MicroMillions 5: neostil leads Russian sweep in Event #31 ($3.30 Limit Stud H/L)

Like all tournaments at PokerStars, these MicroMillions 5 events are truly international affairs with players from around the globe competing in each one. If there were medal ceremonies for these tournaments, Event #31 -- a $3.30 buy-in Stud Hi/Lo tourney -- would have seen players from Russia filling the entire podium by taking the top three spots, as fishrus23 earned the bronze and $1,537.46, Eva Ente took the silver and a $1,888.88 second prize, and neostil earned the gold and MM 5 title, taking away $2,721.30 for the win.

A total of 5,857 took part in this one, thus building a total prize pool of $17,571 which easily bested the event's $10K guarantee. It took nearly three hours and 45 minutes for the field to be cut down to 760 players and the money bubble to burst, at which point primodepie, Kolbi111, and Negryto l then occupied the top three positions in the counts with more than 160,000.

A couple of Team PokerStars Pros were still among the field at that point, although both would fall over the next hour.

First Henrique "Henrique.P" Pinho was eliminated in 342nd ($7.37) in a hand versus Clara Beebee that saw the latter begin with rolled up fives. Not too long after that Marcin "Goral" Horecki was knocked out in a multiway hand that saw him all in by fifth street, then lose to both qxvlp and 04061954 to go out in 247th ($8.43).

During the tourney's sixth hour the field shrunk to 100 players, led by fishrus23 as the only one with more than 800,000. fishrus23 continued to lead over the next hour, being the first player to 1 million and then 2 million chips, then by the six-and-a-half-hour mark was overtaken by Bang1k who led the final 20 after amassing a stack of nearly 5 million.

Soon they were down to 16 players, gathered around two eight-handed tables with Bang1k and fishrus23 leading the way.

It didn't take much longer for eight more to fall. student2012 (16th), Clara Beebee (15th), rockygo (14th), and frisby54321 (13th) each earned $74.67 for their efforts, while KidKanak (12th), black666 (11th), Mr Sho 26 (10th), and Kolbi111 (9th) picked up $87.85 apiece.

After just over seven hours of play just eight players remained.


Seat 1: neostil (Russia) -- 5,474,562
Seat 2: qxvlp (United Kingdom) -- 2,501,316
Seat 3: Drongo84 (Russia) -- 1,476,600
Seat 4: fishrus23 (Russia) -- 4,683,704
Seat 5: Geniusjan (Germany) -- 2,991,048
Seat 6: Bang1k (Ukraine) -- 8,616,830
Seat 7: Eva Ente (Russia) -- 2,236,822
Seat 8: fortyfive23 (Canada) -- 1,304,118

fortyfive23 was the short stack to start the final table, and within just a few minutes a hand arose in which fortyfive23 got involved in a hand that saw that entire stack at risk.

The limits were 200k/400k when fortyfive23 brought it in with the 2♣ showing, Eva Ente raised with the K♠ up, and fortyfive23 called. Eva Ente then led with bets on fourth, sixth, and seventh streets, with fortyfive23 calling in each instance, the last one requiring an all-in. Their final boards appeared as follows:

Eva Ente: (A♥A♦) / K♠T♣J♠J♥ / (6♦)
fortyfive23: (5♥2♥) / 2♣4♥4♦8♣ / (K♦)

Eva Ente had started with buried aces then made two pair by sixth while fortyfive23 had begun with a split pair of deuces, then ended up drawing two lesser pair and making no low and was eliminated in eighth.

A little while later the limits had risen to 250k/500k when it was Bang1k raising on third street, Drongo84 reraising, and Bang1k calling. Drongo84 led on fourth and Bang1k called, they reversed roles on fifth, then it was Bang1k again betting on sixth, Drongo84 raising all in, and Bang1k calling.

Their down cards turned over, Drongo84 had (Q♣3♣) / Q♠J♣2♥6♥ for a pair of queens while Bang1k held (2♠J♠) / 7♠5♠7♥K♣ for a pair of sevens and a flush draw. Seventh street brought a useless T♣ to Drongo84 while Bang1k was deal the 2♣ to make two pair and a better hand, thus knocking Drongo84 out in seventh.

The limits kept rising -- this time to 300k/600k -- and soon came a three-way hand that saw Geniusjan, qxvlp, and Eva Ente cap the betting on third street, then bet further on fourth until both Geniusjan and Eva Ente were all in. Here's how their hands looked at that point:

qxvlp: (6♣4♦) / 5♦T♦
Eva Ente: (2♣A♣) / 2♥3♥
Geniusjan: (K♣T♣) / K♥Q♦

As it would happen, none of the three would end up drawing to a low hand. qxvlp picked up A♠5♣Q♣ to end with a pair of fives. Eva Ente was dealt A♥4♠3♣ to end with two pair, aces and treys. And Geniusjan received 7♠6♠9♥ to finish with a pair of kings. Eva Ente's hand was best, winning both the main and side pot and ensuring survival, but Geniusjan's Event #31 run had come to an end in sixth.

