MicroMillions 5: Slicknick264 stages comeback to win Event #12 ($3.30 NLHE w/Big Antes)

Players have become accustomed to getting their action in more tournaments where the antes show up earlier (if not right off the bat) and now they are getting bigger. MicroMillions 5 Event #12 featured antes double the size of standard tournaments building bigger pots and making pre-flop strategy that much more important.

The $3.30 buy-in produced a very impressive 24,816 player field creating a $74,448 prizepool which paid out 3,150 spots. The winner would have a nice ROI getting $7,458.97 for the victory.

It took just under nine and a half hours to eliminate all but nine of those players when Brazilian Fum4galy went out on the final table bubble in 10th place.


Seat 1: musat91 (16,219,745 in chips)
Seat 2: Jos biljart (10,019,969 in chips)
Seat 3: rafanery (14,571,838 in chips)
Seat 4: Slicknick264 (33,637,346 in chips)
Seat 5: sa6eto90 (9,382,888 in chips)
Seat 6: Mackattack19 (20,479,630 in chips)
Seat 7: rubi310 (7,756,248 in chips)
Seat 8: Angelland81 (7,958,276 in chips)
Seat 9: B058YH (4,054,060 in chips)

Blinds: 250k/500k with 100k ante

musat91 sent packing

musat91 only survived one hand before getting all the chips in the middle. rubi310 limped before musat91 moved all-in from the button for 5,441,469 and rubi310 came along for the ride.

rubio310: T♣T♣
musat91: K♥Q♣

rubio310 needed a nice low board to avoid any bad cards or sweats and got just that when it ran out 7♣3♦8♦4♥3♣.

rubio310 went from one of the short-stacks to a decently healthy 13 million while musat91 was eliminated in 9th place for $446.69

B058YH outflopped, out of tournament

B058YH began the final table as the shortest stack and managed to climb the payout ladder one spot before taking a shot for a double up. And even managed to get all-in while ahead.

rafanery opened to 2,400,000 from under-the-gun and action folded all the way around to B058YH in the small blind. The all-in move was for 2,854,060 which was only an extra 454,060 for rafanery to call.

rafanery: A♥9♠
B058YH: A♠3♥

B058YH got it in with the best hand but the joy didn't last long thanks to the 3♣J♥K♦ flop. There was no miracle on the 2♥ turn or 5♥ river and B058YH was the next sent to rail in 8th place for $670.03.

Jos biljart not so slick

The pace didn't slow down after two quick eliminations and it was the very next hand which saw the next.

Angelland81 raised it up to 2,900,000 from middle position and Jos biljart pushed all-in immediately after for 8,129,969 or just over 10 big blinds.

Angelland81 called off with two red sixes 6♥6♦ and was racing against Big Slick A♣K♥. Jos biljart was going to need some help to stay alive but the J♦J♠7♣ did do much good.

The T♦ turn provided a few more outs for a bigger two pair with the Ace playing but the 6♣ river gave Angelland81 an unnecessary set and sent Jos biljar packing in 7th place for $1,045.99 and the first four digit payout of the tournament.

sa6eto90 takes a shot, almost drawing dead

Two hands later until there was another all-in and call, but this time they actually waited for the flop before getting them in.

Angelland81 min-raised from UTG+1 and the only called was sa6eto90 in the small blind. The flop came Q♠T♠2♥ and Angelland81 bet out 6,400,000. sa6eto90 pushed all-in for less than a min-raise and received a call.

Angelland81 was far ahead with flopped top two holding Q♣T♣ and sa6eto90 had just a 3% shot at winning the pot, needing running miracle cards with Q♦9♦.

The 4♥ on the turn was not one of those cards and sa6eto90 was drawing dead to the A♠ river. sa6eto90 put all the chips in with little chance to win and was eliminated in 6th place for $1,488.96.

rubi310 doubles then knocked out

rubi310 did well to make it to 5-handed play but ran into the monster stack of Angelland81, the player behind the previous two knock outs and ready to pick up another.

rubi310 double up early at the final table but was still holding just over 10 big blinds before limping in from the small blind. Angelland81 was having none of that and raised to 5,600,000.

rubi310 moved all-in for just another 3,557,717 and Angelland81 easily called.

