MicroMillions 5: khaled2787 hangs on to win Event #58 ($2.20+R NLH Big Antes Turbo)

Turbo tournaments are fun, no one can deny that fact. Throw in small rebuys and the early levels are about the craziest in any poker tournament. MicroMillions 5 Event #58 was no different.

The $2.20 No Limit Hold'em tournament featured unlimited rebuys for the first hour with five minutes levels and fast moving blinds. 12,243 players entered then added 32,784 re-buys and 7,489 add-ons. The result was a $105,032 prizepool with the final 1,620 making the money and over $14,000 scheduled to go to the winner.

More than 12,000 players but the structure played it out so it took less than three hours to whittle the entire field down to the final table. The average stack rarely moved over 20 big blinds and there was little post flop play. The format involves hand selection and luck to get through to the end.

One of those hands played out just before the final table bubble when balkan007m showed an interesting way to get them in behind but still get there.

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balkan007m was on short odds to make the final table, but the gods of poker found a way to run out the board for the wheel. It wasn't long after that hand when the final table was formed.


Final Table Chip Counts:

Seat 1: khaled2787 (34,080,765 in chips)
Seat 2: balkan007m (8,329,360 in chips)
Seat 3: yoshiAlan (34,550,624 in chips)
Seat 4: deathnoteHUN (11,160,576 in chips)
Seat 5: oskar322 (18,785,890 in chips)
Seat 6: rof87 (8,062,692 in chips)
Seat 7: Jabbawa (18,540,330 in chips)
Seat 8: RocknRollaRu (22,573,509 in chips)
Seat 9: sanireland (8,860,254 in chips)

Blinds: 500,000/1,000,000 with 200,000 ante

Just five hands later.

sanireland can't dodge bullets, eliminated in 9th

The joys of Turbo continued at the final table with sanireland sitting 7th in chips but still well under ten big blinds to throw around. Even with those few chips, sanireland still found a way to min-raise from UTG+1 and was faced with a raise to 4,800,000 from yoshiAlan in the hijack position.

sanireland called to see the 8♥6♣4♥ before moving all-in for 3,020,254 with bottom pair holding K♠4♠ but was instantly called by yoshiAlan with A♦A♥.

sanireland was looking for a miracle but didn't get there on the 5♦ turn or Q♥ river. yoshiAlan picked up nearly 20,000,000 while sanireland was eliminated in 9th place for $656.45.

balkan007m loses race, eliminated in 8th

balkan007m saw action fold around to their position on the button and 4♦4♥ seemded the perfect hand to open-shove for 10,578,720 and was called by chipleader yoshiAlan in the small blind, racing for the pot with A♣T♣.

The race did not last long as yoshiAlan stayed hot thanks to the K♦T♦T♥ leaving balkan007m drawing very thin. There was no love with the 9♣ on the turn or 2♣ on the river. yoshiAlan moved further into the lead and balkan007m was eliminated in 8th place for $1.050.32.

rof87 runs out of time, eliminated in 7th

rof87 began the final table with the shortest stack but managed to move up the payout ladder while yoshiAlan was taking care of business.

But it all ended when rof87 was all-in for less than the big blind. khaled2787 limped from the small blind and yoshiAlan checked the option in the big blind. All three saw the J♥6♣2♦ flop and yoshiAlan bet out 1,200,000 to isolate after khaled2787 got out of the way.

yoshiAlan: J♦8♣
rof87: K♠9♥

rof87 was ahead pre-flop but yoshiAlan caught top pair on the flop. Looking to dodge a King, yoshiAlan continued his heater when the 5♥ turn and 2♥ to river to eliminate rof87 in 7th place for $2,100.64.

deathnoteHUN buried, eliminated in 6th

deathnoteHUN was another player who folded their way up the ladder and finally found a spot to get the chips in. khaled2787 raised from the cutoff position to 2,800,000 before deathnoteHUN three-bet shoved for another 1,160,576 which was less than a min-raise. khaled2787 called with 4♣4♦ and was a coinflip against Q♦9♦.

The small pair stayed ahead on the A♦T♠3♣ flop, nothing changed with the T♥ turn, and khaled2787 picked up their first knockout with the 8♠ river. deathnoteHUN finished the turbo event in 6th place for $3,150.96.

