MicroMillions 6: More pro, less donk, prodonk1986 wins Event #19 ($4.40 NLHE 4-Max)

Value is found heading to the grocery store and finding a deal on a Porterhouse steak which allows the shopper to grab the fixings at a fraction of the cost. Or value at a car dealership, found through upgrading to a luxury model while paying the base price. Tonight's MicroMillions 6 Event #19 $4.40 NLHE 4-Max allowed the players to cash in on two types of value. Usually lower stakes tournaments contain faster structures that turn late-game tactics into a push fest. Not so here after eight plus hours of play our final eight enjoyed an average of nearly 50 big blinds. The second bonus was the $30,000 guarantee prize pool over doubling to $63,688.00 allowing the 15,922 runners to take a shot at a guaranteed four-figure win by making the final table. prodonk1986 took full advantage of the chip lead going into the final table to claim the title and $5,646.99 first place prize.

Early MicroMillions Player of the Series leader and Event #1 champ LordAgrael would donate to the prizepool in this one finishing well outside of the money in 4,232nd place. With six months worth of Sunday Millions buy-ins on the line, it is a prize any small-stakes player would love to have a shot at $200K+ every weekend for free!

After Whisco bowed out in ninth place ($328.63), our final two tables of four would enjoy the lax blinds all the way into the hourly break. Not long after the break with the blinds up to 100K/200K ante 25K, ak47ren would raise to 600,000 chips as killburn2007 shoved from the small blind holding a suited T♠K♠. Covering, ak47ren made the call with a better kicker Q♦K♣ and claimed the 8.5 million chip pot after killburn2007 missed an open-ender and flush draw 2♠ J♥ 7♥ Q♠ 6♥ on the river to finish in eighth place ($484.02).

Hand for hand play would start at six players (final table for a four-max tournament has five players because playing heads-up on one table is a tad unfair) when yvoms' attempted blind steal turned into a 10.8 million chip pot for prodonk1986 ending the Brazilian's tournament in seventh place ($484.02).

prodonk1986's massive stack at Table 694 allowed the SpongeBob SquarePants avatar to terrorize aalert and rotisseur and grow as the tournament leader. Finally the weight of that 35.8 million chip stack broke aalert who held on to a micro-stack through several blind increases. With the blinds at 150K/300K ante 37.5K prodonk1986 min-raised from the button as aalert shoved for 1.38 million holding pocket deuces 2♦2♠. Plenty of chips behind, prodonk1986 made the call with Q♥6♠. The flip went prodonk1986's way as the 5♣ 3♥ 7♥ 5♥ J♥ board rolled out four hearts and aalert was rolled out in sixth place ($484.02) starting up the final table below:


Seat 1: ak47ren (13801585 in chips)
Seat 2: Sumpan_89 (9553178 in chips)
Seat 3: Medal1993 (8655476 in chips)
Seat 4: rotisseur (9952661 in chips)
Seat 5: prodonk1986 (37647100 in chips)

Awarded fifth place

The blinds finally started to pinch our final tables players a bit as prodonk1986 aggressive chip leader approach forced the other four players to pick their spots carefully. With the blinds up to 250K/500K ante 62.5K prodonk1986 led out for a min-raise from the hijack seat as Medal1993 called from the small blind. 2♣Q♣J♦ flop got Medal1993 to check-raise the chip leader's min-bet to 1.5 million. prodonk1986 called as an ace A♣ hit the turn. Medal1993 already claiming two pair on the flop Q♠J♠ shoved for 3.8 million as prodonk1986 just as quickly called with the turned two pair Q♥A♠. No jack on the 7♦ river and Medal1993 took away $775.08 in fifth place.

Not a donk

prodonk1986 seemed to start up the auto-drive towards a MicroMillion title as five minutes later the UK player would claim another elimination in this hand shown below:

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Sumpan_89 was drained down to just 81,356 chips after testing the chip leader in the previous hand. All-in preflop for less in the big blind Sumpan_89 would face off against ak47ren and prodonk1986 who both decided to play for a side pot. With the board showing A♣ 4♥ 5♠ Q♠ K♣ ak47ren showed nothing 7♦6♣ as the chip leader turned up a pair of fives 5♥2♥. The small pair was good as Sumpan_89 mucked and claimed $1,229.81 in fourth place.

rotisseur and ak47ren combine their stacks

At this point with the blinds moving up to 300K/600K ante 75K, ak47ren holding 7.4 million and rotisseur with 13.6 million needed to make a move to have any chance again the monolith wall of chips sitting by prodonk1986. Despite holding 58.5 million chips prodonk1986 would sit this one out after rotisseur min-raised from the button and ak47ren shoved from the big blind holding 4♣7♦. At least two cards were live because rotisseur was not bluffing after flipping up J♣A♠. The four and seven on the turn and river 5♠ 5♦ A♦ 4♥ 7♣ looked nice but those fives helped rotisseur claim the higher two pair while knocking out ak47ren in third place ($1,977.51).

Three outs and all of them hit

Get your money in good and good things will happen. Solid logic while grinding out cash games and tournaments but those words hurt when you are heads-up for a major tournament title and getting it in good turns out disastrous. Watch below as prodonk1986's tournament clinching hand allowed the chip leader to win the title in style:

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rotisseur did all that could be done. Did not shrink from the aggressiveness over the heads-up match and got it all-in with the best hand during a pivotal spot in the tournament. 34.5 million chips in the middle as rotisseur showed big slick A♦K♣ and prodonk1986 needing a ten with T♠A♠. One ten would have been fine but prodonk 1986 wanted to go coast-to-coast in style as the board summoned the remaining three tens in the deck 2♥ T♣ T♦ T♥ 9♠ to ship the MicroMillions 6 Event #19 title and $5,646.99 to prodonk1986!

MicroMillions-019: $4.40 NLHE [4-Max]
Entrants: 15,922
Prize pool: $63,688.00
Places paid: 2,000

1. prodonk1986 (United Kingdom) $5,646.99
2. rotisseur (Germany) $3,413.67
3. ak47ren (United Kingdom) $1,977.51
4. Sumpan_89 (Sweden) $1,229.81
5. Medal1993 (United Kingdom) $775.08

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

David Aydt
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 6