MicroMillions 4: zsolt230 turns $5.50 into more than $10K, wins Event #40 ($5.50 NLHE 6-max. Turbo KO)

MicroMillions events offer players the possibility of achieving all sorts of mind-boggling returns on their tiny investments. And the turbo-styled events can make a winner's hourly rate similarly stunning. Such was the case for Event #40 in which winner zsolt230 of Hungary managed to turn $5.50 into $10,228.42 in just over five hours.

Using all of our fingers and toes to calculate, that's a little over 1,859 times the buy-in for zsolt230, realized at a clip of just under $2,000 per hour.

In truth zsolt230 made even more than that thanks to the fact that Event #40 presented players with a "knockout"-styled no-limit hold'em event in which $1 of every buy-in went for bounties, with the short "turbo" levels and and six-handed format helping guarantee a quick pace.

Just before the one-hour window for registration closed, the last registrants helped push the final field size to 20,010, meaning the total prize pool made it up to six figures at $102,051 (more than three times the $30K guarantee). $20,010 of that went for the bounties, while the remaining $82,041 comprised the regular prize pool, divided among the top 2,700 finishers.

After three-and-a-half blindingly-fast hours of poker, over 19,900 of the bounties had already been collected as just 100 players remained. At that point eckieckson led all in the counts with more than 4 million, more than 1.5 million ahead of the rest of the field.

It took an hour more for the field to be trimmed down to 12 players, with eckieckson dropping in the counts and then falling in 50th ($118.95). Meanwhile, it was zsolt230 moving up to the top of the leaderboard by building a stack of nearly 30 million. Also during that stretch, 19th-place finisher Stereodoom would pass everyone to grab what would end up being a tourney-high 22 knockouts before being eliminated for a $257.60 cash plus $22 for the bounties.

Over the next 10 minutes six more players fell, with Max Funtikov (12th), dreamguy2 (11th), and dani_1960d (10th) each earning $515.21 and loso37 (9th), KrDek (8th), and cavia14 (7th) taking away $674.37 apiece, each also adding a few more bucks thanks to bounties collected.

The final table was set.


Seat 1: cboboc (Romania) -- 16,066,636
Seat 2: chris69la (Germany) -- 17,303,129
Seat 3: Ababa_Janhoy (Germany) -- 9,287,588
Seat 4: zsolt230 (Hungary) -- 29,963,032
Seat 5: möps (Austria) -- 12,452,134
Seat 6: levelup1 (Germany) -- 14,977,481

On the third hand of the final table -- the last prior to the five-hour break -- the blinds were 600k/1.2m when levelup1 raised to 3.6 million from the button, then chris69la reraised all in for 14,453,129 from the big blind. levelup1 called the shove, showing K♣J♥ to the J♦T♠ of chris69la.

The board came 6♠Q♣3♥, then A♥, then T♦, giving chris69la a pair but levelup1 a straight, and chris69la was out in sixth.

During the break came some discussion of a possible deal, but new chip leader levelup1 said "no" when asked about such a possibility, and soon the break was over and hands being dealt anew.

On the sixth hand after the break, the blinds had bumped up to 700k/1.4m when Ababa_Janhoy open-raised all in for 5,237,588 from the button, then zsolt230 reraised all in from the small blind to force a fold from möps. Ababa_Janhoy had K♦4♠ and zsolt230 A♦Q♠. The flop came A♣2♣T♠, giving zsolt230 a pair of aces, and after the 7♠ turn there was no river that could help Ababa_Janhoy. They were down to four.

Two hands after that levelup1 opened for 4.2 million from the small blind, then cboboc pushed for 13,116,636 from a seat over, earning a call from levelup1.

levelup1: A♣Q♥
cboboc: A♥7♠

Aces for both, but levelup1's kicker was best, and after the community cards came 8♥5♥2♣T♠3♦, cboboc's run had ended in fourth.

The remaining three players played seven more hands, then one arose in which zsolt230 opened with a 2x raise from the button to 3.2 million, then möps reraised all in for 24,404,268 from the small blind. levelup1 folded and zsolt230 quickly called, the latter turning over A♥Q♥. möps, meanwhile, needed help with A♦J♣.

The flop came T♣9♦4♦, then the Q♠ turn paired zsolt230 and left möps with straight draw-inspired hopes. But the river was the 5♠, and möps was sent railward in third.

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zsolt230 had the edge to begin heads-up play with 59,515,254 to levelup1's 40,534,746.

They'd play a dozen hands over the course of which levelup1 inched ever so close to zsolt230, and in fact the lead was just under one big blind -- 50,715,254 to 49,334,746 -- when a final hand for all the chips took place.

The blinds were 800k/1.6m, and levelup1 started things with a raise to 4.8 million from the button which zsolt230 called. The flop came 7♥4♦Q♥, and zsolt230 checked. levelup1 took a stab for 4.8 million, then zsolt230 fired back with an all-in raise for about 10 times that and levelup1 called.

Both players had flopped top pair, but zsolt230's Q♦9♦ provided a better side card than levelup1's Q♣6♦. The turn was the 3♦ and river the 9♠, giving zsolt230 a second pair, a nearly 100 million-chip pot, and a MicroMillions title!

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Congratulations to zsolt230 of Hungary who topped more than 20,000 players to win Event #40 and turn a $5.50 buy-in into more than $10K!

MicroMillions 4 Event #40 ($5.50 NLHE 6-max., Turbo, Knockout):
1st: zsolt230 (Hungary) -- $10,228.42 (plus 18 bounties worth $1 each)
2nd: levelup1 (Germany) -- $7,348.41 (plus 16 bounties)
3rd: möps (Austria) -- $4,961.01 (plus 19 bounties)
4th: cboboc (Romania) -- $2,580.18 (plus 15 bounties)
5th: Ababa_Janhoy (Germany) -- $1,484.94 (plus 17 bounties)
6th: chris69la (Germany) -- $936.08 (plus 13 bounties)

Entrants: 20,010
Prize pool: $102,051.00
Places paid: 2,700

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