MicroMillions 5: o furias on the money in Event #5 ($3.30 NLHE)

The extremely popular MicroMillions series returned to PokerStars today for its fifth instalment as the low-limit MTT grinders out there took their shot at a major online championship title. Event 5 of MicroMillions 5 was the $3.30 No Limit Holdem event.

Perhaps still nursing a post-WSOP hangover, we couldn't spot any Team PokerStars Pros in today's field but that didn't stop a whopping 16,156 players creating a prize pool of $48,680 to almost double the advertised guarantee.

The top 2,025 players would finish in the money but sadly goldplayer20 from Argentina wasn't one of them after bubbling in 2,026th place, as the remaining players locked up at least $5.33.

From there they steadily fell away and when Marmiguel's king-queen was overturned by mlsross' king-ten with a ten striking on the turn, our final table line up of nine players was set as follows:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: mlsross (7,983,540 in chips)
Seat 2: bebuchamp (11,073,698 in chips)
Seat 3: o furias (14,929,426 in chips)
Seat 4: Scorpions555 (9,714,074 in chips)
Seat 5: arcnagett (8,994,174 in chips)
Seat 6: KURRAMBA314 (10,083,193 in chips)
Seat 7: alinstefan18 (5,571,692 in chips)
Seat 8: jells82 (7,495,276 in chips)
Seat 9: LFMandix (4,934,927 in chips)

The blinds kicked off on the final table at 200k/400k/50k with o furias holding the chip lead and LFMandix on the short stack. However the first big pot of the final table went to Scorpions555 with J♠J♣ doubling through the 8♠8♥ of arcnagett in an enormous 21 million chip pot.

arcnagett was crippled and couldn't recover. A short time later, arcnagett was all in preflop and found action from three players:

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arcnagett was hoping for a quadruple up, but pocket fives were no match for LFMandix's pocket eights to leave arcnagett out in 9th place for $290.80.

alinstefan18 found aces for a double up through mlsross' ace-king, while bebuchamp got the table excited making quad sevens against KURRAMBA314's flush. But it would be LFMandix who would be next to depart after running A♦J♥ into alinstefan18's K♦K♥. The board of 5♠8♥9♥K♠6♠ was overkill as LFMandix picked up $439.21 for 8th place.

The chips continued to fly as the chip leaders exchanged some hefty pots. Scorpions555 was enjoying a rollercoaster ride as some of the players threw up the idea of a deal. But that was always going to be ambitious with seven players left.

It took a few orbits for seven to become six but the rising blinds and antes soon took their toll. alinstefan18 was under pressure and moved all in from under the gun with T♣9♦ for four big blinds. It looked like the steal was going to get through until KURRAMBA314 made a good call in the big blind with K♣5♣. The board finished 3♦3♣3♠Q♠J♦ and king-high was enough to cut alinstefan18 in 7th place for a $848.19 score.

The big blind was again kind to KURRAMBA314 when bebuchamp moved all in from the cutoff for just under six big blinds. KURRAMBA314 committed to the call with A♥6♠ which remained ahead of bebuchamp's K♦T♣ when the board rolled off 5♦9♠7♠2♥3♣. A great run by bebuchamp to turn $3.30 into four figures with a payout of $1,308.63 for 6th place.

Moments later and the tournament came to an end for mlsross. Again forced to make a move, mlsross jammed the cutoff with A♦3♥ but o furias woke up on the button with a dominant A♠T♥ and made the call. There were no surprises on the J♠7♥8♠Q♦T♣ board as mlsross departed in 5th place for a very tidy $1,793.31.

At this point it was KURRAMBA314 out in front, at least until the biggest pot of the tournament erupted:

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KURRAMBA314 was pushing the action as the big stack and jells82 found a strong hand with pocket sevens, but it was o furias who woke up in the big blind with the pocket rockets to more than double up and eliminate jells82 in 4th place for $2,277.99 in prize money.

Just four hands later and three became two. In a rare post-flop hand, the chips went flying on a 6♠8♣9♦ flop. Scorpions555 checked from the small blind to KURRAMBA314 who made a continuation bet. Scorpions555 check-raised before KURRAMBA314 put in another re-raise to put Scorpions555 all in. Scorpions555 made the call with tournament life on the line holding T♣9♣ for top pair, straight draw and backdoor flush draw as KURRAMBA314 opened Q♠Q♥ for an overpair. The turn was the J♥ but the river bricked the J♠ to see Scorpions555 on the rail in 3rd place for $3,247.35.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 3: o furias (32,031,156 in chips)
Seat 6: KURRAMBA314 (48,748,844 in chips)

KURRAMBA314 had a lead but that was reduced a little when o furias made two pair on the first heads-up hand. At that point the two players were happy to make a quick deal and play for the title and the remaining $500 that must be put aside for the champion.

When play resumed the chip counts remained pretty steady until an interesting hand developed that would ultimately crown our champion:

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KURRAMBA314 check-raised the flop with middle pair and then barrelled the turn with o furias calling with a flush draw before spiking top pair on the river. KURRAMBA314 checked the river and then called it off when o furias moved all in, with KURRAMBA314's seven and fours falling to o furias' queens and fours. KURRAMBA314's great final table performance earned $4,942.18 for 2nd place as o furias from Portugal is our latest MicroMillions champion earning $5,356.68 for a great tournament. Congratulations!

MicroMillions 5 Event #5 Results

Entrants: 16,156
Prize pool: $48,468.00
Places paid: 2,025

1st o furias (Portugal) - $5,356.68*
2nd KURRAMBA314 (Colombia) - $4,942.18*
3rd Scorpions555 (Russia) - $3,247.35
4th jells82 (Australia) - $2,277.99
5th mlsross (United Kingdom) - $1,793.31
6th bebuchamp (Argentina) - $1,308.63
7th alinstefan18 (Romania) - $848.19
8th LFMandix (Denmark) - $436.21
9th arcnagett (Brazil) - $290.80

* Denotes heads-up deal

There's over $5 million guaranteed during the MicroMillions 5 series, with 100 fantastic events running through until July 28th across a wide range of poker disciplines. Head to the MicroMillions 5 home page to see the full schedule as well as statistics, coverage, leaderboards and much more.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.