MicroMillions 5: bananero17 bludgeons them all in Event #52 ($5.50 NLHE)

Poker is such a high variance game, that we're always impressed when a player can dominate a tournament. At times, it might look easy, but it's incredibly hard to do. bananero17 from Uruguay came into today's MicroMillions final table with a commanding chip lead - more than double the next best. Who knows how bananero17 got those chips, but they were put to good use with an impressive coast-to-coast victory that netted $7,708.08 in prize money.

We're now over half way through the MicroMillions 5 series, with Event #52 bringing another huge field of 11,437 players for a $5.50 No Limit Holdem Event. The prize pool hit $57,185 to almost double the guarantee with the top 1,440 players set to finish in the money.

The min-cash was $9.14 but that eluded ady"lucky"7 from the United Kingdom who was our bubble in 1,441st place. From there, the players dropped away and after eight and a half hours, butcheN18's K♠T♦ was outdrawn by the K♣9♣ of bananero17 when a nine hit the turn to see our final table line up set as follows:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: allintim1984 (5,456,952 in chips)
Seat 2: Skilld (2,659,415 in chips)
Seat 3: mrmax350 (2,483,096 in chips)
Seat 4: DanielGest (8,090,468 in chips)
Seat 5: bananero17 (17,923,970 in chips)
Seat 6: Johny Nota (2,298,190 in chips)
Seat 7: Stefan92bba (2,842,153 in chips)
Seat 8: Ingvar78 (8,648,030 in chips)
Seat 9: vanja-berkyt (6,782,726 in chips)

The final table kicked off with the blinds at 80,000/160,000 with a 20,000 ante with an interesting dynamic at the table. bananero17 was a commanding chip leader with more than double the nearest rival, while four players were all getting short and in need of a double up.

Johny Nota was fortunate to avoid being first eliminated when all in with queen-jack against bananero17's dominant king-jack. The board filled out T♦A♠T♠A♦T♥ to put a full house on board for a split pot, much to the annoyance of the rest of the table!

mrmax350 took a shot at a double up by moving all in from under the gun for eleven big blinds with K♥J♥. vanja-berkyt isolated with A♠Q♥ and paired up on the board of 6♣A♣7♠5♦3♠ to send mrmax350 to the rail in 9th place for $388.85.

A brutal flop saw Skilld double through Stefan92bba when both players flopped a set. Stefan92bba's set of threes weren't enough against Skilld's set of kings in an unfortunate cooler.

Stefan92bba was left on the short stack and moments later, was all in with tournament on the line. Stefan92bba found a good spot with A♠K♣ against allintim1984's K♠Q♠ but again the poker Gods were cruel as the board landed Q♦6♠4♥J♠4♦ to pair allintim1984's queen. Stefan92bba must be disappointed with that finish but $571.85 for 8th place should heal a few wounds.

After making a pay jump, Johny Nota took a shot on the very next hand, shoving K♠J♠ from early position, but the timing was a little astray as Ingvar78 made an easy call with A♥A♦. No surprises this time as the board ran out 8♦5♥9♥3♦J♥ to leave Johny Nota to pick up $1,143.70 for 7th place. A nice four-figure score for a $5.50 investment.

Skilld was next to go after three-bet shoving all in with A♣J♠. allintim1984 made the call with 7♦7♠ and the pair held true on the board of 4♥8♣T♣4♣6♠. Skilld was out in 6th place for $1,715.55 in prize money.

Play slowed a little with five players left as they started to eye the top prize. DanielGest got in on the action with a big double up holding pocket queens against Ingvar78's pocket tens before an enormous pot saw vanja-berkyt land a double as a little as bananero17 got a little out of line in this hand:

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Ingvar78 doubled up with ace-queen against allintim1984's ace-nine, and DanielGest did likewise with pocket fives against allintim1984's king-ten.

That left allintim1984 on the short stack and when the big blind rolled around, allintim1984 committed with 6♥5♥ against bananero17's 9♣8♣. The board was spread 4♥K♣9♠K♠T♥ to give bananero17 two pair and eliminate allintim1984 in 5th place for a $2,287.40 score.

DanielGest's battle came to an end in 4th place. DanielGest experienced a rollercoaster ride on this final table with a few double ups along the way, but in the end a coin flip landed the wrong side. DanielGest jammed the button with A♥T♥ and bananero17 took it on from the small blind with 4♠4♦. The flop gave DanielGest additional outs to a straight but in the end, the Q♦K♣3♥6♣9♦ board left the fours in front to see DanielGest collect $2,859.25 for 4th place.

With three players left the chip stacks were as follows when the clock was paused to look at potential deal numbers:

Seat 5: bananero17 (34,125,002 in chips)
Seat 8: Ingvar78 (10,542,664 in chips)
Seat 9: vanja-berkyt (12,517,334 in chips)

bananero17 was way out in front and held the negotiating power as the three took a look at the figures. bananero17 wasn't happy with ICM and instead chip chop numbers were agreed to with $600 left in the middle to play for.

Upon resumption it didn't take long for Ingvar78 to change things around to get back into contention:

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vanja-berkyt was now the short stack and moved all in for around ten big blinds with A♠Q♦ as bananero17 made the call with K♣T♣. The flop landed J♣Q♠5♠ to pair vanja-berkyt's queen but bananero17's open-ended straight draw landed on the 9♥ turn to leave vanja-berkyt drawing dead. The meaningless river was the 7♠ to see vanja-berkyt finish the tournament in 3rd place for a post-deal total of $5,214.36.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 5: bananero17 (38,537,172 in chips)
Seat 8: Ingvar78 (18,647,828 in chips)

bananero17 was a clear chip leader and continued to apply pressure as very few heads-up hands reached a showdown. It wasn't until bananero17 open-jammed K♠9♦ and Ingvar78 called with A♠8♣ that we had our first chance at the title. And one chance was all bananero17 needed as the board was spread 2♦9♥J♦4♦9♣ for trip nines for an impressive victory. Ingvar78 took home $5,041.29 for 2nd place with the victory going to Uruguay as bananero17 collected $7,708.08 and the title of MicroMillions champion. Congratulations!

MicroMillions 5 Event #52 Results

Entrants: 11,437
Prize pool: $57,185.00
Places paid: 1,440

1st bananero17 (Uruguay) - $7,708.08*
2nd Ingvar78 (Estonia) - $5,041.29*
3rd vanja-berkyt (Ukraine) - $5,214.36*
4th DanielGest (Portugal) - $2,859.25
5th allintim1984 (Australia) - $2,287.40
6th Skilld (Canada) - $1,715.55
7th Johny Nota (Portugal) - $1,143.70
8th Stefan92bba (Serbia) - $571.85
9th mrmax350 (Argentina) - $388.85

* denotes three-way chip chop deal

There's over $5 million guaranteed during the MicroMillions 5 series, with 100 fantastic events running through until July 28th across a wide range of poker disciplines. Head to the MicroMillions 5 home page to see the full schedule as well as statistics, coverage, leaderboards and much more.

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