MicroMillions 6: St Tomm tops Event #74 field ($8.80 NLHE, 4-Max., Super-KO)

With an $8.80 price tag, Event #74 of MicroMillions 6 had one of the higher buy-ins of all 100 tourneys in the series. But extra incentive was provided by the "super-knockout" format, and for some the four-handed tables made it an attractive, action-encouraging tourney in which to take part. Ultimately 8,658 bought in, and after eight hours and 45 minutes it was St Tomm of the Czech Republic coming away with the victory and a $2,177.39 first prize following a five-way deal.

Regular "knockout" tourneys offer bounties for eliminating players, while these "super-knockout" events make it even more lucrative to do so, with half of the prize pool going toward the bounties which thus means players get back nearly half of their buy-ins every time they felt another -- in this case $4.20 for each knockout.

The total buy-in for this one added up to $72,727.20 -- half of which was reserved for those bounties -- more than double the event's $30K guarantee. The huge field was whittled down with the money bubble bursting at 1,100 players, then later as the tournament approached the seven-hour mark just 16 of them were left gathered around the last four tables.

At that point Beta Leonis of Russia had already been eliminated in 75th place, but not before collecting 21 bounties to collect $88.20 from the prize pool, more than doubling the takeaway as Beta Leonis had earned $66.54 from the regular prize pool for the 75th-place finish. That would turn out to be the most bounties collected by any player in Event #74.

With 16 left, Berkut05 had pushed ahead of the pack with a stack of more than 7 million chips, at the time more than a couple of million ahead of anyone else.

Twenty minutes later four more bounties had been collected -- those of ssdf12 (16th), SuperMazalas (15th), choGanoob (14th), and @russiastar@ (13th) -- with those four players each earning $161.09 from the regular prize pool.

Then Berkut05 became short-stacked to go out in 12th, followed by Fundoll89 (11th), Krasnov523 (10th), and Dr_Drey15 (9th) who each earned $215.27 plus the bounties they had collected. Meanwhile St Tomm had grabbed the top spot with just over 11.5 million.

They'd yet to reach the eight-hour mark of the tournament when three more were eliminated -- pras4a (8th), imaginelsd (7th), and Tr!pleeeee (6th) -- each taking away $318.54 plus bounties. St Tomm was still in first position, and the last five players found themselves reseated at a new, final table.


Seat 1: leitao1976 (Portugal) -- 8,873,512
Seat 2: OBIBOK117 (Poland) -- 6,243,178
Seat 3: St Tomm (Czech Republic) -- 10,468,394
Seat 4: gi0rg0s6 (Cyprus) -- 8,750,192
Seat 5: udav818 (Russia) -- 8,954,724

They played on to that eight-hour break, with gi0rg0s6 moving into the top spot with more than 14 million and udav818 moving into second with just over 10 million. That's when the five were able to negotiate terms to chop up the remaining money in the regular prize pool -- leaving $600 for which to play -- and they continued from there.

About 15 minutes later the blinds were 70,000/140,000 when OBIBOK117 opened for 280,000 from under the gun, then gi0rg0s6 raised to 1.12 million from the button. It folded back to OBIBOK117 who pushed all in for 3,215,144 total, and gi0rg0s6 called the shove.

OBIBOK117 had A♣Q♦ and gi0rg0s6 K♦K♣. The 6♦Q♣2♦ flop paired OBIBOK117's queen, but the 4♥ turn and 8♦ river brought no further improvement and OBIBOK117 was out in fifth.

Five minutes after that they were in the same level when leitao1976 raised to 336,000 from UTG and both blinds called, gi0rg0s6 (small) and udav818 (big). The flop came 9♦5♥J♥ and it checked to leitao1976 who led for 560,000. gi0rg0s6 then raised all in for more than 15 million, udav818 called for 4,773,743, and leitao1976 called as well for 7,548,700.

gi0rg0s6: Q♥T♣
leitao1976: 9♥9♠
udav818: J♠T♦

leitao1976 had flopped a set of nines, udav818 top pair of jacks, and gi0rg0s6 an open-ended straight draw. The turn and river then brought a couple of blanks -- 3♠ and 2♠ -- giving leitao1976 the pot and knocking udav818 out in fourth.

Five hands later, leitao1976 made a 2x raise to 320,000 from the button, St Tomm three-bet to 800,000 from the small blind, then gi0rg0s6 pushed all in for 6,951,635 from the big blind. leitao1976 stepped aside, but St Tomm called.

St Tomm showed Q♠Q♦ and had gi0rg0s6 in bad shape with 9♠9♣. The board ran out 5♠2♠J♠5♥2♣, and gi0rg0s6's tourney run had ended in third.

That hand set up a heads-up duel that would begin with the remaining two players' stacks close to even as leitao1976 had 22,367,893 to St Tomm's 20,922,107. They'd end up battling for about 25 minutes, during which time St Tomm claimed the chip lead and then knocked leitao1976 down to less than 5 million before the final hand at last took place.

The blinds were 125,000/250,000, and St Tomm opened with a raise to 500,000 from the button. leitao1976 reraised the minimum, making it 750,000 to go, and when St Tomm pushed all in over the top, leitao1976 called with the 3,783,036 left behind.

leitao1976 had 9♣7♦ and was in dire straits against the 9♦9♥ of St Tomm. The board ran out 5♥A♥J♥K♠7♥, leaving St Tomm with a flush and stopping leitao1976 one spot shy of the win.

Congratulations to St Tomm for prevailing over another huge MicroMillions field to win the Event #74 title, a $2,177.39 first prize, and a few more bucks for collecting a dozen bounties. And kudos as well to the other four who made it to the last table and the five-way chop, all of whom also realized nifty four-figure paydays for their efforts.

MicroMillions-074: $8.80 No-Limit Hold'em, 4-Max., Super-Knockout
Entrants: 8,658
Total Prize pool: $72,727.20
Regular Prize pool: $36,363.60
Bounty Prize pool: $36,363.60
Places paid: 1,100

1. St Tomm (Czech Republic) $2,177.39* (+ $50.40 for 12 bounties)
2. leitao1976 (Portugal) $2,052.90* (+ $67.20 for 16 bounties)
3. gi0rg0s6 (Cyprus) $1,954.67* (+ $75.60 for 18 bounties)
4. udav818 (Russia) $1,296.72* (+ $12.60 for 3 bounties)
5. OBIBOK117 (Poland) $1,146.06* (+ $37.80 for 9 bounties)

There's one last weekend of MicroMillions 6 action, including the big $22 buy-in, $1 million guaranteed Main Event (Event #98) on Sunday. Check the official MicroMillions 6 page for details.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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