MicroMillions 5: pikgor prevails in Event #9 ($8.80 PLO)

The ninth event of MicroMillions 5 offered players the first of many non-NLHE variants on the series schedule with an $8.80 buy-in pot-limit Omaha event with a $20K guarantee. In all 3,558 players signed up to build a guarantee-busting prize pool of $28,464. In the end the top 450 finishers divided the loot, with pikgor of China taking away the largest share by overcoming all to win a MicroMillions title and $3,217.79 prize following a five-way final table deal.

By the six-hour mark that big field had already been carved down to just 44 players gathered around five tables. nr4_CoRReL led those who remained with a stack of more than 1.82 million, with Objekt-X the nearest challenger with about 1.36 million and no one else over 1 million.

One hour later they were down to the final two tables with just 18 players left. By then coreinside1 had moved out in front with more than 2.7 million, with nr4_CoRReL and Objekt-X still near the top and occupying the next two positions in the counts, respectively.

Soon nine more would fall and the final table would begin. Hubbe40 (18th), Beckersen81 (17th), and NahkaHuora (16th) each cashed for $89.66. luchinidohnha (15th), Fredskov (14th), and Objekt-X (13th) took away $132.35 apiece. And ConstanceFry (12th), kunkku (11th), and fifke1848 (10th) earned $175.05 for their finishes.

Just nine remained.


Seat 1: RapGap (Germany) -- 2,410,813
Seat 2: SvetikZ (Uzbekistan) -- 1,559,297
Seat 3: nr4_CoRReL (Netherlands) -- 3,473,348
Seat 4: pscycodad (Sweden) -- 936,368
Seat 5: coreinside1 (Lithuania) -- 3,645,002
Seat 6: pikgor (China) -- 1,501,389
Seat 7: prinss84 (Netherlands) -- 608,000
Seat 8: Heist-UH (Czech Republic) -- 1,149,719
Seat 9: stoffer13 (Denmark) -- 2,506,064

prinss84 was the short stack to begin the final table, and survived one all-in early after splitting a pot with RapGap. Soon the blinds climbed to 80,000/160,000, and a hand arose in which Heist-UH opened for 560,000 from early position. It folded to pscycodad on the button who having slipped down to just 103,439 called all in and the others all folded.

It was A♦A♦K♥T♥ for Heist-UH while pscycodad held 9♦9♣8♥5♣ and wanted to see some middle-range cards land on the board. Some did arrive among the community cards, but not in the right combination for pscycodad as they came 6♣3♠8♠Q♣6♠ giving Heist-UH the better two pair and eliminating pscycodad in ninth.

Meanwhile prinss84 had been folding hands, and finally when pikgor opened for 560,000 from the button, prinss84 called all in for 236,000 from the small blind. pikgor had J♥J♣9♥9♦ and prinss84 K♠Q♣J♠8♣, and when the board ran out 5♦7♥2♦T♥8♠ pikgor had made a jack-high straight and prinss84 was knocked out in eighth.

The remaining seven players made it to the eight-hour break, and shortly after the blinds were 100,000/200,000 when nr4_CoRReL raised to 600,000 from the cutoff seat, then coreinside1 reraised to 2.1 million from the button. It folded back around to nr4_CoRRel who reraised all in for 2,226,980 total and coreinside1 called.

nr4_CoRRel: A♥A♦K♠7♣
coreinside1: A♠Q♠Q♦8♣

The 7♠9♠5♦ flop meant nr4_CoRRel was still in front although precariously so as coreinside1 had flopped a flush draw. Then the Q♣ fell on fourth street to give coreinside1 a set and leave nr4_CoRRel drawing thin. The river was the 5♥, and nr4_CoRRel hit the rail in seventh.

The remaining six battled onward for another 10 minutes or so, then all agreed to pause the tournament to discuss a possible deal to divide most of the remaining prize money. At that point coreinside1 had the big lead with more than 7.32 million, SvetikZ was next with about 3.73 million, stoffer13 third with just over 2.78 million, RapGap fourth with 1.89 million, pikgor fifth with a little less than 1.47 million, and Heist-UH sixth with about 596,000.

Both "ICM" and "chip chop" figures were presented to the players, in each case leaving $400 on the table for which to play. But after some discussion of both sets of numbers the group couldn't agree to terms and play soon resumed.

Not long after that the blinds were 125k/250k when stoffer13 opened for 875,000 from early position, then pikgor jammed all in from the big blind and stoffer13 called with the 736,169 left behind. pikgor had a pair of kings, single-suited with K♥K♣4♣2♣ while stoffer13 showed a double-suited hand with A♠J♦T♦3♠. The board then came 7♠5♦6♦Q♥8♠, meaning neither had improved and pikgor's kings were best, thus ending stoffer13's run in sixth place.

