MicroMillions 5: fishy_do finishes strong to win Event #67 ($1+R NLH 3x-Turbo)

Players are moving into the final weekend of MicroMillions 5 and time is running out for the big score for a small buy-in. Event #67 fit that bill with just a $1 to get in and unlimited rebuys for 90 minutes.

19,822 players put up their $1 then another 93,961 in re-buys and 11,248 in add-ons creating a huge $113,778.21 prizepool. That is a lot of cash for that size buy-in. 2,700 places were getting paid and the winner was schedule to pick up $11,389.43.

Things were proceeding as sanely as they can in a Turbo format until they were suddenly at the final table without a single moment of hand-for-hand play.

Bang1k moved in from under the gun for 27,058,078 only to see JinaWeilt re-shove from the cutoff for 50,516,156. What looked like an isolation move turned in a three-way all-in when VNNightEagle called them both from the big blind.

JinaWeilt was looking great with K♣K♥ against VNNightEagle's big blind call with 9♠9♦ and Bank1k's open-shove under the gun with 2♠2♦. The board was drama free and the final table was formed with JinaWeilt as the new chipleader.

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Final Table Chip Counts:

Seat 1: crazy? o.O (84,236,617 in chips)
Seat 2: JinaWeilt (130,773,790 in chips)
Seat 3: duklaak (89,347,782 in chips)
Seat 4: UFgators948 (75,680,464 in chips)
Seat 5: Bussby (29,379,041 in chips)
Seat 6: me6hkdujpn (42,200,969 in chips)
Seat 7: AVK-920 (70,083,461 in chips)
Seat 8: 42ayay (46,862,470 in chips)
Seat 9: fishy_do (110,224,406 in chips)

Blinds: 1,800,000/3,600,000 with 360,000 ante

Bussby runs into chipleader, eliminated in 9th

JinaWeilt rode into the final table with the chips and found a big hand against the smallest stack in Bussby.

JinaWeilt raised to 8,000,000 from UTG+1 and it folded around to Bussby in the hijack position who added another 20,579,041 and was all-in. The rest of the table folded back around to the leader who instantly called with the first big hand of the final table.

JinaWeilt: A♦A♥
Bussby: 3♦3♠

The short-stack received little help on the 8♠5♦4♦ flop but added some straight draws after the 6♥ turn. JinaWeilt needed to dodge six out for the loss and four for the chop but the river 9♦ was clean for the win. Bussby had a chance but was sent to the rail in 9th for $682.66.

me6hkdujpn gets jacked, eliminated in 8th

me6hkdujpn was easily the shortest stack of those remaining but found a strong hand and shoved under the gun for 29,159,924 holding A♥K♣. Everyone folded their hand until duklaak re-shoved to isolate with A♦J♣.

Poker can be cruel and didn't wait long to get the beat out of the way on this hand when the flop came J♦8♥4♣. The 6♠ flop left just three Kings to stay alive but 4♥ river ended it. me6hkdujpn's Big Slick was not slick enough and was sent packing in 8th place for $1,024.00 and the first four-digit payout of the tournament.

AVK-920 battles in the blinds, eliminated in 7th

It took exactly one more hand at the final table to create another pot and take one more out of the tournament.

The table folded around to Matt "UFgator948" Goldman in the small blind and he pushed all-in having AVK-920 covered in the big blind. AVK-920 wasted no time in calling as the short-stack with K♠J♣. Those two cards were live as Goldman was holding A♦6♠.

Goldman hit part of his hand on the 8♦6♣5♣ flop but AVK-920 was still looking to hit the two over-cards. The Q♣ did not help and 2♦ river ended things. Goldman picked up a big pot and AVK-920 was knocked out in 7th place for $1,706.67.

42ayay takes a shot, eliminated in 6th

The table barely took a breather after the second straight elimination and 42ayay was facing an unbalanced distribution of wealth with a little over ten big blinds.

Those chips went in the middle under the gun for 51,902,470 taking a chance with J♥9♥. Folds all over the place until the chipleader JinaWeilt once again found a nice hand in the hold in A♦K♥.

