MicroMillions 5: chuvak25 is champ of Event #48 ($3.30 PLO Hi/Lo)

A total of 5,094 lovers of the action game of pot-limit Omaha hi/low gathered for MicroMillions 5 Event #48, a $3.30 buy-in tourney that thanks to that big turnout offered a $15,282 prize pool. That prize pool bested the tournament's $10K guarantee, with the top 675 finishers splitting the bounty. In the end it was chuvak25 of Russia outlasting everyone to win the title and largest share of the riches, taking away a cool $1,786.34 in the end following a five-way final table deal.

They were approaching the six-hour mark when just 100 players remained, with kanipallo8 then topping the counts with a stack nearing the 800,000-chip mark. An hour after that they were down to just 33 players, with kanipallo8 having slipped to a below average stack while vas_panev74 pushed out in front as the only player with more than 2.15 million.

Another hour passed and they were down to 18 with vas_panev74 still on top, then just after the tourney had crossed eight hours of play nine more had hit the virtual rail.

jungledancer (18th), biem81nl (17th), and MezMe95 (16th) won $45.84 apiece. kalina103 then went out in 15th, followed by former leader vas_panev74 (14th) and nokautas (13th), with those those three each earning $68.76. Then Volkodavsha (12th), Wipeout99 (11th), and haueb (10th) were successively eliminated, all taking away $91.69 for their efforts.

With SaJeDoe having moved up to the top of the counts, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: kanipallo8 (Finland) -- 3,525,797
Seat 2: plutarsch (Germany) -- 2,626,084
Seat 3: chondesj (Canada) -- 1,836,680
Seat 4: Carlos Omse (Germany) -- 3,791,163
Seat 5: Bianconerri1 (Russia) -- 695,008
Seat 6: chuvak25 (Russia) -- 2,308,298
Seat 7: SaJeDoe (Malaysia) -- 5,225,074
Seat 8: DelValle (Sweden) -- 1,856,431
Seat 9: kpbILLIka (Russia) -- 3,605,465

About 10 minutes after they'd gotten down to nine, the blinds were 100,000/200,000 when Bianconerri1 opened with a pot-sized raise to 700,000 from the cutoff seat and only leader SajeDoe called from the small blind. The flop came 9♠2♦6♥, SaJeDoe led with a min-bet of 200,000, and Bianconerri1 called with the 67,525 left behind.

Bianconerri1 had A♥K♦5♦5♣ while SaJeDoe had A♦T♣5♠2♣. The turn was the T♠ and river the 9♥, which meant no low for either player and a better two pair for SaJeDoe, thus ending Bianconerri1's run in ninth.

From there the remaining eight players battled onward, then eventually all managed to agree to pause the tournament and look at a possible division of the remaining prize money based on their stacks (leaving $200 for which to play). Most of the players were agreeable once "ICM" figures were produced, but kanipallo8 was not and so play resumed.

Shortly after they started back the blinds were 125,000/250,000 when kanipallo8 raised to 500,000 from early position, chuvak25 called from the button, then DelValle raised all in to 1,556,431 from the big blind. At that kanipallo8 reraised all in over the top and chuvak25 called with the 1,697,498 left.

kanipallo8: A♥J♣8♥3♦
chuvak25: A♦K♦5♥2♠
DelValle: A♣6♣4♦2♥

The three players watched as the board came A♠T♦8♠, then 4♥, then 7♦, which gave kanipallo8 the best high hand (aces and eights), chuvak5 the best low hand with 7-5-4-2-A, and caused DelValle to come up short both ways to be knocked out in eighth.

Just a few hands later chondesj limped in for 250,000 from the button, then chuvak25 raised to 875,000 from the big blind and chondesj called. The flop came Q♠4♣9♠, chuvak25 bet 1,875,000, and chondesj called all in for 778,917.

chuvak25 showed A♦Q♥5♣4♠ and chondesj A♣K♠Q♣6♠. The next two streets came 3♦ then J♦, which meant no low hands for either and a better two pair for chuvak25, thus ending chondesj's run in seventh.

They marched forward and after a few more all-ins ended with the at-risk players surviving with chops or scoops, the blinds were 200,000/400,000 when kanipallo8 opened for 1.4 million from under the gun, chuvak25 reraised all in for 4,412,759 from the button and kanipallo8 called.

kanipallo8 had K♣K♥5♠2♠ while chuvak25 had aces and deuces with A♦A♠2♣2♥. The board rolled out 8♠9♣7♣J♦5♥, meaning neither improved on the big pairs in their hands for the high while chuvak25 had made the nut low, thus giving chuvak25 the entire pot and sending kanipallo8 out in sixth.

