MicroMillions 5: flocilatava flies to first in Event #11 ($11 NLHE 6-max.)

The second day of MicroMillions 5 marched on with Event #11, another no-limit hold'em event this time six-handed and with a buy-in of $11. The tourney sported a $75K guarantee, but with 14,614 entrants the prize pool nearly doubled that amount, totaling $146,140. Ultimately it took flocilatava of Romania a little under 10 hours to overcome that big field and cruise through the final table to win a MicroMillions title and $18,584.53.

The top 2,100 finishers were paid in this one, with the min-cashers earning $16.07. Well after they'd made the money and were crossing the tourney's six-hour mark, just 100 players remained, with Septwory having built a big chip lead with more than 3.4 million, well over a million ahead of the nearest challenger.

An hour after that the field had shrunk to less than 50, with mactimo having moved ahead into first position with more than 5 million while niezman and Septwory occupied the next two spots on the leaderboard.

By the eight-hour mark niezman had just fallen to exit in 21st place ($584.86) and Septwory was already out in 29th ($438.42), but mactimo was still high in the counts in second with odmaema having moved in front with more than 10 million.

A little over a half-hour later just 12 remained, with flocilatava having taken the lead with nearly 11.5 million. It would take nearly an hour more for the next six to fall, with Th3Scr1pt (12th), KMFBDDE (11th), and Rowniwn (10th) each earning $986.44 for their finishes, and Timo2511 (9th), odmaema (8th), and mactimo (7th) each taking away $1,242.19.

By then flocilatava had built a massive chip lead with more than 41 million -- about 30 million clear of the nearest foe (L.A.Ruseman) and more than half the chips in play with six players left!


Seat 1: flocilatava (Romania) -- 41,700,027
Seat 2: L.A.Ruseman (Mexico) -- 11,532,748
Seat 3: zIggYsW@r (Germany) -- 3,297,808
Seat 4: green scarab (Russia) -- 5,336,535
Seat 5: Ramon.Cunha (Brazil) -- 8,907,304
Seat 6: Vierkant971 (Germany) -- 2,295,578

On just the second hand of the final table, the blinds were 250k/500k when Vierkant971 open-pushed for 1,920,578 from the button, then leader flocilatava reraised from the small blind to isolate. Vierkant971 had 8♦8♣ but needed help against Vierkant971's J♣J♠. The board came 9♥3♥9♠5♠A♦, and quickly they were down to five.

Not too long after they were approaching the nine-and-a-half-hour break when L.A.Ruseman raised all in for more than 9 million from the button, then zIggYsW@r called all in for 1,897,808 from the small blind. L.A.Ruseman had K♦6♦ and zIggYsW@r Q♣J♣. None of the five community cards hit either player's hand, coming 8♥8♦5♣9♥A♥, and zIggYsW@r was eliminated in fifth.

Just a couple of minutes after the break passed the blinds had climbed to 300k/600k when green scarab shoved for 3,049,035 from under the gun and Ramon.Cunha reraised all in for more than 8.7 million from the button. flocilatava folded the small blind, but L.A.Ruseman -- who had both all-in players covered -- quickly called the reraise.

L.A.Ruseman: A♠A♦
Ramon.Cunha: A♥9♥
green scarab: 2♣2♠

L.A.Ruseman had the big preflop edge, but when the board rolled out 8♦6♠5♠, then A♣, then 7♠, Ramon.Cunha had drawn a straight to survive while green scarab went out in fourth. Take a look:

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Just two hands later, L.A.Ruseman was raising 3x to 1.8 million from the button, then Ramon-Cunha reraised to 3 million from the big blind and L.A.Ruseman called with the 496,504 remaining.

L.A.Rusman had Q♣T♥ but Ramon.Cunha had A♣K♣, and when the board came eight-high -- 3♦8♠5♦2♥6♣ -- they were down to two.

flocilatava had a better than 2-to-1 advantage to start heads-up play with 50,083,105 to Ramon.Cunha's 22,986,895, and after just one hand they paused the tourney to discuss dividing up the remaining prize money. Figures were quickly produced leaving $1,500 for which to play, both agreed right away, and the heads-up battle resumed.

The pair battled for more than 30 hands, with flocilatava adding a few more chips to extend the lead further. Then with the blinds up to 500k/1m, flocilatava open-pushed from the button and Ramon.Cunha called all in with the 13,228,005 left.

Ramon.Cunha had the preflop edge with A♠5♠ versus flocilatava's Q♣T♣, then the flop came 5♥2♠T♥ to give both players pairs and flocilatava the better one. The Q♥ turn card then made two pair for the leader, leaving Ramon.Cunha needing an ace or five to survive. But fifth street brought the J♦, and flocilatava had won.

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Congratulations to flocilatava for outlasting a huge field of more than 14,000 to win MicroMillions 5 Event #11 and a cool $18,584.53 return on an $11 buy-in. And kudos as well to Ramon.Cunha for making it to the two-way chop to ensure a handsome $15K-plus payday.

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #11 ($11 NLHE 6-max.) results (*reflects two-way deal)

Players: 14,614
Total prize pool: $146,140.00
Places paid: 2,100

1. flocilatava (Romania) -- $18,584.53*
2. Ramon.Cunha (Brazil) -- $15,317.88*
3. L.A.Ruseman (Mexico) -- $9,499.10
4. green scarab (Russia) -- $5,114.90
5. zIggYsW@r (Germany) -- $2,922.80
6. Vierkant971 (Germany) -- $1,753.68

There's still more than 80 events left to go in MicroMillions 5. Check the MicroMillions page for the full skinny.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.