Bang1k continued to lead with five players left, and was soon getting involved in a hand at the 400k/800k level that saw fishrus23 raising and qxvlp reraising with Bang1k calling to stick around and Eva Ente coming along as well. The four players each contributed a bet on fourth street, then on fifth qxvlp bet, fishrus23 called, Bang1k raised, Eva Ente folded, qxvlp called all in, and fishrus23 called as well.

fishrus23 next led with a bet on sixth street that required the last of fishrus23's chips, and Bang1k called. The three players' cards were upturned, seventh street was dealt, and here was the result:

fishrus23: (6♥5♥) / A♥3♦K♥3♠ / (J♥) -- an ace-high flush w/no low
Bang1k: (2♦Q♦) / 9♦Q♣7♦J♣ / (J♠) -- two pair, queens and jacks, w/no low
qxvlp: (4♥A♦) / 2♠K♣5♣K♦ / (5♠) -- two pair, kings and fives, w/no low

fishrus23's flush carried the day, while qxvlp was knocked out in fifth.

Bang1k and fishrus23 were once again occupying the top two positions in the counts with four players left, but as the limits increased to 500k/1m Bang1k began to slip in the counts to become the short stack, then was all in on third street in a four-way hand versus fishrus23, Eva Ente, and neostil.

Other than fifth street when neostil led with a bet and both fishrus23 and Eva Ente called, the other three checked down each of the other streets, thus leading to a four-way showdown. neostil showed (5♦5♣) / 7♠8♠4♠Q♣ / (3♠) for the best low hand with an 8-7-5-4-3, Eva Ente showed (7♣7♦) / 8♣K♣6♣J♦ / (K♠) for the best high hand with two pair (kings and sevens), while the other two players mucked, with Bang1k thus being knocked out in fourth.

The three Russians remained. Play continued and as the stakes increased again to 600k/1.2m it was fishrus23 becoming the short stack among the final trio with less than 2.8 million while Eva Ente and neostil had a little over 14 million and about 12.5 million, respectively.

That's when a hand came up that saw neostil raising with the A♥ showing and fishrus23 calling with the J♣, then fishrus23 raised neostil's fourth-street bet and called all in after neostil led on fifth.

neostil: (2♠A♠) / A♥5♦4♣
fishrus23: (Q♣8♣) / J♣3♣Q♦

neostil had a pair of aces plus a nice low draw while fishrus23 had queens and a club flush draw. The last two streets brought neostil the 2♦ and 8♦ to complete an 8-5-4-3-A low and give neostil two pair for the high. Meanwhile fishrus23 was dealt the 9♦ and 6♠, giving no improvement to that pair of queens and knocking fishrus23 out in third.

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Heads-up play began with neostil holding a slight edge with 15,349,163 to Eva Ente's 13,935,837. neostil would quickly widen the gap, however, and just seven hands later had about a 5-to-1 chip lead when the final hand took place.

The limits were still 600k/1.2m, which meant Eva Ente would be expending all 4,815,837 chips on the final hand after raising on third, calling bets on fourth and fifth, then raising all in on sixth street. With one card to come, here's what the final two players had:

neostil: (A♥3♥) / 7♥7♦3♠J♥
Eva Ente: (A♦T♥) / T♣J♦6♦K♦

Neither player had a low draw, both had flush draws, and neostil had the current edge with two pair for a better high hand. Seventh street then brought neostill the 7♣ to complete a full house, making the 5♣ Eva Ente picked up moot and giving the title to neostil.

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Congratulations to neostil of Russia for besting a big field of 5,857 to turn a tiny $3.30 buy-in into a nifty $2,721.30 payday!

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #31 ($3.30 Limit Stud H/L) results

Players: 5,857
Total prize pool: $17,571.00
Places paid: 760

1. neostil (Russia) -- $2,721.30
2. Eva Ente (Russia) -- $1,888.88
3. fishrus23 (Russia) -- $1,537.46
4. Bang1k (Ukraine) -- $1,186.04
5. qxvlp (United Kingdom) -- $834.62
6. Geniusjan (Germany) -- $483.20
7. Drongo84 (Russia) -- $219.63
8. fortyfive23 (Canada) -- $122.99

There's still a full week's worth of events left to go in MicroMillions 5 with many events happening around the clock every day. Check the MicroMillions page for the full remaining schedule.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.