MicroMillions 6: slmaan slams door on Event #83, wins $11K ($4.40 NLHE, 1R1A)

Hailing from the Palestinian Territories, slmaan overcome a big field of 10,684 in Event #83 of MicroMillions 6 to earn an even $11,000 following a six-way final table deal. slmaan had the chip edge when the deal was made, successfully negotiated for more from the five others during the deal-making, then won all of their chips, too, to secure the big payday.

The tournament was a $4.40 buy-in no-limit hold'em event with players allowed to re-buy once and add-once as well. In the end 7,544 did re-buy, another 3,324 took the add-on, and the total prize pool ended up being $86,208, well clear of Event #83's $50K guarantee.

The top 1,350 finishers divided the prize money, and after the bubble burst and the field had been carved down to 100 players it was JCB63, alpine123888, and davidpanama leading the way with stacks hovering over 3.5 million chips.

Almost an hour later they'd gotten down to less than 50 players. davidpanama had recently been eliminated in 55th and alpine123888 had been knocked out in 58th, with both players earning $129.31 for their finishes. But JCB63 was still thriving, and at that point was leading in the counts with a stack of more than 9 million chips.

But JCB63's fortunes would likewise turn, and after a rapid slide would end with a 26th-place finish worth $185.34. A short while later 18 remained, then about 45 minutes after that they were down to nine.

dump (18th), loachxm (17th), and RODION745 (16th) went out, each receiving $215.52. vadosBigBo$$ (15th), Murphie86 (14th), and sergik440 (13th) made $331.90 apiece. And shershen88 (12th), Volk_off44 (11th), and kittPROpoker (10th) each saw $448.28 added to their PokerStars accounts.

With slmaan having by then moved up into the top spot with a stack of more than 23 million, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: NANUK-FREEZE (Germany) -- 14,879,180
Seat 2: woodatburn (South Korea) -- 8,636,113
Seat 3: Andywitte2 (Netherlands) -- 12,123,993
Seat 4: scottylouise (Australia) -- 19,569,080
Seat 5: xoegataa (Belgium) -- 14,512,304
Seat 6: OliveJay (Romania) -- 2,062,660
Seat 7: LadyInbLak33 (Netherlands) -- 8,201,812
Seat 8: szJimbix (Hungary) -- 4,764,770
Seat 9: slmaan (Palestanian Territories) -- 23,010,088

On just the third hand of the final table, the blinds were 300k/600k when slmaan min-raised to 1.2 million from under the gun, then it folded around to OliveJay on the button who called all in for 937,660 and the blinds stepped aside. slmaan showed A♣5♥ and OliveJay K♦9♦. The community cards came A♦T♥8♠2♣4♠ to improve slmaan to a pair of aces and end OliveJay's tourney run in ninth.

Not long afterwards the blinds had climbed to 400k/800k when szJimbix open-shoved for 1,464,770 from the button with A♦5♦ and got a caller in NANUK-FREEZE in the big blind holding 5♠3♥. The flop came an unfortunate (for szJimbix) 2♣4♠A♣, giving NANUK-FREEZE a wheel, and after the 7♥ turn and 8♣ river, szJimbix was done in eighth.

Play continued, then came another knockout -- and a 20 million-plus chip pot!

The blinds up to 500k/1m, scottylouise opened for 2 million from middle position, then NANUK-FREEZE jammed for 9,457,837 from the big blind and scottylouise called.

scottylouise: Q♥J♥

NANUK-FREEZE had a slight edge with the sevens before the flop, but the first three community cards came Q♣6♠5♦ and scottylouise was out in front with queens. The turn was the A♥ and river the K♠, and NANUK-FREEZE was out in seventh.

The remaining six battled onward, then all agreed to pause the tournament to discuss a possible dividing of the prize money. At that point slmaan still led with about 36.8 million, scottylouise was next with about 27.8 million, woodatburn was third with 13.6 million, Andywitte2 fourth with a little less than 13.1 million, xoegatta fifth with a little more than 9.9 million, and LadyInbLak33 sixth with just under 6.4 million.

