MicroMillions 6: felipesku1 spins short stack into Event #65 win ($4.40 NLHE 6-max.)

These MicroMillions 6 events routinely produce what might be called "improbable" stories insofar as any tournament with thousands of entrants makes the tale of any particular player emerging as the winner the realization of a longshot.

For felipesku1 of Poland, winner of Event #65, a $4.40 six-handed no-limit hold'em tournament, the story was perhaps even more improbable given that to begin the final table felipesku1 was sitting on the shortest stack among the last six players, and after four were eliminated still had a more than 3.5-to-1 chip deficit to begin heads-up play.

But felipesku1 overcame all of that to earn the win, thereby turning a tiny $4.40 investment into a nifty $5,628.53 payday!

There were 9,693 entrants in the field that felipesku1 managed to top, thereby creating a $38,772 prize pool that yet again busted another MM 6 guarantee, in this case $20K. The top 1,350 finishers divided up that prize money, and it took less than three hours for the bubble to burst and the payouts to begin.

After seven-and-a-half hours of play they were down to just 18 players with dielian11 and laky900 leading the pack, each with just over 5.5 million chips.

A little over a half-hour after that they were down to 12 players gathered around the last two six-handed tables. By then both dielian11 and laky900 had slipped to short-stacked status while DzoniDzudi had pushed into the top spot with nearly 10 million.

It would take another 30 minutes for six more to fall. laky900 (12th), ZayacSnake (11th), and dielian11 (10th) would each take away $290.79 rewards for their efforts, while vasyabod1 (9th), kobr@01 (8th), and mexxess1 (7th) earned $387.72 each for not quite making the final table.

With KIARI-76 having moved up over 11 million in chips and into first -- and with felipesku1 sitting at the bottom of the counts -- just six players remained.


Seat 1: teaet (New Zealand) -- 7,942,164
Seat 2: DzoniDzudi (Serbia) -- 8,906,117
Seat 3: felipesku1 (Poland) -- 4,225,181
Seat 4: KIARI-76 (Belarus) -- 11,172,344
Seat 5: zenikem (Portugal) -- 6,352,698
Seat 6: Sladjan 68 (Serbia) -- 9,866,496

It would take over 40 minutes for anyone else to be eliminated, then two knockouts came swiftly in successive hands.

It was during that interim felipesku1 had become the new leader, going from worst to first and moving up close to 10.5 million while KIARI-76 slipped back under 4.5 million. Meanwhile the blinds had climbed to a huge 250k/500k when KIARI-76 open-pushed all in for 4,141,688 from the cutoff and got a single caller in teaet in the big blind.

KIARI-76 showed A♥3♥ and needed help versus teat's A♠8♠, but the board came 9♠4♣J♦8♦K♣, leaving KIARI-76 drawing dead by the turn and out in sixth place.

On the very next hand zenikem open-raised all in for 4,240,198 from the cutoff and teaet again was there with a call from the small blind. teaet had 2♦2♣ while zenikem had the same hand that had proven KIARI-76's undoing with A♣3♠.

Once more teaet had an all-in opponent drawing dead by the turn as the flop came 2♠T♥8♥ to give teaet a set of deuces with the Q♥ on fourth street making the 3♥ river no matter, ending zenikem's run in fifth.

The remaining four played a while longer, then with the blinds up to 300k/600k it was Sladjan 68 pushing all in from under the gun for 6,369,246 and felipesku1 calling from the big blind.

Sladjan 68 had A♣J♥ and felipesku1 9♣9♠. The community cards came 3♦7♦4♦3♣Q♣, meaning felipesku1's pocket pair had held up and Sladjan 68 was done in fourth.

It wasn't long before they'd reached the next level with the blinds having moved up again to 400k/800k. By then teaet was the big leader with DzoniDzudi and felipesku1 the short stacks.

Then it was DzoniDzudi open-pushing for 4,845,936 from the small blind with K♦4♠ and felipesku1 -- who only had DzoniDzudi covered by about 1 million -- quickly calling from a seat over with A♠K♥. The board came 8♥8♦5♠7♥T♠, and they were down to two.

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That hand pushed felipesku1 up close to the 11 million-chip mark, still far behind teaet, however, to begin heads-up play as teaet had 37,469,550 to felipesku1's 10,995,450.

The pair played nine hands with little change to the stacks, then felipesku1 earned a big double-up with K♠K♥ versus teat's Q♠T♥ in a hand that saw all of the chips go in on the turn on a ten-high board and felipesku1's kings hold up.

That hand put felipesku1 into the lead, then eight hands later the blinds were still 400k/800k when teaet opened for 1.6 million from the button. felipesku1 came back with a three-bet to 4 million and teaet called, and the pair watched a flop come 2♦8♣4♣.

felipesku1 led for 4 million and teaet called. The turn then brought the 9♠ and a bet of 6.4 million from felipesku1. This time teaet raised to 12.8 million, felipesku1 pushed all in, and teaet called with the 8,741,000 left behind.

felipesku1: J♥J♠
teaet: J♦9♣

Once again teaet was holding top pair but felipesku1 had an overpair, and after the 4♦ completed the board, felipesku1 had won.

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Congratulations to felipesku1 who after beginning the six-handed final table last in chips came all of the way back -- perhaps improbably -- to earn a MicroMillions 6 title!

MicroMillions-065: $4.40 No-Limit Hold'em, 6-max.
Entrants: 9,693
Prize pool: $38,772.00
Places paid: 1,350

1. felipesku1 (Poland) $5,628.53
2. teaet (New Zealand) $3,877.20
3. DzoniDzudi (Serbia) $2,714.04
4. Sladjan 68 (Serbia) $1,550.88
5. zenikem (Portugal) $775.44
6. KIARI-76 (Belarus) $543.58

There's still a few more days and dozens more tournaments left on the MicroMillions 6 schedule. Check the official MicroMillions 6 page for details on all that remains.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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