MicroMillions 5: KidPokerSLO collects last bounties, Event #57 title ($8.80 NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, Shootout, Super-KO)

A wild finish punctuated Event #57 of MicroMillions 5, an $8.80 buy-in no-limit hold'em turbo, shootout, super-knockout tournament. One player -- Bergylicious of Canada -- eliminated the first six players at the eight-handed final table, then another -- KidPokerSLO of Slovenia -- scored the last and most meaningful knockout to collect the final bounties and win the tournament. KidPokerSLO earned a cool $3,322.97 first prize, plus a few more bucks for the knockout bounties picked up along the way.

The event drew a big field of 5,858, making for a total prize pool of $49,207.20 -- nearly five times (!) the $10K guarantee. The tournament provided a unique format for players, set up as both a "shootout" with players battling their way through eight-handed tables with only the winners advancing, and a "super-knockout" event that saw players earning $4.20 every time they eliminated an opponent.

Some of the 5,858 entrants randomly received byes into the second round which then saw 4,096 players gather around 512 eight-handed tables with only the winners advancing. Then that second round became the "bubble" round as only the 512 winners would be making the cash.

The last of the second-round matches to complete saw ZEK-KOMSA and Avtor-X battling heads-up at the end. There the chatbox rail grew increasingly crowded until finally ZEK-KOMSA's A♣[10c] held up versus a short-stacked Avtor-X's 6♠2♠ to cause the latter to bubble the event.

The remaining players were then reassembled around 64 eight-handed tables, and it would take about an hour-and-a-half for those all to play down to winners, with players failing to survive to the next round each earning a min-cash of $18.45.

The longest-lasting match in that round saw bioskiss and ssv1978 make it to heads-up with nearly even stacks, then get involved in a hand in which all of the chips got in on the turn with the board showing 6♣7♠8♦2♣. The cards were then revealed to show biokiss holding K♣5♣ for flush and straight draws while ssv1978 had K♥7♦ for a pair of sevens. The river brought the 7♥, ssv1978 advanced, and the tournament was down to 64.

Like the previous rounds, the round of 64 also took about 90 minutes to play out, with molari448 finally outlasting kirrard28 in the last-to-finish table. The final hand there saw kirrard28 all in for about 10 big blinds with J♣8♠ versus molari448's A♦9♥ and the board coming A♠[10h]9♣K♦6♦ to give molari448 the last seat at the final table.

Like all of those falling in the next-to-last round, kirrard28 earned $98.41 for getting that far. About five-and-a-half hours after the tourney had begun, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: RollonSpaka (Brazil) -- 5,000
Seat 2: CAIN82 (Germany) -- 5,000
Seat 3: KidPokerSLO (Slovenia) -- 5,000
Seat 4: 3stajl (Poland) -- 5,000
Seat 5: OP_4001 (Hungary) -- 5,000
Seat 6: Bergylicious (Canada) -- 5,000
Seat 7: c@vs23 (Russia) -- 5,000
Seat 8: molari448 (Germany) -- 5,000

Like in earlier rounds, the last table saw players start with 5,000 chips and rapidly push through five-minute levels until a winner was determined.

After winning that last table of the penultimate round, molari448 jumped out to the chip lead at the final table, nearly doubling the starting stack within the first half-hour while RollonSpaka became the short stack in the early going.

RollonSpaka finally found it necessary to push all in before the flop in a hand versus c@vs23. RollonSpaka was in good shape, though, with K♦K♥ versus c@vs23's Q♣Q♦, and when the better hand held up RollonSpaka survived.

The very next hand then saw the first elimination of the final table as a short-stacked 3stajl pushed all in for 1,600 (eight big blinds) from the button with 9♥9♦ and got a quick call from Bergylicious sitting in the big blind with J♦J♠.

The 9♠T♦Q♣ flop brought 3stajl a set of nines, but the K♥ fell on the turn to complete a straight for Bergylicious. The river was the 2♥, Bergylicious collected another bounty, and 3stajl's Event #57 run had ended in eighth.

Not long after that hand, Bergylicous was grabbing another bounty by knocking out OP_4001 in seventh.

In that hand the blinds were still 100/200 when OP_4001 open-raised all in for 2,039 from the button and only Bergylicious called from the small blind. OP_4001 had A♥T♦, but Bergylicious had been dealt another big pair in the blinds -- K♦K♣ -- and after the board came 4♠5♥4♥5♦8♦, they were down to six.

Just two hands later, Bergylicious raised 2x from the cutoff to 500, then c@vs23 reraised all in to 2,241 from the button. The blinds folded, Bergylicious called, c@vs23 showed A♠T♠, and Bergylicious turned over Q♦J♠.

