MicroMillions 5: fffothup defeats brashnarova in Event #30 finale ($3.30 NLHE Turbo, Heads-Up)

Three wins would get you to the money. But it would require another eleven vanquished opponents to find the winner's circle. The first heads-up event of the MicroMillions 5 may have been a turbo, but it still took nearly half a day to get from 16,373 players to a champion. The $25K guarantee was nearly doubled, the prize pool topping out at $49,119.00. 2,048 places were paid with first place set to earn $3,588.69.

After eleven rounds of play spanning over ten hours, the final eight players reached the quarterfinals, each of them guaranteed at least a $634.61 return on their $3.30 investment.


fffothup def. WenZel83

This session really boiled down to one hand. Holding 5,310 chips to WenZel83's 4,690, fffothup opened for a min-raise to 120 and WenZel83 called. All the money went in on the T♣7♠3♣ flop, WenZel83 with Q♦T♠ while fffothup flopped bottom two pair with 3♠T♥. WenZel83 was looking for a queen, but got the K♥ and the 4♦ instead and busted in eighth place while fffothup advanced to the semis.

ya lah hana def. re_exister

Ya lah hana picked up J♣J♦ during the first level and had the good fortune to have his opponent check-raise the seven-high flop with absolute air. Both players checked the turn and re_exister took one more shot on the river, firing 1,250 at the 7♦6♠3♦9♦K♦ board. Ya lah hana called with the third-nut flush and all re_exister could show was an unimproved J♠T♠.

Ya lah hana moved up to 7,270 and left re_exister on only 815 in chips after this hand:

Although re_exister doubled back up to 1,820 when his A♦K♠ held vs. J♦T♠, he wouldn't survive the third level. Holding A♦7♥, re_exister three-bet shoved preflop and ya lah hana called with K♥J♦. It was all but over on the flop when ya lah hana flopped kings and jacks and another king on the turn sealed the deal. Re_exister was eliminated in seventh place, while ya lay hana moved on to the semifinals.

izak555 def. escapehair

Escapehair took a small-pot approach and ground his stack up to 6,310 over the course of three levels. However, izah555 undid all that work in one hand when his J♦5♦ flopped turned a boat just as escapehair's A♥K♥ made the nut flush. All the money went in on the J♠5♥2♥J♥ board, the meaningless 6♠ falling on the river to doubl izak555 to 7,380.

Moments later, izak555 picked up Q♦9♦ and opened for a min-raise to 160. Escapehair three-bet to 320 and izak555 called. The flop landed 9♠8♦3♦ and escapehair led out for 320. Isak555 shoved for 3,360 and escapehair called all-in, revealing A♠A♣. Isak555, however, struck gold on the turn, the 9♥ falling to make him trips. Then, to add insult to injury, the Q♥ came on the river. Izak555 made nines full of queens and escapehair was on the rail in sixth place.

brashnarova def. mitsu00

Mitsu00 landed the first blow in this match, flopping a gutshot with 5♣9♣ and filling it on the turn. With the board reading 8♦8♥6♠7♥2♣, mitsu00 check-raised to 650 and bashnarova called. Mitsu00 led out for another 1,800 on the 2♣ river and brashnarova called only to muck in the face of mitsu00's nine-high straight.

Brasharova fell to 2,085 in chips and ran pocket fives into mitsu00's A♣A♥, but caught a lucky K♥6♣5♦ flop to snap them off and double to 4,170. Brashnarova turned up the aggression and chipped up to 6,530 before three-bet shoving on a K♣6♣5♦ flop. Mitsu00 called with J♣3♣ for a flush draw while brashnarova showed K♦T♠. The turn was the 5♥ and the river fell the 2♦, brashnarova's top pair holding up to punch his ticket to the semi-finals.

SEMIFINALS (Round of 4)


fffothup def. izak555

Fffothup dealt izak555 a devastating blow in the first level. After three-betting to 250 preflop, izak555 led out for another 250 on the 9♦7♣3♥ flop. Fffothup called. The turn was the 4♦ and izak555 made it 750 to go. Fffothup raised to 1,500, izak555 shoved and fffothup called, revealing 4♥4♠ for a turned set. Izak555's A♥A♠ cracked, he was left on only 870 in chips.

Izak555 never recovered and committed his last 600 with Q♦3♣. Fffothup called with A♦J♠ and flopped an ace, eliminating izak555 in fourth place ($1,151.84)

brashnarova def. ya lah hana

Brashnarova and ya lah hana played two solid levels of small-ball, no pot crossing the 1,000-chip mark until brashnarova opened for 120 and ya lah hana shoved for 3,380. Both players revealed ace-king and they chopped the 6,760 pot.

With the blinds up to 40/80, brashnarova flopped top two pair with K♠Q♦ and improved to kings full on the turn. Brashnarova extracted two streets of value from ya lah hana, leaving his opponent on less than 2,000 in chips. Ya lah hana made his last stand with 8♣8♥ but ran them straight into brashnarova's T♥T♠ to go out in third place ($1,151.84).

FINAL ROUND: fffothup vs. brashnarova


Brashnarova and fffothup were still deadlocked in chips well into level two, when brashnarova forced a fold on the river:

Brashnarova moved up to 6,295 in chips and six hands later, picked up T♣T♥. Brashnarove three-bet to 300 preflop and fffothup called to see it come down J♦5♣3♦. Brashnarova bet 300 and fffothip called. Both players checked the 7♥ on the turn, but when brashnarova rivered a set with the T♠, he led out for 900. Ffforthup called and mucked, falling to 2,625 in chips.

Brashnarova whittled ffothup down to only 925 in chips before he won a 4♥4♣ vs. A♦T♦ race to double to 1,850. Fffothup shifted into high gear and won 10 of the next 11 pots, chipping up to 4,050. Then, with the chip counts nearly even, Fffothup's 6♠9♠ flopped bottom pair on a J♠8♣6♥ flop. Fffothup check-called 240 from brashnarova, then check-called another 540 when the K♥ hit the turn. The river was the K♣ and both players checked it down, fffotup raking in the 2,040 pot with kings up.

Fffothup took a slight chip lead and moved up to 6,895 before the final hand unfolded. Fffothup's A♣Q♥ had brashnarova's A♦5♥ dominated pre flop and it stayed that way, the board running out 7♠3♦2♣9♥3♠ to lock up the win.

Congratulatons to our newest MicroMillions champ, fffothup, who defeated 14 consecutive opponents to win Event #30. He banked $3,588.69 for the win while runner-up brashnarova earned $2,280.59.


PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #30 ($3.30 NLHE [Turbo, Heads-Up]) results

Players: 16,373
Prizepool: $49,119.00
Places paid: 2,048

1. fffothup (Canada) $3,588.69
2. brashnarova (Bulgaria) $2,280.59
3. ya lah hana (Singapore) $1,151.84
4. izak555 (Israel) $1,151.84
5. mitsu00 (Brazil) $634.61
6. escapehair (Canada) $634.61
7. re_exister (Russia) $634.61
8. WenZel83 (Russia) $634.61

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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