MicroMillions 6: RAOOAR has the eye of the tiger in Event #30 ($3.30 NLHE [Turbo, Heads-Up])

Despite the turbo format, today's $3.30 Heads-Up NLHE event was one of the longer grinds thus far in the MicroMillions 6, taking over twelve hours from start to finish. But when you think about it, that's really no time at all when you're talking about turning $3.30 into almost 1,100 times that amount. 16,384 players were in the mood for a little one-on-one, their $3.30 buy-ins creating a $49,152 prize pool. With 2,048 places paid, winning your first three rounds guaranteed at least a min-cash, while the champion would earn $3,596.82.


It took eleven straight wins to get this far and even if the journey ended here, players would still enjoy a 192x return on their buy-in. Another win, though, would nearly double that haul.


RAOOAR def. Flip147

RAOOAR made quick work of Flip147. He took a 3 to 1 chip lead in the first level when he three-bet A♦J♠ pre and hit top two pair on the A♠T♥T♣5♣5♥. RAOOAR checked over to Flip147 who did his bidding for him on the flop, turn, and river. Flip147 could only show a pair of deuces and RAOOAR moved up to 7,200 in chips. Flip147 never recovered. Holding Q♦7♦, Flip147 raised all-in on the turn, the board reading J♥9♠6♦K♥. RAOOAR called his bluff with K♠4♥. The river was the 8♠ and Flip147 went out in eighth place while RAOOAR punched his ticket to the semis.

Yonex88 def. Sylvana69

Yonex88 got off to a fast start, his A♠J♦ flopping top pair and riveting trip jacks. Sylvana69 called him down on the jack-high rainbow board and dipped to 2,500 in chips while Yonex88 moved up to 7,500. With the blinds at 40/80, both players limped in and saw a 8♥5♣4♣ flop. Yonex88 check-raised to 480 and Sylvana69 called. Yonex88 fired another 560 at the J♦ turn. Sylvana69 called and the Q♦ came on the river. Yonex88 led out for 11,20, Sylvana69 shoved ands Yonex called 435 more. Yonex88 had flopped top two pair with 5♠8♠, but Sylvana69's Q♠8♣ lapped him on the river. Sylvana69 doubled to 5,350 and took a slight chip lead.

Yonex88 made it an even match again when he raised the river on a 8♣3♠A♦5♠9♣ board. Sylvana69 gave up his hand and the 2,200 pot put them with 100 chips of each other. On the very next deal, Sylvana69 and Yonex88 limped in again and saw quite a familiar-looking flop, 8♣5♠2♣. Yonex88 made the same move, check-raising to 400, and this time Sylvana69 responded with a shove. Yonex88 called and revealed 2♥8♥ for top and bottom pair, coolering Sylvana69, whose 2♦5♦ flopped bottom two. Sylvana69 didn't improve and went out in seventh place while Yonex88 advanced to the semi-finals.

tyle5 def. luismi1912

Tyle5 chipped up steadily in the first two levels, reaching 6,500 in chips. Then, in a pot luismi1912 three-bet pre, tlye5 called luismi1912's 400 c-bet when the flop fell 8♣6♥3♣. The turn came the Q♣ and luismi1912 fired another 780. Tyle5 raised to 2,360 and luismi1912 gave it up. With lulismi1912 down to his last 1,000 in chips, tyle5 open-shoved the button with A♦6♥ and luismi1912 called with K♣J♣. Tyle5 flopped an ace and that was the end of luimi1912, who departed in sixth place.

propellertii def. DhianKogan

By far the longest match of the quarterfinals, propellertii and DhianKogan endured a see-saw battled that lasted into level six. Propellertii took the lead in the early going and moved out to a 3 to 1 chip lead when his A♣T♠ flopped top pair vs. DhianKogan's pocket nines. DhiganKogan evened the score by level three, doubling from 2,400 to 4,800 when his A♣Q♦ flopped a queen vs. propellertii's K♠T♦. DhianKogan edged into the lead, building a 7,000-chip stack, but propellerti hit a lucky turn card to double. Holding A♥T♦, propellertii three-bet pre flop and moved all-in on the J♣7♦6♠ flop. DhianKogan called with J♠4♠, but propellertii spiked the A♦ on the turn to double to 5,668. However, DhianKogan evened the counts again when his J♣J♦ held up against A♣7♠.

Holding a slim chip lead of 57,52 to 4,248, propellertii made a light three-bet to 800 with 6♣9♦. DhianKogan called and they saw a 8♠6♦2♣ flop. Propellerti shoved and DhianKogan called, revealing 9♥T♥. Propellertii's pair of sixes held, the turn and river falling the J♥ and the K♠ to end DhianKogan's run in fifth place.

THE SEMI-FINALS (Round of 4)

While tyle5, RAOOAR, and Yonex88 were waiting for propellertii and DhianKogan's match to end, RAOOAR started rallying his opponents for a four-handed deal. All were amenable to it, and promptly sat out when cards went in the air for the semi-final round. Blinds flew back and forth before a host arrived and delivered them a bit of disappointing news.