The remaining five immediately stopped things again to talk about a deal, with chuvak25 on top with about 7.76 million, kpbILLIka next with about 6.75 million, SaJeDoe third with just under 5.02 million, plutarsch fourth with a little more than 3.74 million, and Carlos Omse fifth with about 2.19 million. This time all agreed to an "ICM"-based deal -- again, leaving $200 on the table -- and quickly the tourney restarted.

On the first hand back chuvak25 raised 2x to 800,000 from under the gun, then plutarsch reraised to 2.8 million from the small blind. It folded back to chuvak25 who reraised again, and plutarsch called with the 941,084 left behind.

plutarsch had A♣J♥8♦3♣ and chuvak25 A♠8♣6♥2♠. The board came 6♠5♣8♥8♠4♦ which gave chuvak25 a full house (eights full of sixes) and a 6-5-4-2-A low hand. The full house was good for the high, while the low barely nipped plutarsch's 6-5-4-3-A to send the latter out in fifth.

The remaining four played about eight more minutes, then suddenly chuvak25 knocked out each of the other three within five hands to bring the tournament to a swift conclusion.

All three hands occurred during Level 48 in which the blinds were 250,000/500,000. First came a hand in which kpbILLIka opened with a raise to 1.75 million from the button, then chuvak25 reraised to 3 million from the big blind and kpbILLIka called all in for 438,376, turning over K♣8♣4♠2♥ to chuvak25's A♣J♥T♦8♦.

The board came 6♥J♠7♠7♥9♣. No low hand had qualified, while chuvak25's jack-high straight won the high and kpbILLIka was out in fourth.

Just two hands later chuvak25 was back at it with a min-raise to 1 million from the button, called by Carlos Omse playing out of the big blind. The flop came 2♠K♣J♦ and Carlos Omse promptly bet all in for 721,155 and chuvak25 called.

Carlos Omse had 8♣7♥4♣2♣ while chuvak25 had J♠7♠6♦5♦. The turn was the 9♣ and river the 9♦, which meant no low hands while chuvak25's jacks and nines won the high, and Carlos Omse was done in third.

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Heads-up play began with chuvak25 enjoying a better than 4-to-1 chip lead with 20,584,802 to SaJeDoe's 4,885,198. They played one small-pot hand that ended on the flop, then -- just a little bit past the tournament's nine-and-a-half-hour mark -- the final hand took place.

That one saw chuvak25 raise to 1 million from the button and SaJeDoe call, then the flop come 6♥9♣4♥. SaJeDoe led with a bet of 2 million, leaving but 1,385,198 behind, and when chuvak25 raised, SaJeDoe called all in.

SaJeDoe: J♠8♣7♣5♠
chuvak25: 9♠6♦5♣4♣

chuvak25 had already flopped two pair while SaJeDoe was looking for help from fourth and/or fifth street. But the turn was the K♥ and river the Q♦, and chuvak25's two pair were enough to scoop the last pot and win Event #48.

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Congratulations to chuvak25 for topping a field of more than 5,000 to win the latest MicroMillions 5 title and a $1,786.34 return on a $3.30 investment! And kudos also to SaJeDoe, Carlos Omse, kpbILLIka, and plutarsch for making it to the five-way deal and assuring themselves four-figure scores, too!

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #48 ($3.30 PLO Hi/Lo) results (*reflects five-way deal)

Players: 5,094
Prize pool: $15,282.00
Places paid: 675

1. chuvak25 (Russia) -- $1,786.34*
2. SaJeDoe (Malaysia) -- $1,376.94*
3. Carlos Omse (Germany) -- $1,029.86*
4. kpbILLIka (Russia) -- $1,519.83*
5. plutarsch (Germany) -- $1,241.96*
6. kanipallo8 (Finland) -- $496.66
7. chondesj (Canada) -- $343.84
8. DelValle (Sweden) -- $191.02
9. Bianconerri1 (Russia) -- $122.25

The 100-tournament MicroMillions 5 series is just crossing the halfway point. Check the MicroMillions page for a full rundown of the results thus far and the schedule of remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.