MicroMillions 5: P0KERDUUDE rules Event #2, man ($1+R NLHE 3x-Turbo)

A brand new MicroMillions is underway, the popular tournament series at PokerStars that gives players numerous chances to make a lot out of a little. Event #2 presented just such an opportunity, a $1 turbo-styled no-limit hold'em tourney (with re-buys) with an enormous turnout resulting in Canada's P0KERDUUDE managing to turn a small buy-in into a $17,258.57 first prize in just over seven-and-a-half hours.

There were nearly 30,000 players already seated by the time the first hands of Event #2 were dealt, and after the extra-long ("3x") late registration/re-buy period of 90 minutes had ended, a total of 43,863 had signed up. That group combined to take a whopping 171,493 re-buys then 21,359 add-ons, thus building a total prize pool of $215.410.65 and thereby easily exceeding the event's $150K guarantee.

During the third hour the field had already been whittled down to 5,625 and the money, and by the three-hour break less than half of those were left with janwest51 leading the way as the only player with more than 3 million chips.

An hour after that just 339 remained, with Friend of PokerStars Pierre "Zoutechamp" Neuville having recently departed in 480th place and earning $60.31 after his A♥Q♦ failed to hold up against Immo_2000's K♥J♥ when the latter rivered two pair.

By then leguito had surged in front by building a stack of more than 15 million, then an hour after that ManyManyM0re had taken the lead with more than 60 million chips with just 80 players left.

ManyManyM0re continued to maintain the lead for much of the next hour, but by the six-hour break was overtaken by P0KERDUUDE whose 134 million-plus stack led the remaining 16 players.

It took just 20 minutes more for the field to be cut to nine, with Zeb87 pushing way out in front, accumulating more than 280 million chips along the way.

leguito (18th), Babuulja (17th), and lexa723 (16th) each took away $372.66 for their finishes. Mortaric (15th), Shika1 (14th), and XFilziX (13th) earned $523.44 apiece. Then hencus (12th), sk rapid go (11th), and former chip leader ManyManyM0re (10th) went out to take away $676.38 each, and the final table had begun.


Seat 1: *PlayerIVPs* (Russia) -- 165,680,120
Seat 2: richiedollar (Norway) -- 199,270,997
Seat 3: mateiniculae (Romania) -- 50,220,326
Seat 4: losyara007 (Russia) -- 73,052,032
Seat 5: bobbii (Norway) -- 180,034,670
Seat 6: r3qm (Canada) -- 104,189,158
Seat 7: P0KERDUUDE (Canada) -- 141,161,328
Seat 8: Zeb87 (Denmark) -- 280,177,658
Seat 9: sladkiy0404 (Russia) -- 93,051,711

mateiniculae began the final table as the short stack with just over 50 million, and after 10 minutes had slipped to just 12,320,326. The blinds were up to 4.5m/9m by then, and soon mateiniculae open-pushed that short stack with K♦9♣ then P0KERDUUDE reraised with Q♥J♣ to isolate. The board rolled out 2♣T♣J♥7♠6♣, pairing P0KERDUUDE's jack and sending mateiniculae out in ninth.

About 15 minutes later it was losyara007 opening with a 2x raise to 20 million from under the gun, then r3qm reraised all in for 86,389,158 from a couple of seats over. All folded, then losyara007 called showing T♥T♣ to r3qm's 8♠8♥. The community cards came 5♣J♣5♦, then K♣, then A♥, meaning losyara007's tens remained best and r3qm was eliminated in eighth.

Five minutes after that it was losyara007 min-raising to 24 million from early position, then sladkiy0404 calling all in for 4,051,711 from the small blind. sladkiy0404 had the edge with A♠J♠ versus losyara007's A♣2♣, but the board brought three clubs -- coming 8♠5♣9♣8♣5♠ -- giving losyara007 a flush and knocking out sladkiy0404 in seventh.

Just three hands later the blinds were up to 7.5m/15m when Zeb87 raised to 30 million from under the gun, then *PlayerIVPs* called all in from the button for just 2,259,074 after having posted the 1.5 million ante. It was *PlayerIVPs* with Q♥4♠ and Zeb87 with 4♣4♥, then the flop came 2♣7♣4♦ to bring the case four and a set to Zeb87. The board ran out 6♦ and A♣, and *PlayerIVPs* was done in sixth.

On the very next hand, richiedollar open-shoved for 64,418,965 from UTG, then bobbii reraised all in for nearly 97 million from the button and the blinds stepped aside. richiedollar was at risk with A♣Q♣ against bobbii's T♠T♣. The board came 8♠J♥5♦2♣3♣, bringing no improvement for richiedollar who hit the rail in fifth.

Five minutes later the blinds were up to 9m/18m when Zeb87 raised to 36 million from the button, then losyara007 shoved from the small blind and Zeb87 called with the 212,297,531 left behind. Zeb87 had K♦K♠ and was hoping the kings would hold versus losyara007's A♦4♣, but the board came 9♠J♠A♥6♠3♥ to give losyara007 the better pair and end Zeb87's run in fourth.

The remaining trio pushed past the seven-hour mark with losyara007 leading with more than 552 million, P0KERDUUDE next with about 416 million, and bobbii third with just under 318 million.

They played about five minutes more, during which stretch P0KERDUUDE pushed way out in front while losyara007 fell back to third. Then with the blinds 12m/24m bobbii open-pushed from the button and losyara007 called all in for 71,976,747 from the big blind.

bobbii had A♠8♥ and losyara007 Q♣J♥. The flop came 9♠A♥8♦ to give bobbii two pair but give losyara007 a gutshot draw. The turn then brought the K♦ and the river the Q♦, and bobbii's hand remained in front to send losyara007 out in third.

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Heads-up play then began with P0KERDUUDE enjoying a nearly 3-to-1 advantage with 947,344,060 to bobbii's 339,493,040. They'd play 13 hands with P0KERDUUDE widening the gap a little further, then came the final hand.

The blinds were a huge 14m/28m, and bobbii decided to push all in for 205,093,940 (a little over seven BBs) from the button with K♥T♠, and P0KERDUUDE called with Q♦8♦. The 3♠3♣9♥ flop was okay for bobbii, but the Q♣ fell on fourth street to pair P0KERDUUDE's queen. The river was the 5♦, and P0KERDUUDE had won.

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Congratulations to P0KERDUUDE for outlasting a large field of 43,863 to turn a tiny buy-in into a $17,258.57 payday!

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #2 ($1+R NLHE 3x-Turbo) results

Players: 43,863
Re-buys: 171,493
Add-ons: 21,359
Total prize pool: $215,410.65
Places paid: 5,625

1. P0KERDUUDE (Canada) -- $17,258.57
2. bobbii (Norway) -- $12,444.27
3. losyara007 (Russia) -- $8,136.06
4. Zeb97 (Denmark) -- $6,496.78
5. richiedollar (Norway) -- $4,872.58
6. *PlayerlVPs* (Russia) -- $3,250.54
7. sladkiy0404 (Russia) -- $2,257.50
8. r3qm (Canada) -- $1,535.87
9. mateiniculae (Romania) -- $902.57

Today is just the beginning of MicroMillions 5, with most of the 100 events of the series yet to come. Check the MicroMillions page for all of the details regarding upcoming MM 5 tournaments.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.