MicroMillions: chrisifer62 comes back to win Event #88 ($4.40 NLH 6-Max, Action Hour)

MicroMillions 5 Event #88 was another twist to the game brought to by the brilliant behind the scenes. 6-Max Action Hour is a rebuy tournament designed to provide exactly what the name suggests, action.

The tournament begins with elevated blind levels during the 60 minute rebuy period to induce players to make bigger moves to create more rebuys and a bigger prizepool. Once the rebuy period is closed, the blind levels roll all the way back to the normal structure for the start of the tournament at 15/30.

This creates impressively deep stacks throughout the tournament and player have plenty of room to maneuver.

9,836 player entered the tournament, then put another 19,217 re-buys and 5,257 in add-ons to build the prizepool up to $137,240. 1,350 spots were paid and the winner was scheduled to make nearly $20,000.

It took nearly nine hours to play down to the final table but it was ready to go with the exit of Brazilian Miyake Pini in 7th place. Norwegian Hardball Champion and recent SCOOP winner Kjersti "UwouldntKnow" Grini was a chipleader for the final few tables but caught some bad breaks to start the final table 4th of 6 in chips.


Final Table Chip Counts:

Seat 1: UwouldntKnow (15,987,158 in chips)
Seat 2: trujustrus (11,199,862 in chips)
Seat 3: chrisifer62 (24,484,894 in chips)
Seat 4: TinoLaan (7,935,339 in chips)
Seat 5: pAtcAsh83 (41,165,313 in chips)
Seat 6: vanov04 (12,671,434 in chips)

trujustrus takes a shot, eliminated in 6th

It only took two hands for the first fireworks to go off at the final table. trujustrus began play sitting with the smallest chip stack and put them all-in after vanov04 open in early position.

vanov04 didn't think long before calling with Q♠Q♣ and was up against trujustrus' A♣T♥.

The board did not provide anything to sweat for vanov04 as it ran out all low with 9♣6♥5♥4♣8♠. vanov84 moved up the counts but trujustrus was gone early from the final table in 6th place for $1,924.10.

TinoLaan in three-way pot, eliminated in 5th

There was no slowing down the players even with the deep stacks and it was just another five hands before a major pot was built.

pAtcAsh83 raised to 120,000 from under the gun and Kjersti "UwouldntKnow" Grini three-bet for her last 12,309,158 from the button. TinoLaan called from the big blind and pAtcAsh83 decided to join the pot to make a 24,000,000 pot.

UwouldntKnow: K♠A♠
TinoLaan: 9♠9♥
pAtcAsh83: 6♠6♦

TinoLaan was ahead but Grini hit her over-card when the flop came out 2♠A♥8♣. Both pAtcAsh83 and TinoLaan was drawing slim then both missed on the 5♦ turn and J♣ river. Grini tripled up to 2nd in chips with the hand and TinoLaan was eliminated in 5th place for $2,744.80.

vanov04 battles in the blinds, eliminated in 4th

Play finally slowed down a little once they were four-handed and went 15 minutes without any major action other than pAtcAsh83 getting most of the chips back from UwouldntKnow. The stalemate ended when pAtcAsh83 bet enough from the small blind to put vanov04 all-in from the big blind.

vano04 had 13 big blinds left and called the move with 7♠7♣ against Q♥T♠ with a good chance for the double. The K♠J♣3♥ flop was favorable but things turned bad with the T♣. No miracle on the 3♠ river and vanov04 was knocked out in 4th place for $5,489.60.

Kjersti "UwouldntKnow" Grini plays hardball, eliminated in 3rd

Kjersti "UwouldntKnow" Grini was playing well over the last few tables but finally ran out of steam without the win.

Grini open shoved from under the gun for 20,733,110 with A♦8♦ but ran into chipleader pAtcAsh83 holding better with A♣J♣. Grini needed an eight or something special but didn't see it in the T♥5♦4♣ then no love on the 2♣ turn or Q♠ river. Grini was the big name at the end but was sent to the sidelines in 3rd place for $9,606.80.

Kjersti Grini 1.jpg

Kjersti "UwouldntKnow" Grini

chrisifer62 battles back to win MicroMillions Event #88

Heads-up play began with pAtcAsh83 holding a better than 2-to-1 chiplead over chrisifer62 and they quickly made a deal to chop up the final two spots. chrisifer62 then went on to take control.

pAtcAsh83 - 76,161,267
chrisifer62 - 37,282,733

Within just a few hands, chrisifer62 pulled the match even without ever putting all the chips in the middle and the game was on. The went at it for nearly half and hour before pAtcAsh83 took a stab with air to finish up the tournament.

chrisifer62 opened from the button to 3,195,000 and pAtcAsh83 came along to the 8♥6♣2♣ flop. pAtcAsh83 tried a check-raise to 8,099,999 after chrisifer62 bet out and was called. pAtcAsh83 took the intiative to bet 11,233,333 after the Q♠ flop and chrisifer62 called again.

The J♠ prompted pAtcAsh83 to move all-in for the final 20,646,360 and chrisifer62 called with top pair holding Q♦6♠. pAtcAsh83 hand showed as 5♦4♠ for the three barrel bluff but was sent packing in 2nd place for $16,214.63. chrisifer62 staged a nice comeback to win the MicroMillions title and $17,414.63 to the bankroll.

MicroMillions 5 Event #88: $4.40 No Limit Hold'em (6-Max, Action Hour):
9,836 entrants (19,217 re-buys, 5,257 add-ons)
$137,240 prize pool
1,350 places paid

1. chrisifer62 (Netherlands) $17,414.63*
2. pAtcAsh83 (Germany) $16,214.63*
3. UwouldntKnow (Norway) $9,606.80
4. vanov04 (Russia) $5,489.60
5. TinoLaan (Netherlands) $2,744.80
6. trujustrus (Portugal) $1,924.10

* - denotes heads-up deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 5