MicroMillions 5: Mh.Thioska blitzes through Event #41 field to first ($1+R NLHE 3x-Turbo)

All MicroMillions 5 events offer opportunities to win a lot for a little. And in some cases -- such as Event #41, a $1 no-limit hold'em tournament with re-buys and a "turbo" structure -- there's the added incentive of winning those riches rapidly, making for a small expenditure of both time and money.

Such was the case for Brazil's Mh.Thioska who needed less than seven hours to outlast a huge field of 27,649 to win Event #41 and earn a huge prize of $14,512.49.

That big field ended up taking 131,554 re-buys during the extended ("3x" or 90 minutes) re-buy period, then took another 15,890 add-ons after that to build a big total prize pool of $159,334.63, way over the tourney's $100K guarantee. The top 3,600 finishers got paid, and indeed it didn't take that much longer after late registration ended and the re-buying was done for the bubble to burst.

As the tournament later pushed into the sixth hour and the field whittled down to less than 50 players, the aptly-named ILLBURYOU had emerged as a clear leader, eventually pushing up over 120 million chips when the nearest challenger (PapaCHAO525) had only a little over 60 million.

Once they'd gotten down to the last three tables, however, Dione0709 rocketed up the counts to challenge ILLBURYOU for the chip lead, with gert2110 and Mh.Thioska then emerging as the big stacks as the tourney continued.

As they raced past the six-hour mark nine more players hit the rail. unmbis (18th), Sapita54 (17th), and Bane267 (16th) each made $326.63 for their deep tourney runs. ttko1111 (15th), funkyfish85 (14th), hittuuu (13th) cashed for $462.07 apiece. And PapaCHAO525 (12th), tafarelli (11th), and wojtt81 (10th) took away $597.50 for coming close but not quite making the final table.

Just nine remained.


Seat 1: ILLBURYOU (Canada) -- 156,203,074
Seat 2: Dione0709 (Brazil) -- 174,246,783
Seat 3: Mh.Thioska (Brazil) -- 150,579,391
Seat 4: Goatnapper1 (Denmark) -- 63,253,175
Seat 5: proff113 (Estonia) -- 49,259,776
Seat 6: Pastafari555 (Germany) -- 62,588,842
Seat 7: gert2110 (Estonia) -- 157,106,124
Seat 8: bottos (Denmark) -- 54,082,439
Seat 9: EvilChris321 (United Kingdom) -- 86,989,396

Not long after the final table had started, the blinds were a whopping 3m/6m when Dione0709 raised to 18,565,987 from early position then Pastafari555 reraised all in for 75,388,842 from the cutoff seat. It folded back to Dione0709 who quickly called, turning over J♦J♠ to Pastafari555's 9♠9♥.

The board rolled out 5♦J♥5♠7♦7♣, improving Dione0709 to a full house and knocking Pastafari555 out in ninth.

A few minutes later the blinds had bumped up to 4m/8m when Goatnapper1 opened with an all-in push for 15,653,175 from early position and got a single caller in ILLBURYOU from the small blind.

Goatnapper1 had J♠T♦ and ILLBURYOU A♥J♣, then the community cards came 2♠6♦3♦A♦A♠ to give ILLBURYOU trip aces and send Goatnapper1 out in eighth.

The blinds kept climbing -- to 4.5m/9m -- and proff113 was soon open-raising all in for 29,279,328 from early position. bottos then reraised all in for nearly 150 million from a couple of seats over, and when all folded proff113 showed A♥8♠ and bottos A♠K♦.

The flop came J♦K♥3♦ to pair bottos's king, then the Q♠ fell on the turn which gave proff113 hopes of perhaps drawing a straight to split the pot. But the river was the 2♥, and proff113's tournament run ended in seventh.

A few minutes later ILLBURYOU open-pushed for 48,779,216 (a little less than five big blinds) from the small blind and Dione0709 called from the big blind. ILLBURYOU had 9♠8♦ and Dione0709 J♣7♣. The board came J♦A♠K♦6♠5♠, and Dione0709's jacks were best as ILLBURYOU hit the rail in sixth.

