MicroMillions 5: crazyrrednek survives the madness, wins Event #47 ($1+R NLHE 3x-Turbo)

Event #47 of MicroMillions 5 provided players with another fast-paced "turbo" no-limit hold'em tourney with re-buys, with the $1 initial buy-in proving attractive enough to entice 12,593 runners altogether. After a wild journey of nearly six-and-a-half hours it was crazyrrednek of Poland left as the sole survivor among that big field, having earned a MicroMillions title and a $9,713.02 reward for the effort.

The extended re-buy/late registration period ("3x" or 90 minutes) gave players lots of chances to continue to reload during the early going. A total of 58,605 re-buys were taken, plus another 6,935 add-ons to create a total prize pool of $71,101.03 and best the event's $50K guarantee. The top 1,620 finishers got to share that prize pool, with each of the top seven finishers scheduled to earn four-figure scores.

Players began with 3,000 chips and each re-buy put 3,000 more into play. Then the add-ons were good for 30,000 each, which meant with all of those re-buys and add-ons that Event #47 was a battle over 421,644,000 chips total, with crazyrrednek ultimately proving the one to collect them all.

By the time they hit the tournament's five-hour break the field had been reduced to just 18 players, meaning the average stack was more than 23 million, with crazyrrednek by then having collected more than 76 million to claim the top spot in the counts.

Nine more players then fell in relatively rapid fashion. cornerbucket (18th), Danger-Cabo (17th), and Jignavo (16th) picked up $149.31 apiece for their tourney runs. canonert (15th), DidiTerrivel (14th), and BizKid90 (13th) each earned $213.30 for their finishes. And mRaK23 (12th), lsy34722126 (11th), and tomra1238 (10th) saw $284.40 more in their PokerStars accounts upon their eliminations.

With the average stack up near 47 million and bompa50 having bumped up to the top of the counts with a stack of nearly twice that, the final table had begun.


Seat 1: rulez84 (Germany) -- 45,265,510
Seat 2: TSG1888 (Germany) -- 41,725,522
Seat 3: milchoto76 (Bulgaria) -- 56,823,988
Seat 4: lontoo (Poland) -- 19,737,298
Seat 5: gusmaa (Brazil) -- 47,129,951
Seat 6: foghy13 (Romania) -- 51,005,699
Seat 7: bompa50 (Belgium) -- 90,867,424
Seat 8: crazyrrednek (Poland) -- 50,446,184
Seat 9: M@KCuMyS (Russia) -- 18,642,424

The blinds were already 1.2m/2.4m to start the final table, and would quickly move up a couple more times to 1.6m/3.2m before the first elimination came.

That's when lontoo open-raised all in for 12,977,298 from middle position and got a single caller in rulez84 sitting in the big blind.

lontoo had K♠J♣ while rulez84 had picked up A♠Q♠, then the 4♠Q♣Q♦ flop swiftly improved rulez84 to trips. The T♥ fell on the turn, providing lontoo a slim chance for a saving straight if a nine happened to fall on fifth street, but the river was the 5♠ and lontoo was out in ninth.

The remaining players then managed to battle all of the way into Level 65 (blinds 2.75m/5.5m, antes 550k), thereby carrying the tourney into its seventh hour before anyone else would hit the rail. As to be expected with the average stack down to just 10 big blinds or so, there were numerous all-ins along the way, but the at-risk players continued to win hands over and again throughout that stretch.

Finally someone pushed all in and failed to survive, with milchoto76 being the unfortunate player to finish in eighth.

Picking up A♣8♣ in early position, milchoto76 shoved 17,809,306 and only foghy13 called from the hijack with K♠4♠. Alas for milchoto76, the flop came K♦4♣2♠ to pair foghy13 twice, and after the board ran out T♦ then 6♥, they were down to seven.

Just two hands later crazyrrednek made a min-raise to 11 million from middle position, then TSG1888 reraise-shoved for 39,832,755 from the blinds and crazyrrednek snap-called.

