MicroMillions 5: RealSurvivor really survives to win Event #50 ($4.40 NLH 4-Max, 4x Chance)

Short-handed poker games can be a lot of fun, huge variance, and plenty of gambling. Full ring games evolved to six-handed, heads-up, and the recently introduced 4-max variety. Hand ranges loosen up and players make strong plays with weaker holdings.

MicroMillions 5 Event #50 was the second 4-Max tournament of the series but his one featured three rebuys for those getting short early. 18,532 players entered the tournament and added another 21,618 buy-ins courtesy of the rebuys. They created a $160,600 prizepool well over the $100k guarantee.

Play was quick and it took just 10 hours to play down to the final table, then just one more after that to find a winner. One of the biggest hands in the tournament played out at a three-handed table where one player collected all the chips from the rest.

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That hand gave mirito2806 a big chiplead with just eight players remaining but things did not go well from that point forward. He would still hold a lot of chips going into the final table but far fewer than after the double KO.


Seat 1: 8347046 (54747221 in chips)
Seat 2: eL Jugadorrr (34727927 in chips)
Seat 3: RealSurvivor (15852784 in chips)
Seat 4: acerip8 (20791348 in chips)
Seat 5: mirito2806 (74630720 in chips)

Blinds: 300k/600k with 75k ante

acerip8 outkicked, kicked out

Short-handed play has a tendency to be volatile and active even when stacks are relatively deep. acerip8 came into the final table with a stack just off the bottom of the table but was still holding nearly 35 big blinds.

It only took until the 4th hand of the final table for all those chips to get in the middle.

acerip8 min-raised from the button and mirito2806 three-bet to 4,056,000 before acerip8 four-bet all-in for another 15,535,348 and was called.

mirito2806: A♠Q♥
acerip8: A♥T♦

mirito2806's easy call was with the best hand and stayed that way throughout the entire J♠2♠9♣6♥6♦. The hand pushed mirito2806 further into the chiplead but acerip8 was eliminated in 5th place for $1898.29.

8347046 goes from chiplead to out in 4th

8347046 had an excellent chance to capture the tournament when down to two tables but lost several 10-digit sized pots. A♣J♣ is awfully attractive when playing four-handed and 834706 called when chipleader mirito2806 five-bet shoved.

The hand looked strong but needed help when mirito2806 showed a bigger hand in K♦K♠.

834706 was looking for some clubs or the overcard Ace but didn't get there on the Q♦7♦3♠ flop, Q♠ turn, or 7♠ river. mirito2806 was now holding 65% of the chips in play while 8344706 was eliminated in 4th place for $3,011.25.

Let's make a deal, mirito2806 out in 3rd

mirito2806: 129,457,289
eL Jugadorrr: 46,450,143
RealSurvivor: 24,842,568

mirito2806 convinced the other players to pause the clock to talk about a deal but could not convince them to add money to the standard chop deal. He wasn't happy about it and a series of hands proved again how crazy short-handed play can run.

RealSurvivor began three-handed play with the shortest stack but managed to pick up a few double ups until he gave chipleader mirito2806 a river problem.

RealSurvivor min-raised from the small blind, mirito2806 three-bet to 8,112,000 and the battle of the blinds was complete when RealSurvivor finished with a four-bet shove for 80,410,918. It was a big bet creating a nearly 177,000,000 pot and mirito2806 called with the best hand.

mirito2806: A♦K♥
RealSurvivor: A♥T♠

Everything was perfectly set for mirito2806 to collect another knockout after the 8♣7♠5♦ flop and they both paired the A♣ turn. RealSurvivor was down to the last three tens in the deck and found one of them with the T♥ river.

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The hand left mirito2806 with only 6,079,996 and those were all put in the middle once again facing Real Survivor with a dominated hand.

mirito2806: T♥2♥
RealSurvivor: K♦T♣

The Q♠7♥4♣ flop did big favors for mirito2806 and the A♦ turn and J♦ handed RealSurvivor the straight and knockout. mirito208 went from first to last quickly but will be content to collect $10,000 for the 3rd place finish, more than either remaining competitor would make.

RealSurvivor survives to win MicroMillions 5 Event #50

RealSurvivor: 185,375,832
eL Jugadorrr: 15,374,168

RealSurvivor began heads up play with a pretty significant chiplead and finished the tournament off quickly with only one small double-up to tarnish the end game.

Surprisingly, the tournament ended with a hand where they both saw a flop with chips behind. eL Jugadorrr min-raised from the button and RealSurvivor came along to see the 6♦6♥3♥ when things became interesting.

eL Jugadorrr opened to 2,800,000 but RealSurvivor followed up with a check-raise enough to put eL Jugadorrr all-in, which he called holding A♦3♣. He was ahead at that point with his two pair but was up against 21 outs twice RealSurvivor showed 5♥4♥.

Those were too many to dodge and was finished with the 8♥ turn and useless A♠ river. eL Jugadorrr played a fine game to move up the payout ladder but was eliminated in 2nd for $8,431.64 while German RealSurvivor is the latest MicroMillions champion for $8,877.56.

MicroMillions 5 Event #50: $4.40 NL Hold'em (4-Max, 4x Chance):
18532 entrants (21,618 re-buys)
$160,600 prize pool
2,400 places paid

1. RealSurvivor (Germany) $8,877.56*
2. eL Jugadorrr (Greece) $8,431.64*
3. mirito2806 (Portugal) $10,000*
4. 8347046 (Israel) $3,011.25
5. acerip8 (Israel) $1,898.29

* - denotes three-way deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 5