A half-dozen hands later EvilChris321 min-raised to 20 million from early position, and Mh.Thioska called from the small blind. Then gert2110 reraised all in for 22,629,782 from the big blind and both remaining players called.

Mh.Thioska and EvilChris321 checked both the 9♥A♣6♦ flop and T♥ turn, then when the T♣ fell on the river Mh.Thioska bet 30 million and EvilChris321 called. Mh.Thioska then turned over J♦T♠ for trip tens and both EvilChris321 and gert2110 mucked, the latter having been eliminated in fifth.

Just three hands after that it was bottos open-raising all in for 130,752,684 (13 BBs) from under the gun and Mh.Thioska calling from the big blind. bottos had 2♦2♠ and hopes that the small pair would hold versus Mh.Thioska's A♥9♣, but the 9♦6♠J♦ flop paired Mh.Thioska's nine. The turn was the 7♣ and river the 4♣, and bottos was bounced in fourth.

Just three remained, and before long they stopped the tournament to discuss a possible deal to divide up most of the remaining prize money. By then Mh.Thioska had built a huge stack and a big lead with more than 622 million, with Dion0709 next with about 245 million and EvilChris321 third with just under 86 million.

"Chip chop" numbers were produced (leaving $2,000 for which to play), which would have given Mh.Thioska a little over $13,600, Dione0709 about $9,700, and EvilChris321 just over $8,000. Eyeing the scheduled third-place prize of $7,170.05, EvilChris321 said "for $900 i might as well take my chances" and decided against the deal, and soon play resumed.

Soon the blinds were 6m/12m, and EvilChris321 picked up A♥8♠ on the button and shoved all in for 84,526,730 total. Alas for EvilChris321, Mh.Thioska was waiting in the big blind with A♦J♥, and after Mh.Thioska called and the pair watched the board come K♠5♠6♦3♥4♥, EvilChris321 was out in third.

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Soon M.Thioska and Dione0709 agreed to pause the tourney again and discuss the possibility of chopping. At that point Mh.Thioska had the big advantage with 664,835,930 to Dione0709's 289,473,070. This time the players were amenable to a deal, and after dividing up the 1st- and 2nd-place money -- with $2,000 still on the the table -- play soon resumed.

Mh.Thioska would maintain the lead throughout the 18 hands of heads-up play, and had edged up close to 700 million to the almost 260 million of Dione0709 when the final hand took place.

The blinds were still 6m/12m when Mh.Thioska raised to 24 million from the button, then Dione0709 reraised to 60 million and Mh.Thioska called. The flop came 4♦6♣T♥ and Dione0709 led with a bet of 48 million. Mh.Thioska responded with a raise all in and Dione0709 called with the 150,273,070 behind.

Dione0709: K♦Q♠
Mh.Thioska: 6♠5♣

Mh.Thioska had flopped a pair of sixes while Dione0709 was looking for improvement on the turn or river. But neither brought such help, coming 2♣ and then A♦, and Mh.Thioska had won.

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Congratulations to Mh.Thioska for grabbing the lastest MicroMillions 5 title and rapidly turning a tiny buy-in into a big $14,512.49 score!

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #41 ($1+R NLHE 3x-Turbo) results (*reflects two-way deal)

Players: 27,649
Total Prize pool: $159,334.63
Re-buys: 131,554
Add-ons: 15,890
Places paid: 3,600

1. Mh.Thioska (Brazil) -- $14,512.49*
2. Dione0709 (Brazil) -- $11,687.59*
3. EvilChris321 (United Kingdom) -- $7,170.05
4. bottos (Denmark) -- $5,736.04
5. gert2110 (Estonia) -- $4,302.03
6. ILLBURYOU (Canada) -- $2,868.02
7. proff113 (Estonia) -- $1,991.68
8. Goatnapper1 (Denmark) -- $1,354.34
9. Pastafari555 (Germany) -- $796.67

There's still nearly a week's worth of MicroMillions 5 events left to go, with multiple tournaments happening every day. See the MicroMillions page for full details regarding the remaining schedule.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.