (10th) each saw $232 added to their PokerStars accounts.

Nearly eight hours and 20 minutes after the tourney had started, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: ILOHKOS69 -- (Australia) -- 5,032,339
Seat 2: louk82 (Greece) -- 4,329,123
Seat 3: kerzuko (Russia) -- 2,572,220
Seat 4: sabpap1 (Greece) -- 4,954,817
Seat 5: zaki74 (Hungary) -- 7,047,633
Seat 6: tseries91 (Portugal) -- 4,511,160
Seat 7: 1hungryMan (Poland) -- 4,518,015
Seat 8: Built-byTilt (China) -- 2,616,084
Seat 9: sitro12 (Belarus) -- 7,783,609

From 9 to 6

It would take about 10 minutes for the first elimination at the final table to occur.

With the blinds at 80,000/160,000, chip leader sitro12 raised to 480,000 from middle position, then kerzuko reraised all in for 1,812,220 from the cutoff seat. It folded back around and sitro12 called, showing 8♥8♠ while kerzuko tabled A♠J♥. The board ran out 9♠5♦9♣3♥5♠, and kerzuko was kaput in ninth.

The blinds rose to 100,000/200,000, then louk82 pushed from early position for 749,123. It folded to 1hungryMan who reraised all in from the button, chasing the blinds. louk82 had K♠T♠ and 1hungryMan A♥T♣, and five cards later -- 8♣4♠2♠3♦T♦ -- both had tens but 1hungryMan's better kicker put louk82 on the rail in eighth.

It looked for all the world like Built-byTilt was about to be the next elimination after going all in with A♥Q♥ and running head-first into sitro12's A♠A♣. But the board ran out T♠3♣T♥T♣T♦, making for a chopped pot and extended life for Built-byTilt.

They played on, with the blinds pushing upward again to 150,000/300,000. That's when 1hungryMan open-raised all in from the cutoff seat for 3,504,515 and ILOHKOS69 called from the big blind. 1hungryMan had A♦7♦ while ILOHKOS69 had K♠K♦. The flop came 6♠6♣2♣, then the K♥ turn card improved ILOHKOS69 to a full house and left 1hungryMan drawing dead. Just six were left.

From 6 to 3

They reached the nine-hour break, with ILOHKOS69 leading the final six with more than 11.7 million zaki74 next with about 9.2 million, and former leader sitro12 having slipped back to fifth out of six with a stack of just under 4.4 million.

Not too long after play resumed, the blinds had risen to 200,000/400,000 while sitro12's stack had shrunk down to 1,070,980. Soon sitro12 was putting all of those chips in the middle from the cutoff seat and zaki74 was calling from the big blind.

zaki74 had Q♦6♦ and sitro12 A♣3♣. The flop came 6♣8♦7♦ to give zaki74 sixes, and after the 9♣ river and J♥ river, sitro12's run had been halted in sixth.

Five minutes later, zaki74 had slipped back down under 5 million, and with the blinds at 250,000/500,000 was open-pushing a stack of 4,985,220 from the button and getting called by Built-byTilt from the big blind.

Built-byTilt had J♥J♣ and zaki74 A♠7♣. The board would bring two sevens for zaki74, but a jack as well for Built-byTilt, coming 3♥7♦J♠7♠9♦. That left zaki74 second best and out in fifth.

Soon sabpap1 was pushing all in from under the gun for 3,042,538 (about six big blinds) and tseries91 calling from a seat over. sabpap1 had J♣J♥ and tseries91 Q♦J♦. The flop looked good for sabpap1, coming 4♦8♠3♠, but runner-runner diamonds -- A♦, then 5♦ -- gave tseries91 a flush and eliminated sabpap1 in fourth.

A deal, Built-byTilt bounced, then tseries91 takes out ILOHKOS69

The final three played on for a while, then paused proceedings to talk about a possible deal. At that point tseries91 led with about 19.8 million, ILOHKOS69 was next with just over 16.6 million, and Built-byTilt third with about 6.9 million.

"Chip chop" figures were produced -- leaving $400 on the table for which to play -- and all three players agreed. Soon cards were back in the air.

It wasn't long before Built-byTilt raised 2x to 1.6 million from the small blind and ILOHKOS69 called from the big blind. The flop came a high-coordinated T♥J♥Q♥, and Built-byTilt continued with a bet of 1.6 million, leaving just 2,785,806 behind. ILOHKOS69 then raised enough to put Built-byTilt all in, and Built-byTilt called.

Built-byTilt: K♥2♠

ILOHKOS69 had a pair, but Built-byTilt had a massive draw. The turn and river blanked out for Built-byTilt, though, coming 6♠, then 6♦, and they were down to two.

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ILOHKOS59 led with 25,689,301 to tseries91's 17,675,699 to start heads-up play. They played 10 hands, during which tseries91 grabbed the advantage, then ILOHKOS59 took the lead back after doubling up with pocket queens.

Just a few hands after that, though, tseries91 would take the lead once more in a hand that saw tseries91 rivering two pair against ILOHKOS59's flopped top pair.

A half-dozen more hands passed, then the blinds were 400,000/800,000 when ILOHKOS59 limped from the button, tseries91 raised big to 7.2 million, ILOHKOS59 reraised all in for 12,592,204 total, and tseries91 called.

ILOHKOS69 had 4♠4♥ while tseries91 had K♥Q♥, and when the flop came 3♥Q♦3♠, tseries91 was suddenly way ahead in the hand. The turn was the 2♣, leaving ILOHKOS69 searching for one of the two remaining fours to survive. But the river was the 8♠, and tseries91 had won.

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Congratulations to tseries91 for topping a field of 8,673 to win MicroMillions 4 Event #7, and kudos as well to ILOHKOS69 and Built-byTilt for making it to the three-way chop and grabbing themselves a couple of heady paydays as well, especially considering the tiny buy-in!

MicroMillions 4 Event #7 ($5.50 NLHE) (*reflects three-way deal)
1st: tseries91 (Portugal) -- $5,655.32*
2nd: ILOHKOS69 (Australia) -- $4,927.68*
3rd: Built-byTilt (China) -- $3,949.68*
4th: sabpap (Greece) -- $2,185.59
5th: zaki74 (Hungary) -- $1,734.60
6th: sitro12 (Belarus) -- $1,300.95
7th: 1hungryMan (Poland) -- $867.30
8th: louk82 (Greece) -- $498.69
9th: kerzuko (Russia) -- $336.07

Entrants: 8,673
Prize pool: $43,365.00
Places paid: 1,170

MicroMillions 4 rolls on. Check the MicroMillions site for constantly updated results as well as the upcoming schedule.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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