MicroMillions 5: cinnamon_g proves savoury in Event #38 ($5.50 NLHE)

No frills, just poker. Event #38 of MicroMillions 5 was a simple five dollar buy-in freezeout with ten minute levels and 25,000 dollars guaranteed. There was no coming back from the dead here but 9,105 players were brave enough to sit down nevertheless. Ultimately cinnamon_g emerged from this well structured slugfest after exactly ten hours of play, booking a win for $5,665.89.

This was a well patronized event, the chatbox full of encouragement for remaining runners as they played down from 18 to 9. During that time play slowed, and legend361, who finished 15th for $182.10 was often, against their will, sitting out. #Runmarker's departure in 10th for with A♠ 6♠, at the hands of sardyn1987's dominated A♥ 2♠ made for good sympathy tweet material while the nine remaining players redrew for seats.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: GaechkaMiki (2,762,142)
Seat 2: psyhic (2,982,834)
Seat 3: JaMmYsTyLe7 (5,400,588)
Seat 4: Noo8ooN (3,635,602)
Seat 5: rafalk100 (4,045,582)
Seat 6: sardyn1987 (7,123,690)
Seat 7: MrJovelli (6,080,248)
Seat 8: cinnamon_g (9,673,022)
Seat 9: iacobneli67 (3,821,292)

After some early skirmishes sardyn1987 drew first blood, moving all-in for 2.2M chips at 200k/400k/50k with Q♦ T♦. GaechkaMiki in the big blind called all-in for less with 2♣ 2♠. In like a duck and out with a quack goes a saying I just repurposed, a sentiment with which the Q♣ 8♥ 5♥ 4♦ K♠ board agreed. The Russian GaechkaMiki was first out in ninth, while sardyn1987 climbed above the ten big blind danger zone.

"There is always a nine," someone in poker once said. Actually a lot of people have said that. In any case, it was applicable to today's final. Early on iacobneli67 and cinnamon_g were all-in preflop with nines against nines, chopping the pot. During eight handed play cinnamon_g would open A♣ Q♥ in early position and have to face the all-in reraise from a short-stacked rafalk100 with 9♥ 9♠. Nines don't win every time, apparently, as the Q♦ flopped alongside the 2♠ and the 5♣. The late arriving 4♥ and Q♠ were of little consequence and rafalk100 was out in eighth.

We mentioned off the top that blind levels were ten minutes long and as a consequence it would be another couple orbits until an all-in confrontation. In this instance, with blinds now at 250k/500k/62.5k, psyhic shoved 6.6M under the gun with A♠ 3♠. On the button, Supernova MrJovelli elected to go with his (that's Mr to you) A♣ K♠. A pile of fourteen million chips were at risk and everyone was glad to be playing on PokerStars and not at some home game cobbling together plastic from the entire neighbourhood. MrJovelli retained their lead and finished with broadway on T♥ T♠ J♦ 9♣ Q♥ to eliminate psyhic in seventh.

At this point MrJovelli had 17M for 34 big blinds and the chip lead. Play had been quite reluctant from the final five tables down to one and the shallowness of stacks was a reflection of that. Still players used the ten minute levels and small blind increases to hang on to their personal end. For iancobneli67 A♣ Q♥ and six big blinds were sufficient to stuff in subsequent to cinnamon_g min-raising under the gun. Priced in, all the initial raiser could manage was A♦ 6♣. But strong preflop hands aren't the only ingredient for winning a poker tournament, and a dry board's turn card, the 6♥, left iacobneli67 with a bad taste, out in sixth.

Much attrition followed iaconbneli67's fate as the next six all-in situations went in the way of the shorter stack, including a massive 18M chip flip between MrJovelli and Noo8ooN that left the former with the chip lead.

Deal or No Deal?