Angelland81: A♦J♥
rubi310: A♥8♠

rubi310 was dominated pre-flop and they both hit their ace on the A♣3♦2♦ flop. rubi310 was looking for one of the three 8's in the deck but whiffed on the T♠ turn and 3♥ river. They were both sporting two pair but the Jack played for Angelland81.

rubi310 was eliminated in 5th place for $2,233.44 and Angelland81 was holding nearly half the chips in play going to 4-handed action.

rafanery runs into the heater

When you have a strong run, stay with it. Angelland81 had a huge chiplead with the last elimination and picked up a bunch more on the next hand.

Angelland81 opened to 4,000,000 on the button and rafanery called from the small blind to see the J♦8♠3♦ flop. The flop resulted in a series of min-raises until rafanery five-bet all-in.

Incorrectly it turns out. Angelland81's heater continued holding J♣J♠ for the flopped set against rafanery's T♣T♥. There would need to be running miracle cards and the Q♣ turn gave rafanery a chance for the gutshot.

It wasn't to be as the K♣ river ended rafanery's run in 4th place for $2,977.92 and Angelland81 had a massive chiplead.

Angelland81 - 85,073,024
Slicknick264 - 25,457,346
Mackattack19 - 13,549,630

Mackattack19 chopped up then sent out

Mackattack19 did not have many chips heading into 3-handed play and lost half of those in a hand against Slicknice264 and went into a hand against the chipleader holding just five big blinds.

Angelland81 raised big to 4,000,000 from the button before Mackattack19 moved all-in from the big blind for only 1,311,544 more.

Someone finally put their chips in the middle with a chance against Angelland81 as Mackattack19 was racing with A♠T♠ versus 7♦7♠.

There was no help on the Q♣9♥3♠ flop and things stayed low with the 3♥ turn. No help on the J♣ river and Mackattack19 was eliminated in 3rd place for $3,722.40.

Heads-up chip counts:

Angelland81 - 89,384,568
Slicknick264 - 34,695,432

Slicknick264 takes command, wins MicroMillions 5 Event #12

Angelland81 began head-up play with a big chiplead but the run good was over as Slicknick264 won the majority of hands after taking a quick chiplead on the fourth hand.

Angelland81 opened to 3,000,000 on the button, Slicknick264 three-bet to 6,000,000 before Angelland81 put him all-in with the fourth bet.

Slicknick264 instantly called with A♦A♠ and was setup for the double against 9♦9♥. The board made it interesting as it ran our K♦Q♣T♥4♠J♦ to give them both a straight but provided Slicknick264 with the huge double-up and the chiplead.

Heads-up play then lasted an impressive 32 hands but no major pots going in either direction until Angelland81 got all-in needing help.

Slicknick264: A♦9♦
Angelland81: A♣7♦

Angelland81 picked up a bunch of outs on the 6♥5♥4♣ flop but Slicknick264 faded them all on the Q♦ turn and J♣ river. Angelland81 had a great run at the final table but it came to an end in 2nd place for $5,898.09.

Dutch player Slicknick264 outlasted and outplayed during heads-up play to earn the MicroMillions title and $7,093.11 after a deal.

MicroMillions 5 Event #12: $3.30 NL Hold'em (Big Antes)
24,816 entrants
$74,448 prize pool
3,150 places paid

1. Slicknick264 (Netherlands) $7,093.11*
2. Angelland81 (Hungary) $5,898.09*
3. Mackattack19 (Canada) $3,722.40
4. rafanery (Brazil) $2,977.92
5. rubi310 (Bulgaria) $2,233.44
6. sa6eto90 (United Kingdom) $1,488.96
7. Jos biljart (Belgium) $1,045.99
8. B058YH (Russia) $670.03
9. musat91 (Romania) $446.68

* denotes heads-up deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 5