MicroMillions 5: davrow takes Event #75 down, earns nearly $6.5K ($5.50 NLHE 6-Max, Big Antes)

Event #75 of MicroMillions 5 brought players yet another fun no-limit hold'em tourney variation with a 6-max., "big antes" format that encouraged action in a couple of ways with the short-handed tables and the extra preflop contributions required of players. A total of 8,651 joined this $5.50 buy-in event, creating a $43,255 prize pool that well exceeded the tourney's $25K guarantee. The top 1,140 divided the money, with davrow of the U.K. ultimately earning the largest share by outlasting all to win the title and $6,493.93 first prize.

By the tourney's five-hour mark they'd already played down to just 167 players, with RunnerUp3.0, davrow, and EDGE143 then sitting atop the leaderboard with the biggest chip stacks.

About two-and-a-half hours later the field had been whittled down to just a dozen players, with Merfinis the new chip leader with more than 5.62 million. Both RunnerUp3.0 (56th, $71.37) and EDGE143 (50th, $77.85) had hit the rail by then, but davrow was still in contention with a below average stack with 12 remaining.

It would take a half-hour more for six more to fall, with pantani4102 (12th), VerSal3 (11th), and (10th) each picking up $324.41 for their finishes, and vig777vig (9th), Panx1to (8th), and former leader Merfinis (7th) taking away $432.55 apiece.

By then KingAubut reigned as the chip leader with more than 16.6 million to start the final table.


Seat 1: vantastic11 (Australia) -- 2,634,866
Seat 2: KingAubut (Canada) -- 16,614,100
Seat 3: davrow (United Kingdom) -- 5,911,464
Seat 4: erfk1958 (Canada) -- 2599736 in chips)
Seat 5: katiemikexxx (United Kingdom) -- 12,421,362
Seat 6: ewarwoowoo (Australia) -- 3,073,472

It wasn't long after the final table had begun that the first elimination occurred. The blinds were 70,000/140,000 and the antes 28,000, and after ewarwoowoo open-pushed for 2,878,671 from the cutoff seat, KingAubut reraised all in from the small blind and forced a quick fold from davrow from the big blind.

ewarwoowoo had A♣Q♣ and the preflop edge over KingAubut who held A♥J♥. But the flop came 9♣J♦8♥ to swing the advantage over to the chip leader. The turn was the 4♦ and river the 9♠, and ewarwoowoo was done in sixth.

A short while later the blinds had risen to 80,000/160,000 -- with big antes of 32,000 -- when it was erfk1958 open-pushing for 955,736 from under the gun and getting two callers in KingAubut (small blind) and davrow (big blind). The remaining two players checked both the 4♦8♠9♦ flop and 3♥ turn, but when KingAubut checked the K♦ river, davrow took the opening to bet 1,008,961 and KingAubut folded, showing one card -- the A♣ -- while doing so.

Then davrow turned over K♣T♠ for a pair of kings, better than the pair of nines erfk1958 had with A♠9♥, thereby ending the latter's Event #75 run in fifth place.

The remaining four pushed on to the last hand before the eight-and-a-half-hour break, one that saw a short-stacked vantastic11 all in after a 5♣6♦K♣ flop with A♥5♥ and in dire straits against davrow's 9♣9♠. But after the 3♠ turn the 5♦ fortunately fell for vantastic11 on fifth street to make trips and preserve vantastic11's tourney life.

It was about five minutes after play resumed when they'd reached Level 46 (100,000/200,000/40,000) and davrow was min-raising to 400,000 from the button. katiemikexxx responded with a raise to 925,555 from the small blind, and when vantastic11 stepped aside, davrow reraised back to 1,831,236. That earned a shove from katiemikexxx for 6.41 million total, and davrow called.

katiemikexxx: 6♠6♥
davrow: A♠K♦

It was a race between the medium pair and Big Slick, and after the 9♣J♠8♠ flop and 8♥ turn it appeared as though the pair would hold and katiemikexxx was going to earn a big double-up. But fifth street brought the A♦ to give davrow the better pair, and katiemikexxx was knocked out in fourth.

The last three players pushed onward for the next 10 minutes. During that stretch davrow built a stack of more than 18.8 million to move in front, just ahead of KingAubut who had just a touch less than 18 million with vantastic11 in third with about 6.38 million.

Then with the blinds 125,000/250,000 and the antes up to 50,000, vantastic11 opened with a raise to 1.25 million from the small blind, then KingAubut shoved all in from the big blind and vantastic11 called right away.

vantastic11 had A♣Q♥ and appeared in decent shape to survive again versus KingAubut's A♠T♥, but the board rolled out T♦6♦8♠2♠3♣, that ten in the window pairing KingAubut's kicker and sending vantastic11 out in third.

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Heads-up play began with KingAubut in front with 24,431,500 to davrow's 18,823,500, but after several hands the stacks had drawn nearly even. That's when KingAubut brought up the idea of making a deal to lessen the difference between first- and second-place money (about $2,000). davrow pointed out how they'd still have to leave $500 on the table with a deal, and without further discussion the pair decided to press on.

Eventually davrow would edge out in front to assume a better than 3-to-1 chip lead over KingAubut. Then as the tourney reached Level 50 -- blinds 250,000/500,000, antes 100,000 -- the final hand at last took place.

That one began with a button min-raise by davrow to 1 million, followed by a shove for 11,549,000 by KingAubut which davrow called.

KingAubut had A♠5♣ and was hoping the hand would hold against davrow's K♦J♦. But the flop brought a king right away, coming 6♣9♥K♣, leaving KingAubut hoping for a saving ace to follow. Alas for KingAubut, the turn was the 7♠ and river the J♥, and davrow had won.

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Congratulations to davrow for topping a big field of 8,651 to collect all of those big antes -- along with the rest of the chips -- to earn a nifty $6,493.93 first prize for just a $5.50 buy-in!

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #75 ($5.50 NLHE 6-Max, Big Antes) results

Players: 8,651
Prize pool: $43,255.00
Places paid: 1,140

1. davrow (United Kingdom) -- $6,493.93
2. KingAubut (Canada) -- $4,450.93
3. vantastic11 (Australia) -- $3,135.98
4. katiemikexxx (United Kingdom) -- $1,838.33
5. erfk1958 (Canada) -- $973.23
6. ewarwoowoo (Australia) -- $648.82

There's still plenty of MicroMillions 5 left to go, including this weekend's big $22 buy-in Main Event with a $1 million guarantee. Check the MicroMillions page for full details.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.