No deal, oskar322 eliminated in 5th place

The elimination of deathnoteHUN brought the first talk of making a deal at the final table. A few hands played out while the different participants tried to talk the rest into sitting out until finally RocknRollaRu put an end to the conversation by saying "lets play".

That comment was thrown in the chat at the same time yoshiAlan was calling a three-bet all-in from oskar322 for 23,045,890. oskar322 was probably happy to see A♣T♣ in the big blind after yoshiAlan's initial raise from the small blind but the hand shrank up when against K♥K♣.

oskar322 was looking for an Ace or a bunch of clubs but saw neither on the low 9♥4♥5♦ flop. Only three outs separated yoshiAlan from another knockout and the turn and river ran out clean with 8♥and 5♣. oskar322 was eliminated in 5th place for $4,201.28.

Jabbawa comeback falls short, eliminated in 4th

Jabbawa was making moves with a short-stack with the tournament down to four players and picked up a few big pots to have some chips to use. yoshiAlan also lost the overwhelming chiplead in two big pots against khaled2787.

Having the chiplead might explain how Jabbawa's last hand played out. khaled2787 min-raised from the button and Jabbawa called from the big blind to the 6♥5♦5♠. Jabbawa took the initiative and pushed for the last 7,561,453 holding 8♦7♥ for the open ended straight draw.

khaled2787 instantly called with 9♦8♥ and managed to dodge Jabbawa's outs on the T♥ turn and A♠ to win the pot with 9-high. Jabawwa had a chance to complete the comeback but was eliminated in 4th place for $5,251.60.

RocknRollaRu stays stubborn, eliminated in 3rd

RocknRollaRu resisted all attempts to negotiate a final table deal which might have improved his payout but nothing changed throughout.

It's rare to see two big hands show up when playing three-handed but that's exactly how the tournament went into heads-up mode. yoshiAlan raised to 5,000,000 from the button and RocknRollaRu shoved for 28,459,868 from the small blind.

RocknRollaRu should have been happy when yoshiAlan called but wasn't so happy with his A♣Q♣ when the other hand turned out to be A♠A♥.

RocknRollaRu picked up a little help on the Q♠J♦5♥ flop but no more improvement on the 2♦ turn or 4♥ river. yoshiAlan and khaled2787 would play for the title while RocknRollaRu was sent out in 3rd for $7,352.24.

khaled2787 stays on top to win MicroMillions 5 Event #58

With the last dissenter sitting on the rail, the final two players were able to come to a magnanimous deal to pay out similar amounts holding back $1,500 for the champion.

Heads-up Chip Counts:

khaled2787 (99,385,953 in chips)
yoshiAlan (65,558,047 in chips)

It took a half dozen hands of heads up play just get the right buttons clicked for the deal but it only took another 14 hands for the tournament to be decided. yoshiAlan was able to pull the chip counts closer before getting all the chips in ahead with a four-bet move.

There was only a 4,000,000 chip differential so the hand would practically determine the winner regardless of the outcome. khaled2787 began the hand with the chiplead but was behind in the hand with Q♥J♣. That hand was behind A♦7♥ was but still very alive.

Then it stormed ahead by hitting the Q♠8♥6♥ flop. It was an unlucky flop for yoshiAlan and was eliminated in 2nd place for $11,134.93 after the 8♣ turn and T♥ river. khaled2787 was among the chipleader for the entire final table and held on to win the Event #58 for $13,347.

MicroMillions 5 Event #58: $2.20+R NL Hold'em (Big Antes, 2x-Turbo):
12,243 entrants (32,784 re-buys, 7,489 add-ons)
$105,032 prize pool
1,620 places paid

1. khaled2787 (Netherlands) $13,347.00*
2. yoshiAlan (Mexico) $11,134.93*
3. RocknRollaRu (Russia) $7,352.24
4. Jabbawa (United Kingdom) $5,251.60
5. oskar322 (Estonia) $4,201.28
6. deathnoteHUN (Hungary) $3,150.96
7. rof87 (Greece) $2,100.64
8. balkan007m (Switzerland) $1,050.32
9. sanireland (Ireland) $656.45

* - Denotes heads-up deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 5