MicroMillions 5: CrazyAjee collects bounties to win Event #74 ($8.80 NLH 4-Max, SuperKnockout)

With just a few events remaining in the MicroMillions 5 schedule and a big weekend coming up, more than 8,000 players registered from one of the bigger tournaments of the series.

Event #74 was a 4-Max Super-Knockout tournament with a $8.80 buy-in where half went to the prizepool and half to the knockout pool. That is a big number out there just four eliminating players from the pool, they were just about freerolling with two in the bag.

8,069 players registered for the tournament putting an equal $33,889.80 in both pools with 1,100 eligible for the prizepool payouts but all could get a piece of the KO bounties.

Finish player voduuu led the way with 26 bounties but fell short of winning with a 14th place finish. jon777777 held the distinction of collecting the most bounties but not surviving through the money bubble but 15 bounties for $63 is a decent consolation prize, better than 69th place.

The short-handed structure kept things lively throughout the tournament but the stacks were deep all the way through. Japan's satou0830 went out of the tournament on the final table bubble and the final five battled it out.


Final Table Chip Counts:

Seat 1: paok3kala (8,793,865 in chips)
Seat 2: Stylomax.1 (8,824,800 in chips)
Seat 3: zil o megas (5,050,645 in chips)
Seat 4: CrazyAjee (14,998,366 in chips)
Seat 5: kolmimajk (2,677,324 in chips)

Blinds: 80,000/160,000 with 20,000 ante

kolmimajk starts hand well, eliminated in 5th

Most full ring tournaments tend to begin deal negotiation with around five players remaining and down. This tournament's final table began with five and they paused the game immediately.

The usual chat took over 10 minutes until finally the chipleader had enough and shut it down.

CrazyAjee: go play

The first hand back from the break so the first elimination. Three folds until CrazyAjee moved all-in from the small blind having kolmimajk well covered in the big blind. kolmimajk correctly called with the best hand A♦6♣ and was in line for a double up against A♣4♠.

No luckf for kolmimajk as the J♣T♦4♣ flop by CrazyAjee ahead followed by the T♥ turn and 8♥. CrazyAjee picked up another KO payout and kolmimajk was busted in 5th place for $476.49

Stylomax.1 sytles with JackAce, eliminated in 4th

CrazyAjee continued to sport a big lead but the four remaining players were deep enough that it was another full 20 minutes before two players but the chips in the middle.

CrazyAjee min-raised from under the gun before Stylomax.1 pushed all-in for 3,479,155 and was called quickly to see CrazyAjee was holding A♠K♣ against A♦J♠.

The 5♦5♠3♦ flop gave a few more possible chop outs but the 5♥ all but locked the hand up for CrazyAjee. A river 2♠ was the end and Stylomax.1 was knocked out in 4th place for $753.03.

paok3kala can't make a deal, eliminated in 3rd

paok3kala was probably the biggest proponent of making a final table deal, getting the tournament paused twice for lengthy discussion, but was never able to hammer out a deal which make the tournament leader happy.

Negotiations would end shortly because paok3kala would be all-in with 25 big blinds to start the hand.

CrazyAjee open to 750,000 from the small blind and paok3kala called from the big. CrazyAjee led out again after the A♦8♣3♥ flop for 750,000 and paok3kala raised to 2,250,000. CrazyAjee responded with a three-bet to 6,750,000 which was enough to paok3kala all-in.

paok3kala called with top pair nice kicker A♣Q♠ but the chipleader flopped top two with A♥8♦. paok3kala was drawing real thin to double until the 5♦ turn and 4♣ ended the dream in 3rd place for $1.220.37.

CrazyAjee survives lengthy battle to win MicroMillions Event #74

zil o megas spent most of the final parts of the tournament with a shorter stack than the rest of the opponents but was never desperately shallow.

The eliminated of paok3kala left what appeared to be a one-sided heads up battle for the title with zil o megas behind nearly 6-to-1 in chips.

CrazyAjee - 34,242,460
zil o megas - 6,102,540

But zil o megas hung in there strong to stretch out the heads up match between two deep stacks until almost overcoming the entire deficit. Two played 130 hands until they played a big hand that decided the tournament.

CrazyAjee limped from the button to see zil o megas raise it up to 1,500,000 and CrazyAjee came along to the A♥7♥3♣ flop. zil o megas bet another 1,500,000 and CrazyAjee called again.

zil o megas bet again after the 5♣ for 3,500,000 and CrazyAjee bet enough to put zil o megas all-in.

zil o megas called with top pair A♣Q♦ but turned out to be drawing dead after CrazyAjee hit the gutshot draw holding 6♣4♣. CrazyAjee hit a 8♣ to add a useless flush to the game and picked up the final knockout of zil o megas in 2nd place for $2.105.91.

CrazyAjee did all the heavy lifting at the final table to win MicroMillions 5 Event #74 for $3,484.63 plus another $67.20 in knockout bounties.

MicroMillions 5 Event #74: $8.80 NL Hold'em (4-Max, Super-Knockout):
8,069 entrants
$33,889.80 prize pool
$33,889.80 bounty prize pool
1,100 places paid

1. CrazyAjee (Russia) $3,484.63 w/16 bounties
2. zil o megas (Greece) $2,105.91 w/6 bounties
3. paok3kala (Greece) $1,220.37 w/15 bounties
4. Stylomax.1 (Germany) $753.03 w/16 bounties
5. kolmimajk (Poland) $476.49 w/10 bounties

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 5