TSG1888 had been dealt 7♦7♥, but crazyrrednek had the hand dominated with A♦A♥. The community cards came Q♣2♠6♥, then 4♦, then 5♣, and TSG1888 was out in seventh.

A landslide of sorts had begun, as only four hands after that (still Level 65) it was bompa50 raising to 16.5 million from the cutoff seat, then M@KCuMyS called all in for 13,641,816 from the small blind.

bompa50 had A♥Q♥ while M@KCuMyS needed improvement with Q♦J♠. The board ran out 6♣6♥5♠8♠K♦, however, and M@KCuMyS was sent railward in sixth.

The remaining five had made it Level 67 (3.5m/7m/700k) when gusmaa open-pushed for more than 57 million from the button and foghy13 called all in for 33,628,525 from the small blind, forcing a fold by bompa50 in the big blind.

foghy13: Q♦9♦
gusmaa: K♣2♥

The board missed the all-in player, coming J♥7♣3♥8♥J♣, and foghy13 finished fifth.

A few orbits later crazyrrednek raised 2x to 16 million from the button, rulez84 reraised all in for 74,015,448 from the small blind, gusmaa folded, and crazyrrednek called.

rulez84 had picked up a pocket pair with T♥T♠, but needed to fade crazyrrednek's two overs with Q♥J♦. The flop then brought a pair for crazyrrednek, coming Q♠2♠8♣, and after the 9♦ turn and 2♣ river rulez84 was done in fourth.

On the very next hand, bompa50 limped in from the small blind (for 8 million), crazyrrednek raised all in from the big blind, and bompa50 called instantly to commit the 44,356,440 left behind.

bompa50 had a hand worth pushing those last six big blinds or so with -- 9♦9♣ -- but crazyrrednek had also picked up a big hand in the blinds with A♦K♥. The 3♠T♠Q♠ flop and Q♣ turn were okay for bompa50, but the K♠ came on the end to give crazyrrednek the better pair and bounce bompa50 in third.

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Heads-up play began with crazyrrednek enjoying a big chip lead with 297,322,870 to gusmaa's 124,321,130. The pair would rapidly push through a half-dozen hands with crazyrrednek adding a few more to move over 300 million total, then the last hand of the tournament swiftly arrived.

The blinds were at 4.5m/9m when crazyrrednek raised to 18 million from the button and gusmaa called. The flop arrived 6♦7♣4♠ and gusmaa checked. crazyrrednek continued with another bet of 18 million, then gusmaa pushed all in for 94,321,130 and crazyrrednek was quick with the call.

gusmaa had 9♣7♦ for top pair. crazyrrednek had a pair of sevens, too, with 7♠5♣, plus an open-ended straight draw. The turn then brought the 3♠, completing that straight for crazyrrednek and leaving gusmaa hoping to see a river five so as to chop and survive. But the 4♥ fell on fifth street, and crazyrrednek had won.

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Congratulations to crazyrrednek for surviving a wild ride through more than 12,500 players, then making it through the final table to win Event #47 and a $9,713.02 first prize!

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #47 ($1+R NLHE 3x-Turbo) results

Players: 12,593
Total Prize pool: $71,101.03
Re-buys: 58,605
Add-ons: 6,935
Places paid: 1,620

1. crazyrrednek (Poland) -- $9,713.02
2. gusmaa (Brazil) -- $6,861.24
3. bompa50 (Belgium) -- $4,977.07
4. rulez84 (Germany) -- $3,55.05
5. foghy13 (Romania) -- $2,844.04
6. M@KCuMyS (Russia) -- $2,133.03
7. TSG1888 (Germany) -- $1,422.02
8. milchoto76 (Bulgaria) -- $711.01
9. lontoo (Poland) -- $444.38

MicroMillions 5 is only today reaching the halfway point of the 100-tourney series. Check the MicroMillions page for details on the many tournaments still left to go.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.