The 7♣8♣6♦ flop was okay for c@vs23, but the J♥ fell on the turn to give Bergylicious a pair. The river was the 2♣, and Bergylicious had scored a third straight final table knockout to move close to 17,000 and enjoy a big chip lead with five players left.

About 10 minutes later the blinds were 200/400 when CAIN82 open-pushed for 3,070 from the button and Bergylicious was again there with the call from the big blind. CAIN82 had A♠3♥ and Bergylicious Q♣7♣, and CAIN82 was still ahead after the 9♦9♣K♣ flop and 2♥ turn. But the river was the 5♣, completing a flush for Bergylicous and knocking out CAIN82 in fifth.

The streak would continue for Bergylicious soon after as a hand arose in which Bergylicious opened with a 2x raise to 800 from the cutoff and molari448 called from the button. Both checked the Q♦J♥K♠ flop, then Bergylicious bet 800 again after the 2♦ turn and molari448 called.

The river was the 6♠. This time Bergylicious bet 2,800 (about two-thirds pot), then molari448 raised to 6,400. Bergylicious came back with a reraise to more than 10,000, and molari448 called all in with the 2,037 left behind.

molari448 had K♥J♦ for two pair, but Bergylicious had flopped Broadway with A♦T♦ and they were down to three.

They soon reached the tournament's next break at which point Bergylicious had 26,218, KidPokerSLO was next with 9,510, and RollonSpaka was still hanging on with 4,272.

Play resumed, and it wasn't long before Bergylicious was raising 2x to 1,000 from the small blind, RollonSpaka was reraising all in for 3,842 from the big blind, and Bergylicious called.

Bergylicious: K♦4♦
RollonSpaka: A♥7♣

The community cards came in what had become a familiar pattern at this final table, with the all-in player okay through the flop and turn -- coming 9♣5♥2♦, then J♦ -- then Bergylicious coming from behind on the river as the K♥ fell on fifth street to pair Bergylicious's king and knock RollonSpaka out in third.

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Having been responsible for all six final table eliminations, Bergylicious enjoyed a nearly 3-to-1 chip advantage to begin heads-up play with 29,810 to KidPokerSLO's 10,190.

Interestingly, KidPokerSLO had entered the final table with the most knockout bounties of any player in the tourney with 15, but after collecting six at the final table Bergylicious had tied that mark with 15 as well. Thus was the battle for the biggest piece of the regular prize pool additionally a battle to see who would win the most from the bounty prize pool.

Bergylicious quickly increased the lead and it appeared as though KidPokerSLO would soon become the seventh straight knockout for the leader, but KidPokerSLO managed to double up in a hand in which KidPokerSLO turned a straight and Bergylicious rivered trips.

They were nearly even after that hand, but Bergylicious chipped up again and was leading when a hand came up that saw KidPokerSLO all in after a 6♥J♥T♣ flop. Bergylicious had J♣5♦ for top pair, but KidPokerSLO had the same pair and a better kicker with J♦9♦. The turn was the Q♣ and river the 4♥, and suddenly KidPokerSLO was up close to 32,000 while Bergylicious was down to just over 8,000.

On the very next hand, Bergylicious min-raised to 1,600 from the button, KidPokerSLO shoved all in, and Bergylicious called with the 6,410 left behind.

Bergylicious had J♥8♣ and was in need of serious help versus KidPokerSLO's K♣K♠. But the 6♦A♦T♦9♠5♦ board brought no improvement to Bergylicious's hand, giving KidPokerSLO the pot and the victory.

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Congratulations to KidPokerSLO for hanging in while Bergylicious knocked out the rest of the final table, then breaking through to claim the last two knockout bounties -- Bergylicious's and KidPokerSLO's own -- and the Event #57 title!

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #57 ($8.80 NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, Shootout, Super-Knockout) results

Players: 5,858
Total prize pool: $49,207.20
Regular prize pool: $24,603.60
Bounty prize pool: $24,603.60
Places paid: 512

1. KidPokerSLO (Slovenia) -- $3,322.97 (+$71.40 for 17 bounties)
2. Bergylicious (Canada) -- $2,337.34 (+$63.00 for 15 bounties)
3. RollonSpaka (Brazil) -- $1,845.27 (+$46.20 for 11 bounties)
4. molari448 (Germany) -- $1,353.19 (+$46.20 for 11 bounties)
5. CAIN82 (Germany) -- $861.12 (+$37.80 for 9 bounties)
6. c@vs23 (Russia) -- $553.58 (+$50.40 for 12 bounties)
7. OP_4001 (Hungary) -- $369.05 (+$33.60 for 8 bounties)
8. 3stajl (Poland) -- $184.52 (+$37.80 for 9 bounties)

There's still several days' worth of MicroMillions 5 fun left to go. Check the MicroMillions page for the full schedule of remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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