MicroMillions 5: There's vhell to pay in Event #68 ($3.30 PL 5-Card Omaha 6-Max)

They call it the "Big O" -- traditional Omaha made bigger with a fifth hole card to add extra possibilities and complexities. Its a recent addition at PokerStars, and thus no surprise to see the newly popular game included on the MicroMillions 5 schedule with a $3.30 buy-in 5-card PLO tournament for Event #68. The "Big O" attracted a big field of 4,784 for this one, and after just over eight-and-a-half hours it was vhell of Hungary outlasting everyone to turn that tiny investment into a $2,191.55 first prize.

It took just over three hours and 20 minutes for the field to shrink down to 600 players and the money bubble to burst, at which point 1979chef1979 led the way with nearly 250,000 and BeansAA was next in line with just over 200,000. By the five-hour mark just 100 players remained, with CharlieYu leading all as the only player over 1 million chips.

Over the next hour the field was whittled down under 50 players, with CharlieYu remaining in first position as the first player to 2 million. CharlieYu continued to lead for the start of the tournament's seventh hour before finally slipping in the counts to go out in 14th. vadka soon followed in 13th -- like CharlieYu earning $89.98 for the finish -- and the final 12 players played on while sitting around the last two six-handed tables.

It would take about an hour more for six more to hit the rail, with qopoqop (12th), Nikolo5 (11th), and Ajw279 (10th) each winning $121.99 and dukas18 (9th), $€PPI (8th), and dabooba53 (7th) taking away $157.87 apiece.

During that stretch vhell had emerged as the new leader with more than 7.3 million, and as the eight-hour mark of the tournament approached the final table was underway.


Seat 1: DaddyCa$h (Finland) -- 3,708,354
Seat 2: rangeris332 (Lithuania) -- 5,842,507
Seat 3: LudiKK (Serbia) -- 2,464,022
Seat 4: vhell (Hungary) -- 7,329,458
Seat 5: KitoaYO (Estonia) -- 2,179,201
Seat 6: 11doartu11 (Greece) -- 2,396,458

On the fourth hand of the final table the blinds were 70,000/140,000 when LudiKK opened with a minimum raise to 280,000 from early position and picked up no less than four callers in vhell (cutoff), KitoaYO (button), 11doartu11 (small blind), and DaddyCa$h (big blind). The flop came A♦8♦7♥ and it checked around to KitoaYO who bet 1.4 million -- leaving but 289,201 behind -- then everyone folded back to vhell who called.

The turn brought the 2♦ and a bet from vhell, and KitoaYO called all in with what was left. vhell then showed Q♦Q♠J♣T♦6♠ for a made flush while KitoaYO had A♠A♣J♥4♥3♦ for top set of aces. The river brought the 5♦, making a not-good-enough straight for KitoaYO who was bounced in sixth.

About 10 minutes later vhell was limping in from the cutoff seat for 200,000, then 11doartu11 raised to 900,000 and it folded around to vhell who called. The flop came 3♦3♥5♥ and vhell checked. That brought an all-in bet of 356,458 from 11doartu11, and vhell made the call.

vhell showed A♦J♦4♠4♥2♠ and 11doartu11 A♠K♥Q♠T♠6♦, then the 4♣ came on the turn to give vhell a full house, fours full of treys, making the 6♥ on the river no matter and ending 11doartu11's run in fifth.

It would take about 15 minutes more for the next elimination to come, during which period LudiKK moved into first with more than 9.86 million, vhell slipped to second with just under 7 million even, rangeris332 held on in third with about 4.29 million, and DaddyCa$h was in fourth with just over 2.76 million.

That's when a hand arose in which vhell min-raised to 600,000 from under the gun, then DaddyCa$h reraised to 2.25 million from the button. It folded back to vhell who reraised again, and DaddyCa$h called all in with the 512,332 left.

vhell: K♦K♣7♦4♠3♥
DaddyCa$h: A♦Q♣9♣7♠5♦

The community cards rolled out 9♥8♣7♥, then 4♦, then 8♥, which meant vhell's two pair (kings and eights) had beaten DaddyCa$h's two pair (nines and eights), and DaddyCa$h was out in fourth.

vhell had extended the lead with that knockout, and about a half-dozen hands later would add to it further when eliminating another opponent in rangeris332.

Following a 2x raise to 600,000 by LudiKK from the button, both vhell (small blind) and rangeris332 (big blind) called, then the trio all checked the K♣3♦9♠ flop. The turn brought the 8♠ and a bet of 600,000 from vhell. rangeris332 called and LudiKK got out.

The river was the K♠, pairing the board while also putting a third spade among the community cards. This time vhell bet 900,000, rangeris332 raised all in for 4,144,002 total, and vhell called.

As it happened, both players were holding kings and had in fact made full houses with that river card. But rangeris332 had A♥K♥J♥3♠2♠ for kings full of treys while vhell had A♣K♦Q♥8♣6♠ for kings full of eights, thus eliminating rangeris332 in third.

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Heads-up began with vhell enjoying a nearly 5-to-1 chip lead with 19,901,963 to LudiKK's 4,018,037. The two players would play but three hands, with LudiKK winning the first two small ones without showdowns, then vhell finishing LudiKK off in a final confrontation.

That final hand began with vhell limping in from the button (to 300,000), LudiKK raising to 600,000, and vhell calling. The flop came 8♠K♣6♣, and LudiKK led for 900,000. vhell responded by raising to 1.8 million, then LudiKK pushed all in for 4,618,037 and vhell called.

vhell had flopped bottom set with T♦6♦6♥5♦4♣ while LudiKK had top two pair with A♣K♥T♣8♥7♣. The turn was the 4♥ and river the Q♠, bringing no changes to either player's hand, and vhell had won.

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Congratulations to vhell for besting a huge field of 4,784 "Big O" players to win Event #68 and turn $3.30 into $2,191.55!

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #68 ($3.30 PL 5-Card Omaha 6-Max) results

Players: 4,784
Prize pool: $14,352.00
Places paid: 600

1. vhell (Hungary) -- $2,191.55
2. LudiKK (Serbia) -- $1,578.72
3. rangeris332 (Lithuania) -- $1,148.16
4. DaddyCa$h (Finland) -- $748.31
5. 11doartu11 (Greece) -- $430.56
6. KitoaYO (Estonia) -- $243.98

There are still several days of MicroMillions 5 fun left, including the big $22 buy-in Main Event with a $1 million guarantee! Check the MicroMillions page for details about the many tournaments still left to play out.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.