MicroMillions 5: TistaG takes down Event #39 after chop with Pycckui AA ($3.30 8-Game)

Event #39 of MicroMillions 5 provided mixed-game fanatics the only example of an 8-game event out of the 100 tournaments on the schedule, and judging by the turnout for the $3.30 buy-in event many marked their calendars accordingly. In the end it would take TistaG of the Netherlands almost seven-and-a-half-hours to top the big field to win the title and a $1,668.35 first prize, with Russia's Pycckui AA also making it to the heads-up chop to earn a nifty $1,568.35 for second.

The event sported a $5K guarantee, but with 4,023 runners the total prize pool more than doubled that amount to total $12,069, The top 510 finishers split those riches, with four-figure paydays awaiting those who made the top three spots -- not a bad return on a $3.30 investment.

It would just over five hours for that 4,000-plus player field to play down to just 50, with febstar7, Pycckui AA, jakemckean, and TistaG at that point sitting at the top of the counts as the only players with more than 1 million chips. About an hour after that they were down to 12, with febstar7 still on top and Pycckui AA and TistaG also remaining in the hunt while jakemckean fell in 31st ($39.22).

It took about 45 minutes more for the next six to go, with GROM52(RUS) (12th), partyrene773 (11th), and JustFighting (10th) each earning $102.58 for their finishes and blank seat (9th), Mrkmotr (8th), and zezo_filho (7th) taking away $132.75 apiece for not quite making the final table.

Just six remained.


Seat 1: wiseguyjer (Canada) -- 835,286
Seat 2: TistaG (Netherlands) -- 3,597,810
Seat 3: Prosto76 (Russia) -- 649,932
Seat 4: Pycckui AA (Russia) -- 4,372,627
Seat 5: febstar7 (United Kingdom) -- 4,722,962
Seat 6: vanov04 (Russia) -- 5,936,383

The first hand of the final table was also the first hand of a new round of 2-7 triple draw, with the limits having bumped up to 200,000/400,000. That hand saw Pycckui AA limp in from under the gun, then vanov04 raise from the cutoff seat. Prosto76 called the raise from the big blind and Pycckui AA called as well.

On the first draw Prosto76 and vanov04 each took two cards and Pycckui AA just one, then after Prosto76 checked Pycckui bet and both of the others called. Pycckui AA then stood pat while Prosto76 took one card on the second draw and vanov04 drew two again. Prosto76 checked again, Pycckui AA bet out once more, and vanov04 folded while Prosto76 called all in for 49,932.

The last draw saw Prosto76 taking one and Pycckui AA standing pat again. Prosto76 then showed [Q][8][5][4][2], not enough versus Pycckui AA's [9][8][6][5][3], and they were immediately down to five.

They played through another orbit-and-a-half with the game changing to limit hold'em. Then Pycckui AA raised from the cutoff seat, wiseguyjer three-bet from the big blind, Pycckui AA reraised again, and wiseguyjer called all in to commit the entire 770,572 with which wiseguyjer had started the hand.

Their cards tabled, wiseguyjer showed 8♣5♣ and was hoping to improve versus Pycckui AA's A♠6♦. But the flop came K♦A♥A♦ to give Pycckui AA trip aces, and the J♣ turn and 5♦ river weren't enough for wiseguyjer who finished in fifth.

Soon the game was Omaha Hi/Lo, and Pycckui AA was at it again with a raise from under the gun, called by both febstar7 (button) and TistaG (big blind). The flop brought three low cards -- 2♦8♣6♥ -- and after TistaG checked, Pycckui AA bet and both febstar7 and TistaG called. The turn brought the 7♥ and another check from TistaG. Pycckui AA bet once more, febstar7 raised all in for 662,676 total, TistaG reraised to 1 million even, and Pycckui AA called.

The river was the Q♦. TistaG led with a bet this time, and Pycckui AA called.

TistaG then showed J♣T♦9♥7♣ for a ten-high straight for a high hand. Pycckui AA had a lesser straight with K♣J♥5♦4♥, though had a 7-6-5-4-2 low. Meanwhile febstar7 mucked, having been beaten both ways and was out in fourth place.

They were still playing Omaha Hi/Lo when the next elimination came. This time TistaG raised from the button, vanov04 three-bet out of the big blind, and TistaG called.

vanov04 then led with bets after the 8♠2♣8♥ flop and 9♥ turn, with TistaG calling both times. The river was the 9♦ meaning no low hands were going to be possible, and when vanov04 bet again (for 500,000), there was just 11,383 chips left behind. TistaG responded with a raise, and vanov04 called all in.

TistaG turned over A♣9♣5♥4♥ for a set of nines while vanov04 had come up empty with A♠K♥J♥4♠ and was out in third.

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The final two played a single hand then stopped the tournament to talk about a deal, with Pycckui AA then slightly ahead with 10,774,469 to TistaG's 9,340,531. They immediately agreed to split the remaining prize pool 50/50 -- leaving $100 aside for the winner -- and soon cards were back in the air.

The heads-up battle would prove a back-and-forth affair with Pycckui AA initially edging out further ahead to take a better than 3-to-1 advantage, then TistaG pushing back to grab the advantage and move well out in front.

That's when they cycled back to no-limit hold'em, and soon Pycckui AA won a preflop all-in with A♥8♥ versus TistaG's J♥J♣ -- the board coming 8♦Q♦K♥J♦[10h] to give Pycckui AA a straight -- to regain the lead. Then it was TistaG getting the lead back after Pycckui AA three-bet shoved with 7♦2♦, TistaG called with 2♠2♣, and the board came favorably for TistaG.

On the very next hand the blinds were 100,000/200,000 when Pycckui AA again pushed all in -- this time for 5,661,876 from the button -- and TistaG called. Pycckui AA had J♥5♥ and TistaG K♠7♠, and when the community cards came 6♦Q♥9♣, then J♦, then T♣, Pycckui AA had a pair of jacks but TistaG had a winning straight to take the title.

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Congratulations to TistaG for topping a field of 4,023 to win Event #39 and turn $3.30 into $1,668.35. And kudos as well to Pycckui AA for making it to the two-way deal and also claiming a $1,500-plus payday.

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #39 ($3.30 8-Game) results (*reflects two-way deal)

Players: 4,023
Prize pool: $12,069.00
Places paid: 510

1. TistaG (Netherlands) -- $1,668.35*
2. Pycckui AA (Russia) -- $1,568.35*
3. vanov04 (Russia) -- $1,001.72
4. febstar7 (United Kingdom) -- $639.65
5. wiseguyjer (Canada) -- $381.38
6. Prosto76 (Russia) -- $211.20

MicroMillions 5 still isn't halfway through its mammoth 100-tournament schedule. Check the MicroMillions page for details on the many tournaments still left.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.