MicroMillions 6: MarcoB2929 beats the blinds and the field in Event #29 victory ($3.30 NLHE Turbo, Zoom)

At the four hour mark of the tournament our 21,857 player Zoom festival became a three table sit and go for today's MicroMillions 6 Event #29 $3.30 NLHE Turbo, Zoom style title. Up to this point none the action was visible to the rail as participants got thrown around to a new table after every hand and were probably happy for some normalcy after a whirlwind tour got them close to the final table. Lucky for MarcoB2929, there were plenty of tournament chips in the chip leader's stack to overcome the rapidly moving blinds and claim a wire-to-wire victory and $6,200.00 after chopping the prizepool three-handed with gbberlin90 and Nik83453.

There would be little time for rest however as the five minute blinds would knock the tournament down to two tables in just 22 minutes as the players had to gamble or forget about a shot at the $6,575.90 sitting up top. All 18 players would take in the five minute rest period before the frantic run towards the MicroMillions title. Among those was danidindani who recently claimed$8,330.80 at the Sunday 2nd Chance final table and getting another try at a major title today.

Heading towards the final table the luck was ratcheted up as players had an average of under 10BBs to make do as the payoff for surviving got higher. Near the fifth hour with the blinds just about to make the jump from 500K/1MM ante 125K to 600K/1.2MM ante 150K MarcoB2929 and dark-trance8 would get to the river with the board showing 9♠ Q♣ 9♣ 7♦ 7♠. MarcoB2929 having flopped trips J♦9♦ decided to see if dark-trance8 would take the bait of a shove for 12.5 million. Unlucky for dark-trance8 getting the lower end of the boat holding 6♣7♣ as the shorter stack made the call earning $245.89 in tenth place and starting up the final table below:


Seat 1: danilove10 (14767848 in chips)
Seat 2: danidindani (3622104 in chips)
Seat 3: MarcoB2929 (30374334 in chips)
Seat 4: KAT0X (6019528 in chips)
Seat 5: gbberlin90 (18824010 in chips)
Seat 6: shahter1936 (6389762 in chips)
Seat 7: OLEG328 (8634537 in chips)
Seat 8: ob90iwup (6068044 in chips)
Seat 9: Nik83453 (14584833 in chips)

Marco starts off the final table with a bang

After taking over the chip lead with the elimination of dark-trance8 MarcoB2929 went right back to work on the first hand of the final table. With the blinds holding at 500K/1MM ante 125K for the first hand, MarcoB2929 would raise to three million as shahter1936 shoved from the button for 6.26 million. Holding Q♦A♣ MarcoB2929 made the call to stare at shahter1936's big slick A♥K♠. Both players would hit their kickers on the flop, but it was a rivered queen Q♣ K♥ 8♣ 4♥ Q♠ that would extend MarcoB2929's chip lead and end shahter1936's tournament in ninth place ($393.42).

More Marco means less players

Watch below as the chip leader continued the assault on the final table population with a double knockout:

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Four players jumped into the pot as danidindani shoved for 1.29 million, MarcoB2929 pressured with a raise to 2.8 million as it folded around to ob90iwup on the button who called all-in for 2.1 million. Nik83453 would also call from the small blind. MarcoB2929 and Nik83453 checked down the 2♦ 7♦ 3♥ 6♠ 7♥ board except with the only bet coming from Nik83453 trying to steal the pot with a 2.8 million chip bet on the turn. Nik83453 showed queen-high 9♠Q♠ as MarcoB2929 claimed the 17.3 million chip pot with sevens and sixes A♥6♥. Neither ob90iwup nor danidindani could challenge the pair and muck their hands finishing in seventh ($921.27) and eighth ($590.13) place respectively.

