MicroMillions 5: gosukrul goes all the way in Event #23 ($1+R NLHE 3x-Turbo)

The mission was simple. Take a 5,000 starting stack and grow it to ONE BILLION in chips. Actually, 1,003,740,000 if you want to be precise. The MicroMillions rolled out a Saturday night $1+R turbo for all the action junkies out there, with triple the rebuy period to make it extra-juicy. 29,500 souls showed up for the party and made a staggering 140,440 rebuys and 16,464 add-ons, the prize pool topping out at $169,627.64. 3,960 players earned a share of it with $15,708.65 going to the winner.

Six hours after cards went in the air, Event #23 was down to its final ten players. With the blinds in the stratosphere at 2.25M/4.5M, el kudos raised to 31.5 million from UTG, leaving himself only 3.4 million behind. D_RemixX_S22 called and the rest of el kudos' chips went in on the Q♠Q♥8♠ flop. D_RemixX_S22 turned over 6♠6♣ for two pair, while el kudos had no pair and no draw with 6♦7♦. The turn and river came the 3♠ and the 4♥ and D_RemixX_S22 raked in the pot eliminating el kudos in tenth place.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: gommarbazz (116,960,015 in chips)
Seat 2: gosukrul (92,273,432 in chips)
Seat 3: räligdonk (68,938,388 in chips)
Seat 4: D_RemixX_S22 (255,903,110 in chips)
Seat 5: muis21 (22,202,802 in chips)
Seat 6: Rafranz (181,168,768 in chips)
Seat 7: cagul (93,267,680 in chips)
Seat 8: B0jinov21 (140,981,679 in chips)
Seat 9: pipisko111 (32,044,126 in chips)

Muis21 eliminated in 9th place

Gosukrul got off to a strong start at the final table, winning a 55.8M pot with aces up to take his chip count over the 120M mark. With the blinds about to jump to 2.5M/5M, both short stacks took their shot at a double-up. Pipisko111 was successful, his J♣T♠ flopping a jack vs. B0jinov21's Q♦9♠ to take his stack up to 64.5 million. Muis21, however, was not. All-in for his last 7.15 millio vs. cagul and gosukrul, the flop landed K♠8♦3♥. Cagul and gosukrul both checked. The K♣ turn paired the board and cagul check-called gosukrul's 7.5 million bet. The river was the J♠ and cagul check-called another 12.5 million, but could not beat gosukrul's Q♥Q♠. Muis21 mucked and was eliminated in ninth place ($826.08).

cagul, räligdonk double, D_RemixX_S22 slips

Cagul fell to only 20.7 million in chips, but doubled to 51.9 million when his J♠J♦ held up against räligdonk's A♥T♥. Now räligdonk was the one on five big blinds. A few hands later, he three-bet shoved from the small blind over gosukrul's 11M opening raise, only to have D_RemixX_S22 cold-call 21.7 million more from the big blind. Gosukrul got out of the way and the cards went on their backs, D_RemixX_S22's K♠T♠ dominating räligdonk's K♣7♣. Räligdonk, however, was smacked by the deck on the flop, which fell Q♣J♣2♣ to give him the nut flush and a double-up to 70M.

D_RemixX_S22 lost a little more ground when pipisko111 three-bet shoved for his last 6 BB with A♥K♣ and he made a loose call with 5♥6♥. Pipisko111's ace-high held and he moved up to 84.6 million, leaving D_RemixX_S22 on 213 million.

räligdonk exits in eighth

Cagul got another boost when he picked up A♥A♣ and B0jinov21 four-bet shoved with 8♠8♣. Cagul's aces held and he doubled to 133 million, leaving B0jinov21 on 81.5 million. Then, on the very next deal, gosukrul opened for a min-raise to 12 million and räligdonk shoved for 54.5 million from the hijack. Gosukrul's 8♥8♠ were racing with A♥J♠ and this time, the coin fell with the pocket pair, the board running out T♣9♥4♦5♦K♠ to end räligdonk's run in eighth place ($1,404.51).

Clash of the chip leaders

Less than an orbit after räligdonk's departure, gosukrul vaulted over the 300 million mark when he took a 124 million pot off D_RemixX_S22, who slipped to 150 million.

