MicroMillions 5: Event #59 as easy as abcdcba12321 ($3.30 FL Omaha Hi/Lo)

The small buy-in, big pay-off tourneys keep coming in MicroMillions 5, with Event #59 presenting Omaha Hi/Lo fans a chance to try to scoop their way to riches on a tiny investment. A total of 5,261 players chose to part with the $3.30 required to play this one, and after eight-and-a-half hours it was abcdcba12321 of Romania grabbing all of the chips to win the title and a big $2,479.79 first prize.

That field created a total prize pool of $15,783 -- more than three times the event's $5K guarantee -- with the top 675 finishers scheduled to split the money. It would take nearly four-and-a-half hours for the money bubble to burst, and with 675 players left KingDaFella, Mike "goleafsgoeh" Leah, deltta002, and martydehoev7 sat at the top of the counts as the only players with stacks then exceeding 150,000.

An hour-and-a-half later they'd reached the six-hour break, by which point the field had shrunk to almost 100 players. All of those former leaders were out by then -- goleafsgoeh (302nd, $7.89), martydehoev7 (283rd, $8,20), deltta002 (139th, $14.20), and KingDaFella (107th, $17.36) -- with thpt22 having moved out front with just over 1 million chips, just a touch ahead of johnmcgrath4 in second position with about 990,000.

The tourney marched on, and as they approached the seven-and-a-half-hour mark just 18 were left. thpt22 was still leading with more than 3.55 million, while johnmcgrath4 had since hit the rail in 39th for a $32.19 cash.

It would take another half-hour to play down to nine. Beeethoven87 (18th), pif1975 (17th), and TopMissing (16th) earned $47.34 each for their finishes. Raingardian (15th), tempolivre (14th), and Vega Lyrae (13th) took away $71.02 apiece. Then Nogginthenog (12th), JordanUZ (11th), and Paokgeorge (10th) went out, each earning $94.69.

Just about eight hours after the tourney had begun, the final table was underway with Ols82 and abcdcba12321 having moved to the top of the leaderboard with more than 6 million chips each.


Seat 1: Bg_TiLT (Bulgaria) -- 2,035,726
Seat 2: tiberiu20000 (Romania) -- 3,220,393
Seat 3: thpt22 (Russia) -- 2,859,021
Seat 4: AJEI (Dominican Republic) -- 2,218,142
Seat 5: ikbendronken (Netherlands) -- 1,181,034
Seat 6: Ols82 (Norway) -- 6,664,687
Seat 7: IRobertIS (Romania) -- 1,524,949
Seat 8: IwentworthI (Russia) -- 382,897
Seat 9: abcdcba12321 (Romania) -- 6,218,151

Not long after the final table began, the blinds were 160,000/320,000 when IwentworthI raised from early position then it folded to ikbendronken who three-bet from the small blind. It folded back to IwentworthI who called all in with the 62,897 behind, turning over K♥T♣5♣2♥ to ikbendronken's A♣Q♥9♦3♣.

The flop came 2♣K♣A♥ to give IwentworthI two pair, but the A♠ turn made trips for ikbendronken. The river was the 8♠, meaning neither player had made a low hand and ikbendronken's trip aces were best for the high, sending IwentworthI out in ninth.

About 15 minutes later the blinds had risen to 250,000/500,000 when AJEI raised from UTG, then IRobertIS reraised all in for 579,898 total from the hijack seat. It folded to thpt22 in the big blind who called, and AJEI called as well.

The two live players checked down the J♦7♣T♥ flop, 7♠ turn, and 2♣ river, then when thpt22 turned over A♠J♥8♠5♦ for two pair the other two players mucked and IRobertIS hit the rail in eighth.

Shortly after that hand AJEI had become short and when thpt22 raised (to 500,000) from middle position, AJEI called all in for 475,573 from one seat over. abcdcba12321 called as well from the big blind, then would check-call a thpt22 bet after the J♣4♠T♣ flop and check-fold after the T♥ turn.

thpt22 then showed A♦K♣T♦2♣ while AJEI had A♠Q♠Q♥4♣, and after the 8♠ river thpt22's trip tens beat AJEI's two pair, sending the latter out in seventh.

