MicroMillions 6: Bravodk earns top billing after six-way deal in Event #13 ($3.30 Stud)

Seven-card stud is alive and well and living on PokerStars. Sure, it cost less than a vanilla latte to enter, but the promise of a five-figure prize pool was enough to draw 5,650 souls into the fray. 720 players earned a share of the $16,950.00 pie with $2,623.92 going to first place. Team Online's Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara and Tyler "frosty012" Frost represented the Red Spades in this field, but unfortunately, neither of them made the money.

Over seven hours after cards went in the air, this field was down to nine. With the betting limits up to 160,000/320,000, Maga101 was down to less than a big bet with 267,581 remaining. Showing the J♥, Maga101 went all in on third street and nanka79 called with the A♦ up.

Maga101 (K♥5♥) J♥4♠K♣9♦ (6♠)
nanka79 (T♣6♦) A♦Q♠A♠2♥ (5♣)

Although Maga101 paired his king on fifth, nanka79 found another ace on the same street. Nanka79's aces held up and Maga101 went out on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: nanka79 (3,035,013 in chips)
Seat 2: Bravodk (2,536,489 in chips)
Seat 3: august120 (2,225,018 in chips)
Seat 4: JameKing (426,566 in chips)
Seat 5: Alpha_Centau (465,562 in chips)
Seat 6: SCHACHTOR (8,890,037 in chips)
Seat 7: tonyjo123 (6,092,488 in chips)
Seat 8: Tear-drop22 (4,578,827 in chips)

Two hands, triple the stack

On the second hand of play, JameKing committed the rest of his stack on fourth street vs. august120 and SCHACHTOR, who continued betting on the side. SCHACHTOR led out for 320,000 on fifth, sixth, and seventh streets, august120 calling him down.

JameKing (X-X) A♥8♥8♠5♦ (X)
august120 (K♦3♦) 3♥A♦J♣5♠ (K♥)
SCHACHTOR (5♣Q♣) A♠Q♥J♥5♥ (3♣)

SCHACHTOR made queens and fives on sixth street, but august120 caught a king on the river to make kings and threes. JameKing mucked and august120 collected both the main and side pots, totaling 3.5 million. For eighth place, JameKing took home $118.65.

On the very next deal, august120 raked in another massive pot. After putting in 160,000 apiece on third and fourth streets, tonyjo123 and august120 got into a raising war on fifth. Tonyjo123 led on sixth and seventh, august120 calling him down.

tonyjo123 (K♣9♥) K♥5♣K♦J♥ (7♦)
august120 (9♦T♣) T♠Q♣T♦6♠ (Q♦)

Both players made trips on fifth street, tonyjo123's trip kings coolering august120's trip tens. But in a stroke of luck, august120 spiked a full house on the river. In only two hands, august120 had tripled the 2.2 million he brought to the final table and now stood with 6.65 million in chips.

Moments later, Alpha_Centau went all-in for 261,562 on third street and both nanka79 and Tear-drop22 called.

Alpha_Centau (K♦2♥) A♣Q♦3♦7♠ (5♦)
nanka79 (7♦4♣) 7♣8♣T♣A♥ (9♣)
Tear-drop22 (X-X) 6♣7♥Q♠

Tear-drop22 and nanka79 both checked fourth street, but Tear-drop22 folded to nanka79's 400,000 bet on fifth. Nanka79 turned up a pair of sevens and four to a club flush, while Alpha_Centau held only ace-high. Nanka79 hit his flush on the river and Alpha_Centau hit the rail in seventh place, earning $211.87.

Chop it six ways

With the field down to six, players were clumped into two groups-- top pair tonyjo123 and august123 leading with about 6.6 million apiece, and the other four with 3.5 to 3.9 million. One player broached the subject of a deal and the other five fell in line like dominoes. The action was paused for discussions, their chip counts looking like this:

tonyjo123 - 6,624,488
august120 - 6,539,584
Bravodk - 3,880,489
SCHACHTOR - 3,874,037
Tear-drop22 - 3,849,265
nanka79 - 3,482,137

A chip count chop offered tonyjo123 and august120 about $1,700 each, while the bottom four got shares ranging from $1,125 to 1,200. All six were quick to agree to this proposal and with $200 left to play for, cards went back in the air.

Sixth-place finish, fourth-place money

The vast majority of the prize pool now accounted for, the players were free to, well, go a little nuts. Chips flew on nearly every hand. SCHACHTOR got all his money in on fifth street with a double gutter and tonyjo123 called with a pair of queens. SCHACHTOR filled his straight on the river and doubled to 8.1 million, leaving tonyjo on 2.75 million. Soon after, tonyjo123 raised all-in on fifth street and nanka79 called.

tonyjo123 (J♥2♠) K♦A♦7♣7♦ (J♣)
nanka79 (A♣7♥) K♠6♥2♣9♣ (5♠)

Tonyjo123 paired his seven on sixth street and nanka79 did not improve. Tonyjo123 raked in the 6.77 million pot and nanka79 was crippled to only 607,000 in chips. Although nanka79 managed to triple up to 2 million on the next hand, he couldn't make it two in a row. Nanka79 committed the rest of his stack on sixth street, but couldn't fade SCHACHTOR's rivered pair of sixes.

