MicroMillions 5: Just like that, Venoxero wins Event #43 ($3.30 NLHE Six-Max)

You gotta love six-handed poker. No sitting back and folding your way into the money. Oh no, you gotta give action to get action, and that's exactly what we saw in today's MicroMillions event. In just 36 minutes of madness, include one impressive double elimination, our final table crowned itself a champion in Argentina's Venoxero. It was exciting and impressive to watch, with no time for any deal talks, as Venoxero scooped the entire $5,549.51 first place prize without breaking a sweat.

It was Event #43 of the MicroMillions 5 series which saw a huge field of 13,481 hit the virtual felt for the $3.30 No Limit Holdem Six-Max Event. The prize pool ballooned to $40,443.00 which blew away the advertised guarantee.

The top 1,800 would finish in the money but Portugal's WilsonFactor missed the $5.25 min-cash by the narrowest of margins after bubbling in 1,801st place.

After nearly nine and a half hours of play, AKRomario shoved the small blind with K♣J♣ but couldn't improve enough to get past Venoxero's A♠9♠ as our final table of six was formed:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: gramoso (10,983,564 in chips)
Seat 2: Venoxero (20,067,879 in chips)
Seat 3: BouchPredzzz (5,558,243 in chips)
Seat 4: FAUSIK (8,244,504 in chips)
Seat 5: ariel329 (12,769,794 in chips)
Seat 6: brabaja (9,781,016 in chips)

The final table blinds kicked off at 150k/300k/37.5k so there was plenty of room to move but that didn't stop our final six going for glory at break-neck speeds.

After an initial period of feeling each other out, brabaja was the first to crack after an action flop saw the chips fly:

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brabaja had flopped middle pair with an open-ended straight draw in a battle of the blinds, but it wasn't enough as ariel329 flopped the straight to leave brabaja to collect $488.95 for 6th place.

The very next hand, ariel329 picked the wrong time to triple-barrel bluff with eight-high as gramoso made an easy call with a full house, but those two were able to sit back and watch the fireworks as the other three players became involved in a massive double elimination.

BouchPredzzz was first to act, moving all in with 8♠8♦ and was quickly followed by FAUSIK who tried to isolate the short stack with A♠Q♣, however the big stack of Venoxero woke up with Q♥Q♦ in the big blind and made the call to put two players at risk. The board rolled off 4♥9♥K♠2♠5♥ with Venoxero fading the eights and aces to scoop the pot. BouchPredzzz was the short stack, taking home $808.86 for 5th place, while FAUSIK at least made a pay jump, collecting $1,415.50 for 4th place.

Just like that, we were down to three, and the action didn't slow down. Venoxero continued to motor along, rivering a straight with 6♠5♦ to get a couple of streets of value from gramoso.

It left gramoso on the short stack, and next hand, the rest of the chips were in the middle. gramoso opened with a min-raise from the button before ariel329 three-bet from the big blind. gramoso was a non-believer and shoved all in with A♥8♦ but ariel329 had a monster A♠K♥ and made the call. The community cards were dealt 7♠4♣T♣7♥2♣ with no help for gramoso who departed in 3rd place for $2,628.79.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 2: Venoxero (39,867,854 in chips)
Seat 5: ariel329 (27,537,146 in chips)

There was no talk of any deals as the two quickly went to work. ariel329 reduced the advantage a little after flopping quads holding pocket kings, but in the end the aggression of Venoxero was too tough to overcome.

In the final hand, ariel329 min-raised with around 25 big blinds behind, before Venoxero overbet jammed all in. ariel329 made the call and opened K♦T♦ but trailed Venoxero's 2♠A♣. Both players paired the flop of A♠4♠K♣ and ariel329 picked up more outs with a straight draw on the Q♥ turn. However it wasn't to be as the 8♣ landed on the river to see Venoxero take down the pot and the title! ariel329 collected $3,842.08 for 2nd place as Venoxero was crowned champion, winning $5,549.51. Congratulations!

MicroMillions 5 Event #43 Results

Entrants: 13,481
Prize pool: $40,443.00
Places paid: 1,800

1st Venoxero (Argentina) - $5,549.51
2nd ariel329 (Uruguay) - $3,842.08
3rd gramoso (Portugal) - $2,628.79
4th FAUSIK (Czech Republic) - $1,415.50
5th BouchPredzzz (Canada) - $808.86
6th brabaja (Sweden) - $488.95

There's over $5 million guaranteed during the MicroMillions 5 series, with 100 fantastic events running through until July 28th across a wide range of poker disciplines. Head to the MicroMillions 5 home page to see the full schedule as well as statistics, coverage, leaderboards and much more.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.