Soon the blinds were up to 300,000/600,000, and Ols82 was open-raising all in for 478,555 from the button, getting callers from both abcdcba12321 (small blind) and Bg_TiLT (big blind). abcdcba12321 then led with bets after the 8♣T♥2♦ flop, 5♦ turn, and A♣ river, with Bg_TiLT calling the first two times then folding on the river.

abcdcba12321 then turned over A♥7♠6♦3♠ for a pair of aces (high) and a 6-5-3-2-A (low). That was better than Ols82's pair of queens and 8-5-3-2-A, and they were down to five.

With that hand abcdcba12321 had pushed up over 12 million and had begun to create some distance from the rest of the pack, and indeed would never relinquish the lead as the last orbits of Event #59 played out.

They were still in the same level (300,000/600,000) when ikbendronken raised from UTG and thpt22 called from the big blind. The flop came K♦T♠T♦. thpt22 checked, ikbendronken bet, thpt22 check-raised, ikbendronken thee-bet, and thpt22 called all in with the 238,946 left behind.

No low hands could be made in this one, and ikbendronken had the edge for the high with A♣A♥5♦4♠ (aces and tens) against thpt22's A♦J♦8♥8♠ (tens and eights). The turn was the J♣ and river the 7♠, and thpt22's Event #59 run had ended in fifth place.

A couple more minutes passed -- with the blinds going up again to 400,000/800,000 -- then came a rapid sequence in which leader abcdcba12321 took out the remaining three players to win in short order.

First came a hand in which tiberiu20000 limped from the button, ikbendronken raised all in for 773,272 from the small blind, then abcdcba12321 called from the big blind and tiberiu20000 called as well. The flop came J♠K♦8♦ and tiberiu20000 called abcdcba12321's leading bet, but when the turn was the 8♥ and abcdcba12321 bet again, tiberiu20000 stepped aside.

Once again there would be no low hand, and so when ikbendronken showed A♦K♥Q♥T♠ one assumes ikbendronken had been harboring hopes to fill a Broadway straight. Alas for ikbendronken, the draw was no longer of use as abcdcba12321 turned over J♦8♠8♣7♦ for quad eights, making the river 2♦ no matter and reducing the field to three.

Just a few minutes later abcdcba12321 limped in from the small blind, Bg_TiLT raised all in to 688,439 from the big blind, and abcdcba12321 called.

abcdcba12321: A♦K♠9♠9♦
Bg_TiLT: A♣6♠6♥2♥

The community cards came K♣Q♥3♦, then 7♥, then Q♠, adding up to queens and nines for abcdcba12321 and queens and sixes for Bg_TiLT, thereby knocking the latter out in third.

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Heads-up play started with abcdcba12321 enjoying a whopping 12-to-1 advantage over tiberiu20000 with 24,397,864 to the latter's 1,907,136. They'd play four quick hands with little change in their stacks, then the last hand swiftly arrived.

The last hand saw abcdcba12321 raising from the button, tiberiu20000 three-betting, then abcdcba12321 calling, then the pair watched the flop come 8♣A♥5♠. tiberiu20000 led with a bet, abcdcba12321 raised, tiberiu20000 reraised all in for 907,136 total, and abcdcba12321 called.

abcdcba12321 had J♦9♣4♦2♣ for a made low, a gutshot draw to a wheel, and a backdoor club draw, while tiberiu20000 had K♦K♣T♥4♣ for no low possibilities but a better flush draw and a currently-best pair of kings for the high.

The turn was the Q♥, which meant the pair were still on a course to split the pot, but the river brought the 3♥ to fill abcdcba12321's wheel, allowing abcdcba12321 to scoop the hand and the Event #59 title.

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Congratulations to abcdcba12321 for topping another big MicroMillions 5 field to turn a tiny buy-in of $3.30 into an eye-popping payday of $2,479.79!

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #59 ($3.30 FL Omaha Hi/Lo) results

Players: 5,261
Prize pool: $15,783.00
Places paid: 675

1. abcdcba12321 (Romania) -- $2,479.79
2. tiberiu20000 (Romania) -- $1,838.71
3. Bg_TiLT (Bulgaria) -- $1,302.09
4. ikbendronken (Netherlands) -- $891.73
5. thpt22 (Russia) -- $670.77
6. Ols82 (Norway) -- $512.94
7. AJEI (Dominican Republic) -- $355.11
8. IRobertIS (Romania) -- $197.28
9. IwentworthI (Russia) -- $126.26

There are still several days and almost 40 events left to go in MicroMillions 5. Check the MicroMillions page for the full schedule of remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.