Thanks to the deal, nanka79 came away with $1,125.29 for sixth place.

Fifth-place finish, (almost) second-place money

August120's stack was sliced in half when he made a pair of aces on fourth street only to run into the Broadway straight Bravodk made on fifth. August120 slipped to 2.7 million and put the rest of his chips in the pot on fifth street vs. tonyjo123.

august120 (7♦4♦) 4♣A♠Q♥8♥[ (J♠)
tonyjo123 (9♠3♦) 3♣A♦4♥9♥ (K♠)

August120 led when the money went in, his pair of fours over tonyjo123's pair of threes, but tonyjo123 made nines and threes on sixth street. Only an ace, queen, or four would save august120, but he rivered a jack and was eliminated in fifth place. August120 may have finished fifth, but he banked the second-largest share of the prize pool at $1,704.08.

Bravodk busts two

Three hands later, Tear-drop22 completed on third street and both Bravodk and SCHACHTOR called. Bravodk made an open pair of tens on fourth street and made a double bet to 500,000. SCHACHTOR raised to 1 million, Tear-drop22 got out of the way, and Bravodk reraised. SCHACHTOR copped and Bravodk called. Bravodk led fifth street and SCHACHTOR called. SCHACHTOR picked up a pair of nines on sixth and they capped the betting, SCHACHTOR putting in the final raise to 2 million. Bravodk bet his last 336,000 on the river and SCHACHTOR called all-in for less.

Bravodk (8♣T♣) T♠T♦K♠4♣ (Q♠)
SCHACHTOR (7♦6♥) 2♣6♦9♦9♠ (J♣)

Bravodk's trip tens trumped SCHACHTOR's nines and sixes. Bravodk stacked the 10 million-chip pot while SCHACHTOR was eliminated in fourth place ($1,199.49).

Barely three minutes passed before short stack Tear-drop22 found a hand to go with. The rest of Tear-drop22's chips went in on fifth street and both Bravodk and tonyjo123 called.

Tear-drop22 (X-X) 4♦J♦7♥Q♥ (X)
Bravodk (K♣K♠) J♥3♥3♣4♣ (J♣)
tonyjo123 (X-X) 3♠2♦Q♠8♥ (X)

Bravodk and tonyjo123 both checked sixth street, but Bravodk squeezed in a bet on the river. Tonyjo123 called, but couldn't top Bravodk's kings and jacks. Neither could Tear-drop22, and he departed in third place, $1,194.80 richer for it.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: Bravodk (20,188,375 in chips)
Seat 7: tonyjo123 (8,061,625 in chips)

Bravodk took a 2.5 to 1 chip lead into heads-up play, but tonyjo123 swiftly narrowed the gap, raking in a 5 million pot with queens and fours. Bravodk chipped his way back up to 18.5 million, then zoomed up to 24.3 million thanks to a very well-disguised flush:

Down to 4.2 million, tonyjo123 looked down at split fives on third street and called Bravodk's completion. Although Bravodk picked up the A♠ and made the high board on fourth street, tonyjo123's T♠ gave him two pair. Bravodk led out, tonyjo123 raised, and Bravodk called. Then, on fifth street, Bravodk made an open pair of aces and all hell broke loose. The betting was capped, and tonyjo123 put in his remaining 831,625 on sixth street.

Bravodk (6♣8♦) 8♠A♠A♥2♠ (6♥)
tonyjo123 (T♥5♥) 5♦T♠K♦8♣ (4♥)

Turns out, tonyjo123 wasn't the only one with two pair. Bravodk revealed aces and eights and locked up the win.

Kudos to Bravodk, our newly crowned MicroMillions champ. Bravodk banked $1,400.71 for the win, but thanks to the six-handed deal, tonyjo123 took home the largest share of the prize pool at $1,720.15.

MicroMillions-013: ($3.30 Stud)
Entrants: 5,650
Prize pool: $16,950.00
Places paid: 720

1. Bravodk (Denmark) $1,400.71*
2. tonyjo123 (United Kingdom) $1,720.15*
3. Tear-drop22 (Hungary) $1,194.80*
4. SCHACHTOR (Germany) $1,199.49*
5. august120 (United Kingdom) $1,704.08*
6. nanka79 (Russia) $1,125.29*
7. Alpha_Centau (Germany) $211.87
8. JameKing (Switzerland) $118.65

*= reflects the results of a six-way deal that left $200 in play for the winner

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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