MicroMillions 5: ze_pilas wins ze Event #33 ($2.20 NLHE 2x-Turbo) title after six-way chop

Not many poker tournament or tournament series would have four players walking away from a $2.20 buy-in with a five-figure score. But, it happened in tonight's MicroMillions 5 Event #33 NLHE 2x-Turbo tournament thanks to the abundance of the 19,234 players in a gambling mood. With 52,260 rebuys and 12,242 add-ons the $167,472.00 prize pool decimated the $75K guarantee. cookie-cut1 (4th place - $11,289.25), razorrayma (3rd place - $10,106.24), 8ballcol (2nd place - $11,200.86), and the tournament champ ze_pilas ($14,275.21) all claimed five-figure wins tonight.

Team PokerStars Pro Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby did some double duties this afternoon cashing in the Sunday Warm-Up while cashing in this tournament as well. The $18.42 earned in 1,879th place is not likely to show up as major cashes in any poker databases by the Team Pro was able to stand tall by surviving 90% of this massive 19,234 player field.

Down to two tables and just before cracking the final table with the blinds at 600K/1.2MM ante 120K wonderboy_pl made a flying leap of faith and shoved for 9.7 million from the button as SLIMM TIM100 quickly called from the small blind holding big slick K♥A♣. No trey, no final table for wonderboy_pl who's A♦3♦ failed to overcome the kicker problems on the 6♣ 2♦ 7♥ 7♠ 9♦ board sending the nine remaining players to the Event #33 final table below:


Seat 1: Pokerstube (24909974 in chips)
Seat 2: mu4bigpot (16755037 in chips)
Seat 3: SLIMM TIM100 (26133739 in chips)
Seat 4: razorrayma (57033042 in chips)
Seat 5: 8ballcol (7834432 in chips)
Seat 6: stachu_tg (13574630 in chips)
Seat 7: cookie-cut1 (52404564 in chips)
Seat 8: murballz66 (14441856 in chips)
Seat 9: ze_pilas (52320726 in chips)

Three and out

Just three hands into the final table action our first final table player would find the rail. With the board showing A♦ 6♥ 4♦ 3♦ and 11.8 million already in the pot ze_plias checked as stachu_tg shoved holding A♠T♥. Check calling worked perfectly for ze_pilas' pocket aces A♣A♥ locking out stachu_tg from any chance for the river to turn things around and ending the tournament run in ninth place ($1,004.83).

Cheers for Pokerstube

Stube, usually known for being a place to grab a decent pint of ale or stout, became a place of trouble of murballz66. With the blinds moving up to 900K/1.8MM ante 180K murballz66 would shove 8.4 million from middle position as Pokerstube re-shoved 24.9 million from the button holding pocket nines 9♠9♦. murballz66 got a flip with K♣Q♠ but could not catch even a taste of winning on the 5♠ 8♦ 6♣ J♣ 5♥ board ending the tournament in eighth place ($1,507.24). Definitely not a stranger to Sunday Major type final table as shown by a January runner-up finish in the Sunday Million bagging $95K in the process.

8 ball corner pocket

With the blinds moving up to 1.2MM/2.4MM ante 240K big stacks were starting to look a lot smaller SLIMM TIM100 would raise to 12 million from UTG as 8ballcol shoved 26.6 million two to the left as it folded back to SLIMM TIM100 who made the call all-in holding K♥9♦. 8ballcol's pocket queens Q♠Q♦ got scared from the king door card but felt a little more secure after the third lady in the end of the flop K♦ 5♦ Q♥ 3♣ 2♥ ending SLIMM TIM100's night in seventh place ($2,512.08).

Snapping off SLIMM TIM100 in seventh place sparked a fairly painless six-way chop talk that ended with the numbers below:

ze_pilas: $12,775.21
8ballcol: $11,200.86
razorrayma: $10,106.24
cookie-cut1: $11,289.95
mu4bigpot: $7,184.75
Pokerstube: $6,723.39

Pokerstube serves the last hand

With money divided up and the blinds up to 1.2MM/2.4MM ante 240K PokerStube would shove from the hijack seat as 8ballcol made the call from the small blind. Watch below for the results:

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8ballcol had all the pockets covered in this one holding a dominating Q♠K♥ to Pokerstube's T♦Q♦ and hitting a king on the turn Q♣ 5♠ 8♠ K♠ J♦ to make this PokerStube's last call in sixth place ($6,723.39).

More 8-ball action

Four hands later with the blinds staying the same mu4bigpot would open shove from the button as 8ballcol waited in the big blind with a medium-ace 8♦A♣ to make the call. mu4bigpot did not have a big hand turning up 4♥K♠ as both players would pair the flop A♦ K♣ J♦ 2♦ T♥ as mu4bigpot would not collect this one ending the night with the chopped $7,184.75 in fifth place.

Sliced off the table

As the blinds moved up to 1.4MM/2.8MM ante 280K razorrayma would raise to 8.4 million as cookie-cut1 made it 28.3 million after shoving all-in from the small blind. Holding pocket fives 5♥5♦ razorrayma made the call. cookie-cut1's K♦Q♠ ran into the buzzsaw of fives full of nines 5♣ 9♣ 2♦ 9♦ T♠ by the turn and took away $11,289.95 after the chop in fourth place.

No need to hit the flush

Sometimes it is better to lucky as the hand below will demonstrate:

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Catching an open ended straight draw on the 4♦Q♥T♦ flop razorrayma shoved 37.2 million getting called by 8ballcol's flush draw 6♦3♦. While it looked like jack-high might take it after the 4♥ turn, the 3♠ river gave 8ballcol a pair threes and left razorrayma to collect the $10,106.24 earned in third place.

Wheeled out

Dominating hand, all-in for the big tournament, ready for those virtual chips to slide over to the avatar and... the board says sorry not today. With the blinds up to 1.8MM/3.6MM ante 360K 8ballcol would min-raise from the button as ze_pilas shove a commanding 175.9 million chips into the middle. Holding 9♥A♣ 8ballcol made the right call facing off against ze_pilas' 2♣A♠. The outcome did not wait for an exciting river card or mysterious turned deuce, instead the flop brought out a wheel 5♥ 3♥ 4♠ 9♦ 6♠ and added a six for kicks. With the flopped wheel ze_plias claimed the extra chop fund for becoming the MicroMillion 5 Event #33 champion earning $14,275.21!

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #33 $2.20 NLHE 2x-Turbo results (07-21-13):

Players entered: 19,234
Number of rebuys: 52,260
Number of add-ons: 12,242
Places paid: 2,475
Prizepool: $167,472.00

(* denotes part of six-way deal)

1. ze_pilas (Portugal) *$14,275.21
2. 8ballcol (United Kingdom) *$11,200.86
3. razorrayma (Canada) *$10,106.24
4. cookie-cut1 (Germany) *$11,289.95
5. mu4bigpot (Austria) *$7,184.75
6. Pokerstube (Germany) *$6,723.39
7. SLIMM TIM100 (Canada) $2,512.08
8. murballz66 (Canada) $1,507.24
9. stachu_tg (Poland) $1,004.83

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

David Aydt
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 5