42ayay hit the flop but JinaWeilt hit it bigger when K♠Q♥9♠ was spread on the table. 42ayay needed Jacks, Nine, or running heart but the 4♦ cut the outs and JinaWeilt picked up a useless A♠ on the river to send 42ayay out in 6th place for $2,844.45.

Coolers happen, crazy? o.O eliminated in 5th

More cruelty showed up once again, this time with a big cooler. Pocket queens are huge at a five-handed final table but not this time.

fishy_do min-raised to a simple 10,000,000 which was followed by an all-in by crazy? o.O in the small blind for 82,236,617 total and fishy_do easily called.

fishy_do: K♠K♠
crazy? o.O: Q♥Q♣

What should have been a big hand for the German ended up being dominated. The board stayed a low and Queen-less 8♦7♦2♠J♥2♥ and crazy? o.O was knocked out in a crazy hand in 5th place for $3,982.23.

UFgators948 runs out of time, eliminated in 4th

crazy? o.O was eliminated and the final table suddenly began playing like a deepstack instead of a turbo. There were some big swings and decent sized pots but there were no all-in hands with zero eliminations for over 30 minutes.

Unheard of in a Turbo especially with an overwhelming chipleader.

JinaWeilt - 341,465,301
fishy_do - 167,326,168
UFgators948 - 91,242,956
duklaak - 78,754,575

There was some offhand comments about looking at numbers but it never really developed. During that half hour, duklaak found a big double up against JinaWeilt to take the chiplead before the next elimination.

Matt "UFgators948" Goldman was all over the chip counts during the final table but was getting low before he moved all-in for 92,692,956 with A♣6♠.

fishy_do was sitting on the button with another big hand and called the bet with Q♠Q♣. Goldman was looking for his overcard or some miracle flop which did not materialize on the J♣9♥4♥ board.

No love on the 5♣ turn or 4♦ river either and Goldman was set out in 4th place for $5,120.01.

JinaWeilt started as chipleader, eliminated in 3rd

The final three leaderboard was a reverse from what was seen earlier with former big chipleader JinaWeilt now sitting with a very small stack and fishy_do now sitting well with the big hands.

fishy_do - 387,219,124
duklaak - 235,809,150
JinaWeilt - 55,760,726

The 30 minutes slow down earlier quickly reversed itself. JinaWeilt wasted no time by calling the all-in by duklaak under the gun but was far behind.

duklaak: A♠9♦
JinaWeilt: A♥2♠

JinaWeilt needed a miracle pre-flop but was really in trouble after the K♥Q♠9♣ paired duklaak's kicker. JinaWeilt picked up some chop outs on the K♣ turn but it was over with the T♠ river. Former big chipleader JinaWeilt's run ended in 3rd place for $6,826.69.

fishy_do stays hot to win MicroMillions 5 Event #67

fishy_do - 457,119,124
duklaak - 221,669,876

The tournament was now heads-up with the elimination of JinaWeilt and duklaak asked the standard question.

duklaak: "deal?

fishy_do responded with a min-raise from the button and duklaak decided to take that as the answer and moved all-in on the first hand of heads-up action. fishy_do quickly called, with no deal on the table, with a hand that needed help.

fishy_do: J♦T♦
duklaak: A♣9♣

In a hand that deserves the line, "nice flop for your hand", fishy_do got all the help needed with the K♣Q♥9♦ board. duklaak could not manage a running miracle and was drawing dead following the 8♠ turn.

duklaak played well to finish 2nd for $9,086.32. Canadian fishy_do ran great at the end of the tournament to become the next MicroMillions champion, picking up $11,389.43 for the title.

MicroMillions 5 Event #67: $1+R NL Hold'em (3x-Turbo):
19,822 entrants (93,961 re-buys, 11,248 add-ons)
$113,778.21 prize pool
2,700 places paid

1. fishy_do (Canada) $11,389.43
2. duklaak (Slovakia) $9,086.32
3. JinaWeilt (Germany) $6,826.69
4. UFgators948 (Mexico) $5,120.01
5. crazy? o.O (Germany) $3,982.23
6. 42ayay (Sweden) $2,844.45
7. AVK-920 (Russia) $1,706.67
8. me6hkdujpn (Japan) $1,024.00
9. Bussby (Netherlands) $682.66

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 5