Talk of a deal picked up five handed, led by JamYsTyle7, who put a borderline horrendous beat on SuperNova MrJovelli, promptly after saying "ok press the box" (in reference to the deal making checkbox). MrJovelli opened the minimum one off the dealer button and JaMmYsTyLe7 moved all-in for 7,721,764, about 13 big blinds. MrJovelli snap-called and cards were on their backs.

Mr Jovelli T♠ T♦
JaMmYsTyLe7: 6♣ 9♠

The A♥ K♣ 9♥ flop gave the would be re-stealer some hope, but the turn 3♥ didn't follow suit.

The 6♦ river however, provided one of those brow furrowing moments we are all so fond of in poker and MrJovelli was left with a measly small blind and change. He was predictably eliminated in fifth, two hands later, when his K♦ J♣ could not improve against cinnamon_g's J♦ J♥.

sardyn1987 had been plying his trade as a short stack since the final table had begun, and found a pocket pair (4♣ 4♥) with eight big blinds on the button and understandably moved all-in. cinnamon_g found a bigger pair in Q♠ Q♥ and managed to dodge ten outs after the turn produced a K♦ 6♥ 7♠ 5♦ board. With that sardyn1987 finished short of the finish line in fourth.

And then there were three

JaMmYsTyLe7 immediately said "icm" when asked what type of deal he would like to make.

At this point Noo8ooN, in perhaps not the wisest negotiating tactic, mentioned that it was their first time doing a deal. They, however, were co-chip leader, so whatever benefited JammYsTyLey7 would benefit them.

"the intelligent thing to do" JaMmYsTyLe7 practically (ok, figuratively) orated, "is a deal"

cinnamon_g, was not as easily convinced as Noo8ooN. But after minor consternation JaMmYsTyLe7 negotiated a by-the-books ICM chop and play resumed with $500 still up for grabs.

After being steadily chipped down, Noo8ooN moved all-in from the small blind with J♣ 9♥ and 9M. cinnamon_g called the nine big blind shove with K♠ 6♣, flopped a better pair on K♦ 2♣ J♦ and held that lead on the A♠ A♥ runout. Noo8ooN's first deal-making experience was good for third place, but even better, second place money.

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A forty-three million chip pot was the decisive confrontation of heads-up play. JaMmYsTyLe7 opened the button with [A 4] and cinnamon_g moved all-in for 21.6M with [T] [T]. JaMmYsTyLe7 called and was in rough shape for the title. The flop?

8♣ 6♦ 4♥

Three outs had grown to five but the ace-rag still had a long way to go to crack the strong overpair. The turn?


The river?


No late drama here as cinnamon_g assumed an over 21:1 chip lead, while JaMmYsTyLe7 was reduced to less than two big blinds.

On the final hand, with cinnamon_g's chip lead solidified, at 500k/1M/125k blinds JaMmYsTyLe7 moved all-in for their last 5.5M on the button with 8♣ 5♣. The ranks of K♦ 9♥ were high enough for cinnamon_g and the J♠ Q♣ J♦ flop was looking devoid of perspiration. The K♥ turn iced matters and JaMmYsTyLe7 was out in second place.

Congratulations to gladiator cinnamon_g, who played ten hours of rugged poker, defeating 9,104 players for a MicroMillions 5 title and a $5665.89 score!

MicroMillions 5 Event #38 ($5.50 NLHE) Results

Players: 9,105
Prize pool: $45,525.00
Places paid: 1170

1. cinnamon_g (Greece) -- $5,665.89
2. JaMmYsTyLe7 (United Kingdom) -- $4,637.97
3. Noo8ooN (Denmark) -- $4,951.73
4. sardyn1987 (Poland) -- $2,294.46
5. MrJovelli (Latvia) -- $1,821.00
6. iacobneli67(Romania) -- $1,365.75
7. psyhic (New Zealand) -- $910.50
8. rafalk100 (Poland) -- $523.53
9. GaechkaMiki (Russia) -- $352.81

Gareth Chantler is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars blog.

Gareth Chantler
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