Just in the Nik of time

With the blinds moving up to 1MM/2MM ante 250K OLEG328 had nothing left after posting 355,415 in the big blind. KAT0X also scrambling just to move up a little in the prizepool would be all-in preflop from the small blind for just 67,168. Nik83453 voluntarily jumped in to try to knockout both players with 9♣T♠ but watched instead as OLEG328's 5♥Q♠ notched a lifeline with trip queens J♠ 7♥ Q♣ Q♦ 2♦ to claim part of the pot and KAT0X's 6♣A♦ found nothing but $1,311.42 heading to the Ukrainian's bankroll in sixth place.

Hanging around no longer

OLEG328 defied all odds making this long with so little. Six hands later with the blinds up to 1.25MM/2.5MM ante 312,500 MarcoB2929 still firmly in the chip lead would min-raise from the cutoff as OLEG328 was all-in again for less from the big blind. 5♠A♠ for MarcoB2929 would take down OLEG328's 9♣3♥ easily on the T♥ 8♣ 6♥ Q♦ 5♦ board to earn the 6.9 million chip pot and ship $1,967.13 over to OLEG328 in fifth place.

MarcoB2929 not wasting anytime

On the very next hand with the blinds remaining steady, danilove10 would open shove from the small blind for 3.08 million holding 2♠Q♦. With 57 million chips and 2.5 million already invested in the big blind, MarcoB2929 quickly called with 4♠A♠. A flopped pair of queens gave the shortstack some hope, but the turned ace 3♠ 5♥ Q♣ A♥ T♠ would start up the chop talks as danilove10 took away $2,622.84 in fourth place.

I am going to need a little more

Usually the chop talks break down quickly when a player demands more from the pool and is not in the chip lead like MarcoB2929 who held 61.8 million to gbberlin90's 11.6 million and Nik83453's 35.8 million. But, with the blinds up to 1.25MM/2.5MM ante 312,500 it would be a card-catching contest and just one double up could hurt those chances of a wire-to-wire win. After a nine minute discussion, the funds were passed out as shown below with $800.00 set aside for the champ:

MarcoB2929 (Portugal): $5,400.00
Nik83453(Russia): $4,700.00
gbberlin90(Germany): $3,827.03


Immediately after the players signed off on the deal, all three would dive all-in preflop on the next hand. Watch below as MarcoB2929 tries to finish off the table:

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Both MarcoB2929 J♥A♣ and gbberlin90 J♣A♦ would show Ace-Jack as Nik83453's pocket deuces 2♠2♥ would get counterfeited on the two pair 8♦ 6♠ K♠ 6♦ K♦ as MarcoB2929 took away 67.4 million and gbberlin90 got 14.6 million chips. Thanks to the deal, Nik83453's third place finish was worth nearly $1.5K more than the original payout.

Wire-to-wire victory

Holding a 94.6 million to 14.6 million chip advantage with the huge blinds, gbberlin90 would need to get extremely lucky more than once to overturn the deficit. The German would get one double-up but nine hands after the deal, MarcoB2929 would finally claim today's title. With the blinds up to 1.5MM/3MM ante 375,000 gbberlin90 would call all-in from the big blind for 13.9 million holding A♦8♠. It looked like MarcoB2929 was about to give up another double up with the dominated 4♦A♣. However the poker gods shined upon the chip leader setting out four consecutive clubs 5♣ 6♣ 2♣ J♣ 6♠ to ship the MicroMillions 6 Event #29 title to MarcoB2929!

MicroMillions-029: $3.30 NLHE Turbo, ZOOM!
Entrants: 21,857
Prize pool: $65,571.00
Places paid: 3,150

(* denotes part of three-way deal)

1. MarcoB2929 (Portugal) *$6,200.00
2. gbberlin90 (Germany) *$3,827.03
3. Nik83453 (Russia) *$4,700.00
4. danilove10 (Brazil) $2,622.84
5. OLEG328 (Russia) $1,967.13
6. KAT0X (Ukraine) $1,311.42
7. ob90iwup (Germany) $921.27
8. danidindani (Israel) $590.13
9. shahter1936 (Ukraine) $393.42

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

David Aydt
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 6