MicroMillions 6: deluxe finds Event #67 delightful after win, $11K score ($1+R NLHE, 3x-Turbo)

It was fast and full of action, Event #67, a $1 no-limit hold'em "turbo" event with an extended late registration and re-buy period ("3x" or 90 minutes). All told 22,788 players entered, but it only took winner deluxe of Sweden a little over seven hours to gather all of the chips -- all 798,327,000 of them (!) -- to win the title and claim a $11,054.64 first prize.

Those 22,788 players ended up re-buying 107,501 times and taking 12,582 add-ons, which put all of those chips in play and made for a $130,922.61 total prize pool, well over the event's $75K guarantee. The top 3,150 finishers made the cash, and with levels lasting just five minutes, the tournament swiftly burst the money bubble as it careened toward its latter stages.

After five-and-a-half hours just 18 players remained with Vallu1960 sitting atop the counts with a stack of more than 120 million, at the time about 50 million clear of the nearest challenger.

It would take another 45 minutes for the tournament to reach the final table. pili3103 (18th), martas145 (17th), and tomicic (16th) each took away $268.39 for their finishes. Vallu1960 slid in the counts to be eliminated in 15th, and like soad12ny (14th) and robtinnion (13th) would earn $379.67. Then Pelmeshek I. (12th) and Abbaaa (11th) followed, each picking up $490.95.

At 10-handed the tourney went to hand-for-hand across the two remaining tables, and soon there came two knockouts at once to reduce the field to eight before the final table could begin.

On one table brunotanka took Q♦7♥ up against Nejra222's 2♥2♣ before the flop, and that "222" in the latter's name proved prophetic as a deuce flopped and soon brunotanka was done in 10th ($490.95).

Meanwhile Howié had A♦6♠ versus deluxe's K♥Q♦ on the other table, and when the board came K♣5♠4♠K♠T♥ deluxe had trips and Howié was done in ninth for a cash of $785.53.

With the winners of those two hands -- Nejra222 and deluxe -- leading the way with more than 200 million chips each, the final table had begun with one seat already empty.


Seat 1: dollarman75 (Russia) -- 34,535,968
Seat 2: deluxe (Sweden) -- 218,882,154
Seat 3: Nejra222 (Netherlands) -- 232,483,802
Seat 4: romeo285 (Russia) -- 42,754,998
Seat 5: empty
Seat 6: petzi040771 (Belgium) -- 40,751,742
Seat 7: cheki93 (Russia) -- 65,413,456
Seat 8: SteFaNNooo (Netherlands) -- 32,609,468
Seat 9: DonCarlos141 (Russia) -- 130,895,412

On just the second hand of the final table, the blinds were 2.5m/5m when dollarman75 opened for 15 million from under the gun, then watched DonCarlos141 reraise all in from the big blind. dollarman75 called with the 18,535,968 left behind, showing A♣Q♣ to DonCarlos141's 7♦7♣.

The board rolled out 7♥6♦9♥3♠A♦, giving DonCarlos141 a set of sevens which made dollarman75's pair of aces no good, thereby ending the latter's tournament in eighth.

Soon the blinds were 2.75m/5.5m and SteFaNNooo was open-pushing for 22,009,468 from early position. It folded to Nejra222 on the button who reraised all in for more than 195 million, and romeo285 called all in from the small blind for 31,404,998. After the big blind folded, the remaining trio's cards were revealed.

romeo285: J♣J♥
Nejra222: A♥T♥
SteFaNNooo: A♦Q♠

The flop came 9♣J♠9♦ to give romeo285 a full house right away, and after the turn and river came 7♠ then 7♦, romeo285 scooped the pot while SteFaNNooo hit the rail in seventh.

The blinds moved up to 3.5m/7m, then DonCarlos141 open-raised all in for 29,360,174 from early position, romeo285 reraise-shoved for more than 137 million from the small blind, and the big blind stepped aside.

romeo285 had K♠J♦ and DonCarlos141 Q♦J♣. The community cards hit neither player's hand, coming 7♣T♥3♣A♣3♥, meaning DonCarlos141 was out in sixth.

The remaining five players approached the six-and-a-half-hour break, then with the blinds at 4m/8m it was Nejra222 pushing for 93,266,783 from the button then petzi040771 calling for 81,403,484 from the big blind.

Nejra222 had Q♦8♣ and was behind petzi040771's K♣T♣, but the board came 9♦8♥A♣6♥A♥ to give Nejra222 aces and eights and send petzi040771 away in fifth.

The five-minute break gave everyone a chance to catch their breath, then on the very first hand after the break cheki93 shoved for 87,326,912 from the button and Nejra222 called from the big blind. cheki93 had A♦J♥ and Nejra222 Q♠Q♣, the board came 2♦J♠5♠5♦9♦, and cheki93 had been knocked out in fourth.

The last three players played on for a few minutes more, then the tourney was paused to talk about a possible chop of the remaining prize money. At that point deluxe led with 308 million, Nejra222 was next with about 267 million, and romeo285 third with just over 223 million.

"ICM" figures were produced, then Nejra222 -- making reference to a WCOOP victory from just a couple of months ago -- asked for a little bit more and after some back-and-forthing the other two agreed to round up Nejra222's guaranteed payday nearly $80 to an even $9,400.

Soon after the deal was struck, the blinds were 5m/10m when Nejra222 opened with a raise to 20 million from the button and both romeo285 (small blind) and deluxe (big blind) called.

The flop came 2♠5♣K♣, and romeo led with a bet of 50 million. deluxe called and Nejra222 folded. The turn then brought the 9♣ and a 107,947,102-chip shove by romeo285, called by deluxe.

romeo285: A♦T♠
deluxe: K♦T♥

deluxe had kings and the big edge, and after the 4♠ fell on fifth street they were down to two.

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deluxe had a better than 3-to-1 advantage to start heads-up play with 603,640,221 to Nejra222's 194,686,779. They'd swiftly play 30 hands over the course of the next several minutes, during which Nejra222 closed the gap by moving up over 360 million. But then the end suddenly arrived.

In the last hand, the blinds were 7.5m/15m when Nejra222 opened for 30 million from the button and deluxe called. The flop came 9♣Q♥8♣ and deluxe checked. Nejra222 fired 35,830,000, then deluxe check-raised to 71,660,000. At that Nejra222 pushed all in for 335,109,680, and deluxe called without hesitation.

Nejra222 turned over Q♠8♥ for two pair, but deluxe had flopped a straight with J♥T♥. The turn was the K♣ and river the 5♠, and deluxe had won.

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Congratulations to deluxe for turning a tiny buy-in into a five-figure score, par for the course here in the MicroMillions!

MicroMillions-067: $1+R No-Limit Hold'em, 3x-Turbo
Entrants: 22,788 (107,501 re-buys, 12,582 add-ons)
Prize pool: $130,922.61
Places paid: 3,150

1. deluxe (Sweden) $11,054.64*
2. Nejra222 (Netherlands) $9,400.00*
3. romeo285 (Russia) $8,927.34*
4. cheki93 (Russia) $5,236.90
5. petzi040771 (Belgium) $3,927.67
6. DonCarlos141 (Russia) $2,618.45
7. SteFaNNooo (Netherlands) $1,839.46
8. dollarman75 (Russia) $1,178.30
9. Howié (Belgium) $785.53

(*reflects three-way deal)

There are still many opportunities left to turn a few bucks into thousands like deluxe and others did in Event #67. Check the official MicroMillions 6 page for details on the remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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