MicroMillions 5: Running Goot runs best in Event #35 ($5.50 NLHE 1R1A)

There's no doubt that to win a MicroMillions title against a field of thousands, you have to dodge minefields, survive coin flips, and run exceptionally good. It also helps when your online handle is "Running Goot". Okay, so it's not quite "good" but it was more than enough today as the Canadian stayed strong through deal negotiations and then turned on the pressure heads-up to thoroughly deserve the MicroMillions title.

This event was Event #35 of the MicroMillions 5 series - a $5.50 No Limit Holdem event which also allowed one optional rebuy and one add-on. We saw 4,633 players come out for this event and combine for 3,290 rebuys and 1,450 add-ons to create a prize pool of $46,865.00.

The top 585 players would finish in the money but unfortunately npomocc from Moldova missed out on the $18.27 min-cash after bubbling in 586th place.

When Homerindoors' ace-three was out-flopped by the king-jack of $ofos158, our MicroMillions final table line up was set:


Final Table Line up

Seat 1: $ofos158 (7,187,178 in chips)
Seat 2: Tomatee (7,933,168 in chips)
Seat 3: LopezPT (2,347,163 in chips)
Seat 4: Lincoln_SP (5,140,377 in chips)
Seat 5: Festivuss (6,625,118 in chips)
Seat 6: david11249 (3,183,747 in chips)
Seat 7: c-haj (2,833,463 in chips)
Seat 8: Running Goot (6,320,471 in chips)
Seat 9: loran blan (5,294,315 in chips)

The chips were fairly evenly spread around the table as the blinds kicked off at 100k/200k/25k, and it only took a few hands before we lost our first player.

Action folded around to Festivuss in the small blind, who jammed all in to put the pressure on david11249 in the big blind. With around 13 big blinds, david11249 looked down at A♦K♦ to make an easy call with Festivuss showing live cards with J♣9♣. The board fell 8♣6♠J♠Q♥7♠ to pair up Festivuss and eliminate an unlucky david11249 in 9th place for $374.92.

loran blan collected a big double up with pocket jacks against Tomatee's pocket nines and it was a blow that Tomatee was unable to recover from. A short time later Tomatee called all in with K♣Q♦ against $ofos158's J♥8♦ but again the jacks connected on the board of 2♠J♣J♦6♣6♥. Tomatee picked up $585.81 for 8th place.

c-haj was on the short stack and found a spot to three-bet jam all in for seven big blinds with A♣7♦ however $ofos158 made the call and tabled a dominant A♥T♦. The board was spread J♠5♣3♦2♦9♦ leaving ace-ten in front and sending c-haj to the rail in 7th place. c-haj's $5.50 investment returned four figures with $1,054.46 added to the cashier.

The bustouts kept coming at a rapid rate with Lincoln_SP the next to fall:

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Lincoln_SP wasn't able to get much going on this final table, and when the big blind rolled around Lincoln_SP had already committed most of his stack. The rest went in and Lincoln_SP was in good shape to double up but Festivuss flopped a straight to bury the hopes of Lincoln_SP in 6th place for a nice $1,523.11 score.

It was LopezPT who then went on a mini rush to jump into contention. LopezPT caught a flush with a suited connector to double through Running Goot's pocket eights, before another double up with ace-jack against Festivuss' ace-ten.

The five-handed battle was an intense one and it was Festivuss who was first to crack, going from chip leader to next out in a matter of minutes. Festivuss first jammed from the small blind with 7♦6♣ but Running Goot woke up with A♥A♣ and made the easy call to double through.

loran blan was then able to jag another double up with pocket sevens holding against Festivuss' ace-queen, before Running Goot struck the fatal blow. Festivuss moved all in for a little over 13 big blinds with K♦9♦ but Running Goot called with A♦9♣ to have Festivuss in bad shape. It only got worse on the 7♥4♥A♣2♠Q♦ board as Running Goot paired the ace. The Festivuss was over, finishing in 5th place for $1,991.76 in prize money.

A couple of players tossed up the idea of a deal but with the chip lead, Running Goot wasn't interested as yet.

LopezPT tried to change Running Goot's thinking with a big double up when LopezPT's ace-ten held against Running Goot's king-queen, and then $ofos158 joined in with ace-jack surviving against Running Goot's ace-four.

The chip count landscape had changed but before all four could agree to talk, $ofos158 was on the canvas:

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$ofos158 shoved from the small blind and caught a pair on the flop but LopezPT caught a backdoor flush to remove $ofos158 in 4th place for $2,694.73.

LopezPT was now way out in front, while loran blan fought back from the short stack with another double up. loran blan shoved with A♦2♠ but Running Goot found pocket jacks in the big blind, only to see an ace from space land on the river.

However Running Goot extracted revenge when loran blan tried it again with K♠9♣ up against Running Goot's K♣Q♣. This time there were no surprises on the board of 5♦4♠Q♥5♣K♥ as loran blan was bundled out in 3rd place for $3,866.36.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 3: LopezPT (26,314,710 in chips)
Seat 8: Running Goot (20,550,290 in chips)

Running Goot had turned down potential deals the whole way through this final table, but LopezPT decided to try one last time:

LopezPT said, "deal?"
Running Goot said, "no thanks, gotta go for it now haha"
Running Goot said, "unless u want to 50/50"
Running Goot said, "would still leave 600 up top for the fun"
LopezPT said, "50/50 is good for me"
LopezPT said, "and 600 for winner"
Running Goot said, "yup"

Despite holding the lead, LopezPT was happy for an even 50/50 chop with the final $600 left in the middle to play for.

Running Goot then turned up the heat and in his words decided to "go for it", winning ten of the first eleven heads-up hands to take over the lead. LopezPT didn't go down easily however, raking in two nice pots - one with a full house, the other with a straight against Running Goot's two pair.

At that point, LopezPT was out to a four-to-one lead, but again Running Goot turned on the afterburners by winning 14 of the next 18 pots.

The most significant unfolded on a flop of 7♥2♣9♣ when LopezPT moved all in with K♠7♣. Running Goot was put to a tough decision for tournament life, but made a terrific call with pocket eights to double through.

The final hand arrived when Running Goot moved all in with A♠3♠ and LopezPT made the call with Q♦T♥. The board landed 7♦J♥8♥J♦6♦ to leave Running Goot in front with ace-high. A great run by LopezPT came to an end in 2nd place for $6,122 with Running Good taking $6,722 and the MicroMillions title. Congratulations!

MicroMillions 5 Event #35 Results

Entrants: 4,633
Rebuys: 3,290
Add-ons: 1,450
Prize pool: $46,865.00
Places paid: 585

1st Running Goot (Canada) - $6,722.00*
2nd LopezPT (Portugal) - $6,122.00*
3rd loran blan (Ukraine) - $3,866.36
4th $ofos158 (Greece) - $2,694.73
5th Festivuss (Mexico) - $1,991.76
6th Lincoln_SP (Brazil) - $1,523.11
7th c-haj (Canada) - $1,054.46
8th Tomatee (Uruguay) - $585.81
9th david11249 (Czech Republic) - $374.92

* denotes heads-up deal

There's over $5 million guaranteed during the MicroMillions 5 series, with 100 fantastic events running through until July 28th across a wide range of poker disciplines. Head to the MicroMillions 5 home page to see the full schedule as well as statistics, coverage, leaderboards and much more.

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