MicroMillions 5: Fab finish for Fab-Dach, wins Event #76 after chop with JUST-P-77 ($2.20 NLHE)

Two bucks and two dimes. And by "dimes" we aren't employing any sort of pokerspeak to refer to tens of thousands (or anything else) -- no... just the regular ol' dimes. We're talking $2.20 total here, the buy-in for the no-limit hold'em Event #76 of MicroMillions 5, which is what Fab-Dach paid to play, then 10-and-a-half hours later walked away with a prize of $3,841.46 for finishing first following a two-way deal with JUST-P-77.

That's one big bag of dimes.

A total of 20,208 each put up that paltry price to play this one, building a big prize pool of $40,416 that more than doubled the event's $20K guarantee.

By the time they'd crossed the seven-hour mark just 100 players were left, with linopolido leading with more than 4.25 million chips, at the time about a million clear of second-place kingler69. Nearly an hour later just 50 remained, with JUST-P-77 having moved in front with just under 7 million chips with both kingler69 and linopolido still above the average in ninth and 14th positions, respectively.

Another hour passed and they were down to 18, led by bonefaci with more than 15.1 million. kingler69 was still high in the counts in third, JUST-P-77 had slipped back to 11th position, while linopolido had fallen earlier to go out in 43rd for a $56.58 cash.

A half-hour more and they were down to nine. marcelr0x (18th), ilum1natix (17th), and schonhowd (16th) each cashed for $82.85; pdoenix (15th), Daveyboy_197 (14th), and marcinco5 (13th) took away $117.20 apiece; and 68_RUSSIA_68 (12th), killerpro19 (11th), and Chinaeyes (10th) each saw $151.56 added to their PokerStars accounts.

Just a couple of minutes away from the nine-and-a-half-hour break, the final table had begun, with ttt1888 having moved way out in front with more than 25.6 million chips to enjoy a lead of greater than 10 million over szepard sitting in second position.


Seat 1: kingler69 (Canada) -- 6,826,874
Seat 2: sahka39rus (Russia) -- 2,569,772
Seat 3: huangjr35571 (China) -- 7,021,413
Seat 4: JUST-P-77 (Lithuania) -- 10,937,613
Seat 5: bonefaci (Russia) -- 13,717,593
Seat 6: Fab-Dach (Brazil) -- 8,212,200
Seat 7: szepard (Poland) -- 15,179,012
Seat 8: ttt1888 (Russia) -- 25,611,190
Seat 9: kostya33 (Ukraine) -- 10,964,333

Shortly after they'd played through that break, the blinds were 250k/500k when kingler69 open-raised all in for more than 7.9 million from middle position, then sahka39rus called all in for 1,382,272 from a seat over. kingler69 had 7♣7♦ and sahka39rus A♥J♦, and after the board came 4♣6♣Q♦9♠6♠, sahka39rus was swiftly out in ninth.

ttt1888 continued to lead for the next couple of orbits, then JUST-P-77 won a huge double-up through bonefaci when JUST-P-77's Q♥Q♦ held versus bonefaci's J♥J♦ to give JUST-P-77 a 25 million-plus chip pot and the lead.

A few hands later a crippled bonefaci open-raised all in for 1,017,480 (less than two big blinds) from early position with A♦9♥ and got a single caller in kingler69 holding 4♠3♣. The flop came 7♣8♣3♦ to give kingerl69 a pair of treys, and after the T♥ turn and 8♦ river they were down to seven.

They played on through to Level 52 (400k/800k/100k), at which point kostya33 open-raised all in for 7,585,840 from the hijack seat and Fab-Dach called from the big blind. kostya33 showed A♥J♣, but Fab-Dach had woken up with A♦K♦. The board then came Q♦9♠3♣, then 7♦, then A♣, and kostya33 was eliminated in seventh.

Just before the tourney reached the 10-hour mark, JUST-P-77 min-raised to 2 million from middle position, then szepard reraised all in for 4,956,512 from the small blind and when it folded back JUST-P-77 called.

szepard had A♠Q♦ and the preflop advantage over JUST-P-77's A♣3♣. But the board came 7♣4♥J♣T♣6♣ to give JUST-P-77 a flush and send szepard railward in sixth.

Soon JUST-P-77 was raising to 2 million once again -- from under the gun this time -- and it folded to ttt1888 who called from the button. Then huangjr35571 pushed all in from the big blind for 11,642,826 and after JUST-P-77 called, ttt1888 folded.

huangjr35571: A♣9♦
JUST-P-77: T♣T♥

The flop came 9♥4♠3♠ to pair huangjr35571's nine, then the 2♠ fell on the turn to provide a few more outs with a wheel draw. But the river was the 6♣, and huangjr35571 was out in fifth.

Next kingler69 was open-pushing for 8,217,378 (a little less than seven big blinds) from UTG and getting one caller in JUST-P-77 on the button. kingler69 showed 4♠4♣ and needed help against JUST-P-77's Q♠Q♣. But the flop came Q♦2♠3♦ to increase JUST-P-77's advantage with a set. The turn then brought the 3♣, making the river J♣ no matter and knocking kingler69 out in fourth.