Both "ICM" numbers and "chip count" numbers were produced, and at first it appeared that all five players were amenable to the payouts determined by the "ICM" method, leaving $1,000 on the table for which to play. But slmaan soon demurred, wanting to go with the "chip count" figures that rewarded him (as the chip leader) more money. The "ICM" figures would give slmaan $8,332.54, while the "chip count" figures guaranteed $9,978.55 to the chip leader. slmaan, meanwhile, wanted an even $10,000.

It took a while -- indeed, the entire discussion ultimately took nearly half an hour -- but the others eventually agreed to that arrangement. Each having given slmaan some extra money, play finally resumed.

Much as slmaan had been the one in charge of the deal discussion, that domination would continue thereafter as the other five would successively hit the rail in less than 15 minutes.

On just the second hand back, the short stack LadyInbLak33 open-raised all in for 8,376,812 from the cutoff seat, then slmaan reraised to more than 15.7 million from a seat over. The others folded, LadyInbLak33 showed K♥J♠, and slmaan turned over A♥A♣.

The board ran out T♠2♠4♥5♠K♣, and LadyInbLak33 was out in sixth.

Soon the blinds were 600k/1.2m, and woodatburn was shoving for 9,197,226 from the cutoff seat. It folded to xoegataa in the big blind who called and turned over A♦7♠. woodatburn had an ace, too, with A♠8♥, and after the 3♦Q♠5♦ flop and A♣ turn both had a pair with woodatburn's kicker appearing ready to win the pot.

But the river brought the 7♣ to give xoegataa a second pair, and just four were left.

Later that same level, slmaan had chipped up over 48 million and open-raised that big stack all in from the button, then scottylouise called off for 13,252,924 from the big blind. It was K♦T♥ for scottylouise and A♥2♣ for slmaan. The board came 4♣4♠Q♣8♥9♥, slmaan added still more chips, and scottylouise was knocked out in fourth.

Soon xoegataa was shoving for 18,278,641 from the button, slmaan reraise-pushing from the small blind, and Andywitte2 folding from the big blind. xoegataa had 3♥3♠ and slmaan A♠T♠, the board came 9♥A♦4♥4♦9♦, and just like that they were down to two.

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That hand gave slmaan 82,312,014 to start heads-up play, more than three times the 25,447,986 Andywitte2 had. They'd play a dozen hands without much change to the stacks, then the end swiftly arrived.

With the blinds at 700k/1.4m, slmaan shoved all in from the button and Andywitte2 called with the 22,647,986 left behind after posting the big blind. slmaan had J♠4♠ and once again was up against pocket treys as Andywitte2 showed 3♠3♦.

The 6♥8♠8♥ flop didn't give slmaan the lead in the hand, but the 4♥ on the turn did, and after the 2♣ fell on fifth street, slmaan had won to add another $1,000 to that $10K already guaranteed by the deal.

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Congratulations to slmaan for winning the latest MicroMillions 6 title and that $11,000 prize. Sorting through the statistics over on the official MicroMillions 6 page, the win not only represents a first MM 6 victory by a player from the Palestanian Territories, but a first final table, too.

MicroMillions-083: $4.40 No-Limit Hold'em (1R1A).
Entrants: 10,684 (7,544 re-buys, 3,324 add-ons)
Prize pool: $86,208.00
Places paid: 1,350

1. slmaan (Palestinian Territories) $11,000*
2. Andywitte2 (Netherlands) $5,428.81*
3. xoegatta (Belgium) $4,845.04*
4. scottylouise (Australia) $7,290.25*
5. woodatburn (South Korea) $5,525.64*
6. LadyInbLak33 (Netherlands) $4,042.80*
7. NANUK-FREEZE (Germany) $1,724.16
8. szJimbix (Hungary) $948.28
9. OliveJay (Romania) $603.45

*reflects six-way deal

Still plenty of MicroMillions 6 events left to play out, including the big $22 buy-in, $1 million guaranteed Main Event (Event #98) tomorrow. Check that aforementioned official MicroMillions 6 page for full details of the remaining schedule.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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