MicroMillions 5: TWolf55 devours field, wins Event #21 ($3.30 PLO 6-Max, Turbo)

It's not a bad way to spend a few hours on a Saturday... parting with a mere $3.30 to play a little poker, then a few hours later walking away more than two grand richer. Such was the experience of TWolf55 of Russia, one of 6,737 who played MicroMillions 5 Event #21 on Saturday. It took TWolf55 a little less than five hours to win the tournament and claim a handsome $2,198.46 prize for having done so.

Event #21 presented players with a six-handed pot-limit Omaha tourney with a "turbo" structure. As mentioned 6,737 played, making for a $20,211 prize pool and thus besting another MicroMillions 5 guarantee (this one for $15K).

With rapid five-minute levels and the short-handed format, the pace was blistering from the start. Indeed it would only take just over two hours for the field to be carved down to 900 players and the money bubble to burst, at which moment M!cha3ls, mariakonto, and rkkl71 topped the counts with stacks edging towards 200,000.

Among those left at that point was Fredy "sirfreddy83" Torres of Team Online, although thanks to the fast structure hundreds would quickly hit the rail, including Torres.

Torres's final hand saw him all in for his last 10 big blinds with J♠T♥8♠7♥ versus ShulBux's K♣K♦T♣3♠, and when the board ran out 8♦5♣4♠4♣A♥ ShulBux's two pair were best and Torres was out in 577th for a $6.26 cash.

Just a half-hour after the bubble burst, 300 remained with MZ/XLOL on top as the only player north of 500,000. And a little over an hour after that just 30 still had chips, with alex6255 having claimed the top spot in the counts with nearly 3.5 million.

They hadn't quite reached the tourney's four-hour mark when 12 players remained, with Pankratov777 having jumped ahead of all with close to 6.43 million. Within 15 minutes six more fell, with low-paid (12th), 1 Brigitte (11th), and alex6255 (10th) each taking away $161.68 for their finishes and bosse arrav (9th), merryterry (8th), and Tisho1234 (7th) earning $208.17 apiece.

The final table was underway, with H0ldnemHall having taken over the top spot after accumulating a stack of more than 10.7 million.


Seat 1: H0ldnemHall (United Kingdom) -- 10,706,498
Seat 2: hissui (Japan) -- 7,522,172
Seat 3: Pankratov777 (Russia) -- 4,340,824
Seat 4: TWolf55 (Russia) -- 2,212,104
Seat 5: 688799 (Lithuania) -- 4,436,360
Seat 6: DLez90 (Netherlands) -- 4,467,042

With the blinds big and the stacks shallow, the preflop shoves came soon after the final table began with the short stacks 688799 and TWolf55 surviving two all-ins apiece in the early going.

Then with the blinds up to 250k/500k, it was Pankratov777 open-raising all in for 1,140,872 from under the gun and getting a single caller in hissui from the big blind. Pankratov777 had K♠T♣9♦4♠ while hissui turned over 9♥9♣8♣3♣, then the board came 5♦9♠4♦J♣2♣ to give hissui a winning set of nines and bounce Pankratov777 in sixth.

The four-and-a-half-hour break came and went, then 688799 won another big preflop all-in versus chip leader H0ldnemHall with single-suited aces to push into the chip lead.

Just a couple of hands after that the blinds were 300k/600k. Suddenly the short stack, H0ldnemHall shoved for 1,722,986 from the button and TWolf55 called from the big blind. H0ldnemHall had A♣9♣7♦6♥ and TWolf55 A♠J♥6♠3♦, then the flop fell 3♠3♥6♥ to give TWolf55 a full house. The board ran out T♥, then J♣, and H0ldnemHall was out in fifth.

The remaining four began to talk about a possible deal in the chatbox, and eventually play was halted with 688789 leading with almost 11.6 million, TWolf55 next with just over 9.02 million, hissui close in third with just a couple of thousand less than 9 million even, and DLez90 fourth with about 4.07 million.

"ICM" figures were produced -- leaving $300 for which to play -- and all four agreed. Soon cards were back in the air, and a minute later DLez90 was open-raising the pot to 2.8 million from under the gun. It folded to 688799 in the big blind who reraised and DLez90 called all in for 1,267,042 more.

688799 had a double-suited hand with A♠9♠5♣4♣ while DLez90 had A♣K♣Q♠6♦. The flop was 6♠3♠8♣ and turn the J♣, meaning DLez90's pair of sixes were best but 688799 had both a spade flush draw and a straight draw. The river then brought the 7♠ to give 688799 the winning flush and knock DLez90 out in fourth.

Five hands later the blinds had jumped up again to 400k/800k when hissui raised to 2.4 million from the small blind, TWolf55 reraised to 7.2 million from a seat over, hissui pushed for 7,798,044 total, and TWolf55 called.

hissui: J♥9♥9♦7♠
TWolf55: K♣K♠5♣3♣

The community cards came 3♦6♦3♥5♦2♦ which gave TWolf55 a full house, treys full of fives, and sent hissui railward in third.

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After starting the final table as the two short stacks, TWolf55 and 688799 had made it to heads-up play with TWolf55 in front with 21,220,934 to 688799's 12,464,066. There would be no more comebacks, however, as TWolf55 would maintain the lead throughout the 18 hands the pair played.

The final hand began with TWolf55 having chipped up close to 24.7 million while 688799 had slipped to just under 8.99 million. The blinds were 500k/1m, and when 688799 raised to 3 million from the button, TWolf55 reraised to 9 million, then 688799 called all in with the 5,988,511 left.

It was A♣K♥J♥5♥ for TWolf55 and 8♠7♦7♠6♥ for 688799. The 6♠4♣3♥ flop was more in 688799's range, but the turn and river brought a couple of kings -- coming K♦ then K♠ -- to give TWolf55 trips and the title.

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Congratulations to TWolf55 for topping another big MicroMillions field of 6,737 to turn $3.30 into a $2,198.46 first prize. And well done also to 688799, hissui, and DLez90 for making it to the four-way deal and thus ensuring themselves four-figure scores as well.

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #21 ($3.30 PLO 6-Max, Turbo) results (*reflects four-way deal)

Players: 6,737
Total prize pool: $20,211.00
Places paid: 900

1. TWolf55 (Russia) -- $2,198.46*
2. 688799 (Lithuania) -- $2,043.57*
3. hissui (Japan) -- $1,896.85*
4. DLez90 (Netherlands) -- $1,445.01*
5. H0ldnemHall (United Kingdom) -- $507.70
6. Pankratov777 (Russia) -- $303.16

Lots of opportunities remain in MicroMillions 5 for players to turn tiny buy-ins into huge cash prizes. Check the MicroMillions page for details of the remaining schedule.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.