MicroMillions 6: sudzmafia cleans up, captures Event #81 ($5.50 PLO, 6-Max.)

It's been a wild week-and-a-half around here with the 100 tourney-long MicroMillions 6 running around the clock. Today the next-to-last day of the series was kicked off at 2 a.m. Eastern time with Event #81, a $5.50 buy-in six-handed pot-limit Omaha affair that saw a big field of 2,096 take part. It ended just over eight hours later with sudzmafia of New Zealand claiming the win and a $1,390.24 first prize following a three-handed final table deal.

That big field meant a prize pool of $10,480 -- over double the event's $5K guarantee -- with the top 264 finishers dividing the money. They'd burst that money bubble before the four-hour mark, then by the five-hour break exactly 50 players remained with Siveens99 the only one of them with more than 1 million chips and sitting about 350,000 ahead of sudzmafia in second position.

Forty-five minutes after that they were down to 18 and offend you had passed everyone to move over 1.5 million and into first. Another forty-five minutes later offend you was nearing 2 million and still on top with just 12 players left sitting around the last two six-handed tables.

jonikspok (12th) and 77sharpie77 (11th) would next go out, then offend you lost a couple of big hands to slip rapidly down the counts before being ousted in 10th. Those three each earned $96.41 for their finishes, then tonislukk (9th), DJONI72 (8th), and PinkEggs (7th) followed, each taking away $146.72.

With sudzmafia having climbed back up the counts to take a big chip lead, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: vladr40 (Latvia) -- 1,084,954
Seat 2: whoody1230 (Philippines) -- 1,385,791
Seat 3: sudzmafia (New Zealand) -- 3,926,762
Seat 4: Vovk13 (Russia) -- 1,258,920
Seat 5: gelp0810 (Denmark) -- 1,524,402
Seat 6: God's r-hand (Russia) -- 1,299,171

The seven-hour break arrived one hand later, giving everyone a chance to breathe as well as take to the chat box to congratulate one another for having gotten so far.

God's r-hand: gl guys!
sudzmafia: u2
Vovk13: :)
HostKaloyanD (Commentator): gg gl hf ^^
gelp0810: gl
whoody1230: gl

Play resumed, and after about 15 minutes the blinds were 40,000/80,000 when gelp0810 raised to 240,000 from the small blind, God's r-hand reraised to 720,000 from the big blind, gelp0810 called all in for 556,022 total.

gelp0810 showed Q♠J♣J♦T♥ while God's r-hand had A♥K♥T♣4♥. The flop came 2♠Q♣J♠ to improve gelp0810 to a set of jacks but also give God's r-hand a Broadway wrap draw. The T♠ then fell on the turn to complete that draw for God's r-hand, and after the 9♦ river, gelp0810 was out in sixth.

The remaining five began to talk about possibly making a deal, but play continued and the blinds rose to 60,000/120,000. That's when vladr40 raised to 360,000 from the small blind, whoody1230 reraised to 1.08 million, vladr40 pushed all in for 1,765,942 total, and whoody1230 called.

vladr40: A♣K♦T♣5♥
whoody1230: A♥A♦8♠5♠

The board ran out 2♦2♠4♠7♠2♥, giving whoody1230 deuces full of aces and ending vladr40's tournament run in fifth.

Vovk13 was the next to go in fourth after also falling in a hand versus whoody1230 in the same level. That one saw Vovk13 open-raising a short stack of 175,150 all in from the button and whoody1230 calling from the big blind.

Vovk13 had A♦K♦T♦3♠ and whoody1230 Q♦Q♣8♥3♦. The flop came 4♦6♦5♥, then the A♥ turn gave Vovk13 the lead momentarily. But the Q♥ came on the river to give whoody1230 a set and Vovk13 was out.

One hand later the tournament was stopped and the last three players were able to negotiate a deal to divide the remaining prize money (leaving $100 for which to play). By then whoody1230 had moved in front with just over 4.39 million, sudzmafia was next with about 4.12 million, and God's r-hand third with about 1.96 million.

They pushed on to the eight-hour break, by which whoody1230 had widened the lead a bit over sudzmafia while God's r-hand remained the short stack.

A couple of minutes after play resumed, the blinds were 80,000/160,000 when whoody1230 limped in from the button and sudzmafia called from the small blind. God's r-hand then raised all in for 491,128 from the big blind, and both of the others called.

sudzmafia and whoody1230 would then check down the 7♠7♦9♠ flop, the 2♠ turn, and the 7♥ river, and when sudzmafia showed Q♦J♥J♣8♥ for sevens full of jacks, the other two mucked and God's r-hand was out in third.

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Following that hand whoody1230 still held the lead to begin heads-up play with 6,441,546 to sudzmafia's 4,038,454. They battled for a few minutes during which sudzmafia closing the gap a little. Then a decisive hand arose that saw a major chip swing occur.

After a min-raise from the button to 320,000 by sudzmafia, whoody1230 called and the flop came 4♦5♣2♥. whoody1230 checked, sudzmafia bet 320,000, whoody1230 made it 1.28 million to go, sudzmafia reraised again to 4.48 million, whoody1230 pushed all in, and sudzmafia called with the 118,454 left behind.

whoody1230 had A♠T♠8♣3♦ for a wheel, but sudzmafia had flopped a better six-high straight with T♣6♠5♥3♣. The turn was the 9♦ and river the 2♦, and suddenly sudzmafia was up over 9.8 million and in command of the match.

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Meanwhile whoody1230 was down to less than 650,000 and with the blinds moving up to 100,000/200,000 was in dire straits. whoody1230 would manage to double up once, but soon was back down under 500,000 when the final hand took place.

After a sudzmafia button raise, whoody1230 called all in with the 286,184 left after posting the big blind, showing J♣4♣2♠2♥ versus sudzmafia's A♠9♥8♣4♦. The community cards came K♣A♥T♠3♣9♦, giving sudzmafia two pair and the win.

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Congratulations to sudzmafia for topping a field of more than 2,000 to turn a $5.50 buy-in into a $1,390.24 first prize while also earning a first MicroMillions 6 win for New Zealand! And kudos as well to whoody1230 and God's r-hand who thanks to the three-player deal managed to earn four-figure scores, too.

MicroMillions-081: $5.50 Pot-Limit Omaha, 6-Max.
Entrants: 2,096
Prize pool: $10,480.00
Places paid: 264

1. sudzmafia (New Zealand) $1,390.24*
2. whoody1230 (Philippines) $1,314.78*
3. God's r-hand (Russia) $1,094.99*
4. Vovk13 (Russia) $602.60
5. vladr40 (Latvia) $393.00
6. gelpo810 (Denmark) $221.12

*reflects three-way deal

Still plenty of MicroMillions 6 events left to play out, including the big $22 buy-in, $1 million guaranteed Main Event (Event #98) tomorrow. Check the official MicroMillions 6 page for details.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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