Soon the five who were left stopped the tourney again to discuss a deal, at the time their stacks looking as follows:

1. coreinside 1 -- 6,244,725
2. pikgor -- 4,420,947
3. SvetikZ -- 3,728,594
4. RapGap -- 2,468,790
5. Heist-UH -- 926,944

This time the group was quickly agreeable to the "ICM" numbers -- again, leaving $400 for which to play -- and once the deal was done cards were soon back in the air.

On just the second hand back after the deal, RapGap open-raised 3x to 750,000 from the small blind, then SvetikZ reraised the pot from the big blind and RapGap called all in for the 791,846 left. RapGap had 7♠5♥4♥2♠ and SvetikZ A♣Q♣T♣T♥. The community cards came 2♥J♦J♥8♦3♣, and with a lesser two pair RapGap was out in fifth.

A few orbits later coreinside1 raised the minimum to 600,000 from UTG, SvetikZ reraised the maximum to 1.95 million from the big blind, coreinside1 jammed for 3,578,337 total, and SvetikZ called.

SvetikZ had a nice starting hand with A♣K♣K♦8♣ while coreinside1 showed a two-pair hand with J♥J♦6♠6♣. The board ran out K♠7♣Q♠8♥A♦, giving SvetikZ a set of kings and leaving coreinside1 with a pair of jacks and a fourth-place finish.

Three-handed play continued thereafter, with pikgor soon winning a big double-up through Heist-UH to leave the other with less than 1 million when pikgor was near 6 million and SvetikZ over 11 million. But Heist-UH would win a series of all-ins to pull back in contention, and as the trio continued to battle the gaps between the stacks further narrowed.

Then Heist-UH fell back to just over 2.54 million and was raising 3x from the small blind to 1.2 million to commit nearly half of that. SvetikZ reraised from the big blind and Heist-UH called all in, turning over Q♣T♦7♣6♦ to SvetikZ's A♥A♦9♦7♦.

The community cards came 5♣K♥4♣, then 9♥, then 5♠, and SvetikZ's aces and fives won the hand, ending Heist-UH's Event #9 run in third place.

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Heads-up play began with the stacks nearly even, with SvetikZ holding 9,562,424 and pikgor 8,227,576. SvetikZ began whittling away at pikgor as the tourney's eighth hour drew to a close, then in the last hand before the break pikgor won a big preflop all-in to carry the lead into hour number nine.

It would take just a few minutes more for the tourney to reach a conclusion. With the blinds at 250k/500k, SvetikZ raised the minimum to 1 million from the button, pikgor made it 3 million to go, then SvetikZ paused just a few seconds before pushing all in for 4,480,848 total and pikgor called.

pikgor had K♥9♦3♠2♦ and SvetikZ A♠7♠6♦6♠, and when the board came 3♦7♥T♠4♦9♠ that river nine had given pikgor two pair, the best hand, and the MicroMillions 5 Event #9 title.

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Congratulations to pikgor for topping another big MicroMillions field to win the title and a nifty $3,217.79 return on an $8.80 investment. And kudos as well to the others making the top five to chop the prize pool at the end, including coreinside1 whose $3,111.86 takeaway nearly equaled that of the winner.

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #9 ($8.80 PLO) results (*reflects five-way deal)

Players: 3,558
Total prize pool: $28,464.00
Places paid: 450

1. pikgor (China) -- $3,217.79*
2. SvetikZ (Uzbekistan) -- $2,670.63*
3. Heist-UH (Czech Republic) -- $1,691.59*
4. coreinside1 (Lithuania) -- $3,111.86*
5. RapGap (Germany) -- $2,327.10*
6. stoffer13 (Denmark) -- $925.08
7. nr4_CoRReL (Netherlands) -- $640.44
8. prinss84 (Netherlands) -- $355.80
9. pscycodad (Sweden) -- $227.71

Lots more left on the MicroMillions 5 schedule, with many more non-NLHE games still to come including fixed-limit hold'em, "PNL" hold'em (pot-limit pre-flop, no-limit post-flop), stud, stud hi/lo, razz, pot-limit Badugi, no-limit 5-card draw, no-limit 2-7 draw, H.O.R.S.E., and an 8-game mixed event, plus other Omaha variants like no-limit Omaha, Omaha hi/lo (fixed- and pot-limit), pot-limit 5-card Omaha, no-limit 5-card Omaha hi/lo, pot-limit Courchevel, and no-limit Courchevel hi/lo!

Check the MicroMillions page for all the details.

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