Gosukrul continued to surge and with the blinds up to 3.5M/7M he opened for 14 million from the ijack. Rafranz called on the button and the flop fell K♠Q♦J♠. Gosukrul led out for 17.5 million, Rafranz raised to 35M and gosukrul called. The turn came the 9♥ and gosukrul checked. Rafranz checked behind. The river was the 6♦ and gosukrul checked again. Rafranz thew out a tiny 14M bet and gosukrul called, revealing Q♠J♣ for two pair. Rafranz's J♦7♦ was crushed and he fell to 118.7 million while gosukrul soared to 411 million.

Seven, six, five...

Three hands later, D_RemixX_S22 opened for a min-raise to 16 million and B0jinov21 three-bet shoved for 30.8 million. D_RemixX_S22 called, his 4♠5♠ up against A♠K♣. However, D_RemixX_S22 hit top and bottom pair on the J♣J♦4♥ flop. B0linov21 did not improve and hit the rail in seventh place, banking $2,064.36.

Cagul hit another mini-rush when D_RemixX_S22 called his shove with K♠4♣. Cagul rolled over K♦K♥ and doubled to 198 million. Moments later, gommarbazz open-shoved for 46 million from UTG+1 and cagul called from the big blind with A♣2♣. Gommarbazz's 3♥3♦ held up through the turn, but cagul rivered an ace to end is run in sixth place ($2,973.57).

Three hands later, gosukrul and D_RemixX_S22 clashed again. Gosukrul flopped middle pair with A♥6♣ and got another street of value on the river when he made trip sixes.

D_RemixX_S22 slipped below 120 million in chips and put nearly all of them at risk one orbit later. Pipisko111 open-shoved for 104 million with pocket nines and D_RemixX_S22 reshoved for 118 million with A♠Q♠. Pipisko111 turned a set and doubled to 223 million, leaving D_RemixX_S22 on only 14.5 million.

D_RemixX_S22's long fall from the chip lead came to an end three hands later when he picked up Q♣8♠ UTG and open-shoved for his last 11.5 million. Both pipisko111 and gosukrul called and checked down the 7♣4♦2♦7♥ board. When the T♥ came on the river, gosukrul made it 15 million to go and pipisko111 folded. Gosukrul revealed T♦5♦ and took it down with tens and sevens, eliminating D_RemixX_S22 in fifth place ($4,459.51)

Four, three...

Dealt pocket eights with the blinds up to 9M/18M, cagul opened for 54 million from the small blind and pipisko111 shoved for 170 million from the big. Pipisko111 revealed K♦K♠ and sent cagul to the rail in fourth place ($5,945.44).

However, two orbits later, gosukrul opened for 42 million from UTG and pipisko111 moved in for 227 million from the big blind with Q♥J♣. Gosukrul snap-called with Q♠Q♣. Although pipisko111 saw a small ray of hope when a jack hit the turn, the poker gods did not send another. For third place, he took home $7,433.08.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: gosukrul (756,364,738 in chips)
Seat 6: Rafranz (247,375,262 in chips)

Gosukrul whittled Rafranz down to 83.5 million before closing out the win. Gosukrul open-shoved from the small blind and Rafranz called from the big blind J♠T♠. Gosukrul needed help with 4♦5♦, but got it when the flop fell 8♦4♠3♦ to give him middle pair and a flush draw. The 8♣ on the turn made gosukrul two pair and the river J♦ completed his flush.

One billion chips. Right there.

Congratulations to MicroMillions champion gosukrul! He banked $15,708.65 for the win while runner-up Rafranz earned $11,365.05.

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #23 ($1+R NLHE 3x-Turbo) results

Players: 29,500
Rebuys: 140,440
Add-ons: 16,464
Prizepool: $169,627.64
Places paid: 3,960

1. gosukrul (Germany) $15,708.65
2. Rafranz (Chile) $11,365.05
3. pipisko111 (Slovakia) $7,433.08
4. cagul (Moldova) $5,945.44
5. D_RemixX_S22 (Germany) $4,459.51
6. gommarbazz (Netherlands) $2,973.57
7. B0jinov21 (Netherlands) $2,064.36
8. räligdonk (Sweden) $1,404.51
9. muis21 (Netherlands) $826.08

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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