HostPeterZ (Commentator): Hi players, congrats on reaching the final four. Please note that we are unable to discuss a deal until the final table, 2 players left. Please continue.

RAOOAR def. Yonex88

At last, the betting and raising began and Yonex88 moved out to an early lead thanks to a 2♥3♥4♥ flop for his 5♠6♠. Yonex88 chipped up to 7,200 before RAOOAR gained back a bit of ground, his A♠J♥ rivering a jack to take down a 2,150 pot. RAOOAR played small pots and ground out a small chip lead, then moved up to 6,800 when he three-bet the turn on a 6♥7♦8♣7♣ board.

WIth the blinds up to 50/100, RAOOAR opened K♦J♠ for 225 and Yonex88 called from the big blind. Both players checked the Q♦9♦5♠ flop. The turn came the J♥ and Yonex88 led out for 200. RAOOAR smooth-called and made trips when he J♦ hit the river. Yonex88 checked, RAOOAR made a 300-chip value bet and Yonex88 called. The pot took RAOOAR up to 8,400 in chips and he closed out the match a few hands later. On a Q♥T♥3♣ flop, Yonex88 check-raised all-in for his last 1,356 and RAOOAR called with K♠Q♣. Yonex88's 9♠T♣ did not improve and RAOOAR advanced to the final table.

propellertii def. tyle5

Propellertii and tyle5 played an evenly matched game before a river sickout sent the rail into a frenzy. Tyle5 four-bet his Q♠Q♣ pre flop and made a pot-sized bet on the 3♠4♠5♣ flop. Propellertii called, then checked the K♣ on the turn. Tyle5 bet his last 1,710 and after a bit of a think, propellertii called off his remaining 1,090, revealing A♦7♣. Tyle5 had to fade only an ace or a six on the river which fell... the 6♣.

tyle5: dude
propellertii: sorry
propellertii: sorry
propellertii: not your day mate
propellertii: really sorry
tyle5: lol how can you call
propellertii: I was upset
tyle5: ??
propellertii: your playing style irritates me
tyle5: most expensive river in a while
tyle5: sigh

With 1,060 remaining, tyle5 moved all-in with A♦T♦ and propellertii called with pocket fives. The fives held up on the queen-high board and propellertii moved on to the final round.


THE FINALS: RAOOAR vs. propellertii

As the final round commenced, RAOOAR and propellertii expressed interest in making a deal, only RAOOAR wasn't interested in doing an even chop. Propellertii was having none of that and on the third hand of play, he bet the flop, turn, and river on a A♣9♦8♠J♦6♦ board. RAOOAR folded the river and propellertii showed 4♣5♦ for a stone bluff. Propellertii chipped up to 7,200 before RAOOAR turned two pair and evened the counts. There was only one thing for propellertii to do... show another bluff!

The tournament went to the hourly break and the chat box lit up.

RAOOAR: u ARE drunk!
propellertii: balls man balls
propellertii: I am 100% sober
RAOOAR: nah just drunk
propellertii: going to work in 2 hours
propellertii: lol
propellertii: Last drink I had was 30 hours ago
propellertii: want to discuss a deal?
propellertii: RAOOAR
propellertii: lets split it and keep extra for the winner?
propellertii: 550
propellertii: extra
RAOOAR: no ty
RAOOAR: if i lose, too bad
propellertii: okay
RAOOAR: still good payday
propellertii: it is true that

When action resumed, RAOOAR hit a rush, making two pair with 9♦T♦ and flopping top pair with K♦9♣. Up to 8,200 in chips, RAOOAR put propellertii on the ropes when he raised the river to 2,400 on a 9♠8♠6♥T♠3♠ board. Propellertii gave up his hand and slipped to only 684 in chips.

Propellertii managed to double when his 7♥8♥ flopped trip sevens vs. RAOOAR's 3♣3♦. He doubled again only a few hands later, his 3♦4♦ turning a seven-high straight to take him up to 3,500 in chips. However, RAOOAR roared back, making another hefty river bet and forcing a fold. This time, RAOOAR couldn't resist showing the bluff:

Two hands later, RAOOAR opened for 400 and propellertii shoved for 1,269. RAOOAR called, his A♥8♦ dominating propellertii's A♣5♦. Propellertii couldn't pull out a miracle this time, the board running out K♣J♦T♦3♥4♥ to seal RAOOR's win.

Congratulations to RAOOAR on winning thirteen straight heads-up matches en route to a MicroMillions title! RAOOAR banked $3,596.82 for the win while runner-up propellertii earned $2,282.12.

MicroMillions-030: ($3.30 NLHE [Turbo, Heads-Up])
Entrants: 16,384
Prize pool: $49,152.00
Places paid: 2,048

1. RAOOAR (Denmark) $3,596.82
2. propellertii (Estonia) $2,282.12
3. Yonex88 (Sweden) $1,152.61
4. tyle5 (United Kingdom) $1,152.61
5. DhianKogan (Ukraine) $635.04
6. luismi1918 (Honduras) $635.04
7. Sylvana69 (Germany) $635.04
8. Flip147 (Netherlands) $635.04

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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