Just a minute later Fab-Dach raised 2x to 2.4 million from the small blind and ttt1888 called from the big blind. The flop came T♣8♣Q♥ and Fab-Dach continued with a small bet of 1.2 million, called by ttt1888. The turn then brought the Q♣ to pair the board and this time Fab-Dach checked.

ttt1888 took that as an invitation to bet all in for 7,465,770 and Fab-Dach called without hesitation. ttt1888 turned over 8♠7♠ for queens and eights, but Fab-Dach had T♥T♦ for tens full of queens, which meant ttt1888 was already drawing dead.

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Just two were left.

Heads-up play started with JUST-P-77 enjoying a nearly 2-to-1 chip lead with 66,834,616 to Fab-Dach's 34,205,384. As the first hand played out Fab-Dach asked "hey, do you want half?" in the chatbox, alluding to an even chop of the remaining prize money, but JUST-P-77 had a one-word response.

JUST-P-77: no

On just the second hand of heads-up play the situation changed dramatically in a hand that saw JUST-P-77 raise 2x to 2.4 million from the button and Fab-Dach call. The flop came A♣9♥2♦ and Fab-Dach led out for 2,652,000 with JUST-P-77 calling. The turn was the 3♠, and this time Fab-Dach bet again -- for 5,410,080 -- and JUST-P-77 responded with a raise to 10,820,160 which Fab-Dach called.

The river was the Q♠. This time Fab-Dach checked, JUST-P-77 bet 2.4 million, Fab-Dach check-raised all in for more than 20 million, and JUST-P-77 called. JUST-P-77 showed A♠K♣ for aces, but Fab-Dach had 5♦4♦ for a straight and suddenly was up over 73 million with a huge chip lead.

Five hands after that a preflop all-in situation developed that saw JUST-P-77 at risk with A♦3♣ versus Fab-Dach's 4♠4♦. The board then ran out 7♦5♠5♥7♥3♥, making Fab-Dach's pocket pair of no use and making JUST-P-77's ace play as a kicker, thereby swinging the lead back to JUST-P-77.

The stacks now nearly even, the subject of a deal was again raised and this time JUST-P-77 was amenable. The tourney was paused, the pair did agree on that earlier proposed 50-50 split -- leaving $400 for which to play -- and the heads-up battle continued.

JUST-P-77 built up a lead again thereafter, then came another dramatic preflop all-in pitting Fab-Dach's K♠Q♦ versus JUST-P-77's J♠J♥. The flop came T♥8♣9♣ and JUST-P-77 added an open-ended straight draw to go along with the current lead in the hand. But the K♦ then fell on fourth street to pair Fab-Dach's king, and after the 3♥ river Fab-Dach had the big lead once again with more than 72.3 million to JUST-P-77's stack of about 28.6 million.

JUST-P-77 won the next five hands in a row -- all small-to-medium pots -- to reduce Fab-Dach's lead to 60,869,072 to 40,170,928. That's when the final hand took place.

With the blinds up to 700k/1.4m, Fab-Dach raised to 2.8 million from the button, JUST-P-77 called, and the pair saw the first three community cards come 4♠3♣5♣. JUST-P-77 checked, Fab-Dach bet 1.4 milion, JUST-P-77 check-raised to 5.6 million, and Fab-Dach called.

The turn then brought the 3♥ and an all-in push for 31,595,928 from JUST-P-77 which Fab-Dach called. Fab-Dach showed K♣3♠ for trip threes while JUST-P-77 had but T♥7♥ and hopes of seeing a six fall to complete a gutshot draw to a straight. But the river was the 4♦ to improve Fab-Dach to a full house, and Event #76 was over.

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Congratulations to Fab-Dach for outlasting 20,000-plus players, then enduring a wild heads-up battle to win Event #76 and turn two bucks and two dimes into a whopping $3,841.46! Kudos also to JUST-P-77 for making it to that heads-up duel and the two-way deal to ensure a big $3,441.46 payday as well.

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #76 ($2.20 NLHE) results (*reflects two-way deal)

Players: 20,208
Prize pool: $40,416.00
Places paid: 2,700

1. Fab-Dach (Brazil) -- $3,841.46*
2. JUST-P-77 (Lithuania) -- $3,441.47*
3. ttt1888 (Russia) -- $2,424.96
4. kingler69 (Canada) -- $1,818.72
5. huangjr35571 (China) -- $1,414.56
6. szepard (Poland) -- $1,010.40
7. kostya33 (Ukraine) -- $606.24
8. bonefaci (Russia) -- $363.74
9. sahka39rus (Russia) -- $242.49

The weekend is coming, and that means the MicroMillions 5 Main Event is only a couple of days away, a $22 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament with a huge $1 million guarantee! Check the MicroMillions page for details.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.