MicroMillions 7: crispoker10 performs magic to win Event #11 [$11 NLHE, 6-Max]

Day two of MicroMillions 7 and another successful start to this tournament series. Tonight's Event #11 aptly priced $11 NLHE 6-Max tournament would nearly double its $100,000 guarantee by bringing in 18,921 players for a $189,210.00 prize pool. After 10 hours of play four players would sit down to each take away a five-figure prize. But, it was crispoker10 using a timely river card at the end to defeat BulexNoTex heads-up for the win earning $16,426.12.

Team PokerStars Pro Grzegorz "DaWarsaw" Mikielewicz managed to side-step enough to players to fill a soccer stadium section to place 765th place ($43.51) tonight. The 18,921 player field took eight and a half hours to shrink down to three tables of six with RaiseUpBlind used enough sightless aggression to grab the chip lead with over 13 million chips and blinds at 100K/200K ante 25K.

A half hour later RaiseUpBlind would push the chip lead to nearly 24 million with blinds up to 150K/300K ante 37.5K. crispoker10 would help shave shepa smr (11th place, $1,229.86) and alparslan72 (12th place, $1,229.86) off the table in one blow as A♥9♥ outran shepa smr's 4♠5♠ and alparslan72's T♦Q♠ to take a 2.8 million chip pot and come two spots closer to the $24,354.56 up top.

In a battle of the shortstacks, macak111's A♥9♦ ran into Lollone4's pocket queens Q♣Q♦ and failed to hit on the 2♥5♠6♥5♦6♣ board to take away $1,229.86 in tenth place as RaiseUpBlind hit a snag against sanatkaikini when RaiseUpBlind's big slick could not hold against sanatkaikini's ace-eight to slap to 17 million chips as the blinds moved up to 200K/400K ante 50K. genevaboy23 would take the next pay hike in ninth place earning $1,608.23 and FuriousAA from Poland was not far behind claiming the same amount in eighth place a few minutes later.

Down to hand-for-hand play RaiseUpBlind was running over the table of three getting chips back from sanatkaikini and pushing the chip leading stack to 36.6 million with blinds up to 250K/500K ante 62.5K. Considering no one else had more than 10.1 million at this point, it may be RaiseUpBlind's tournament to lose.

Another bad beat, this time Altrounder's pocket treys taking down RaiseUpBlind's pocket queens for 17 million chip pot would knock RaiseUpBlind down a bit as the blinds moved up to 300K/600K ante 75K and no one giving in to the lengthy hand-for-hand play. Finally the gridlock was broken by a bit of a cooler as the blinds moved up to 400K/800K ante 100K crispoker10 min-raise from the cutoff as Lollone4 shoved for 4.96 million holding Q♣K♠. Passed back to crispoker10 who quickly called with pocket aces A♣A♥. A king on the flop was as far as the excitement would go 5♥ 6♣ K♣ 6♥ 9♥ starting up the Event #11 final table below:


Seat 1: Altrounder (14639414 in chips)
Seat 2: BulexNoTex (4371618 in chips)
Seat 3: simeonoveca1 (10255696 in chips)
Seat 4: RaiseUpBlind (31173455 in chips)
Seat 5: sanatkaikini (10481583 in chips)
Seat 6: crispoker10 (23683234 in chips)

India represents

One country that does not usually have an abundance of final table representation found a member tonight. India's sanatkaikini's visit to the final table would be a short one however as eight minutes after the start with the blinds up to 500K/1MM ante 125K sanatkaikini would try to open shove from the small blind for 5.9 million holding A♥5♦ eliciting a call from crispoker10 in the big blind. A slight underdog with K♣8♦ found a king on the flop 7♣ 9♠ K♥ 2♦ 7♠ to send sanatkaikini off in sixth place ($2,238.35).


On the next hand simeonoveca1 would min-raise from the hijack seat as it passed around to BulexNoTex in the big blind who called. 2♠ K♦ 7♦ flop saw simeonoveca1 bet three million after a check from BulexNoTex. The check was ruse as BulexNoTex shoved for 14.9 million covering simeonoveca1's stack. simeonoveca1 would make the call holding 7♠A♠ but middle pair was no good as BulexNoTex flipped up top pair 9♦K♣. Another king on the turn K♥ shipped 21.1 million chips to BulexNoTex as simeonoveca1 claimed $3,532.55 in fifth place.

Costly lost, but win for others

Six hands later our remaining four would each take away a five-figure sum. A huge ROI from the $11 buy-in with $2,000.00 set aside for tonight's winner:

RaiseUpBlind (Canada) $16,666.41
BulexNoTex (Portugal) $15,869.17
crispoker10 (Portugal) $14,426.12
Altrounder (Albania) $10,869.72

No longer rounding

Altrounder would take away the least from the four-way split and sure enough would last the first hand back from the chop. Check the aforementioned hand below:

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Both players holding pocket pairs but crispoker10's eights 8♠8♣ would down Altrounder's sevens 7♣7♥ on the K♠ 9♣ T♦ 3♦ J♦ board to send Altrounder away in fourth place ($10,869.72).

Chip leader no more

RaiseUpBlind looked like the player to beat tonight after running over the tables leading into the final table and taking away the largest cut of the chop. But, six hands after Altrounder's departure, RaiseUpBlind would head to the rail as well. RaiseUpBlind would min-raise from the button as BulexNoTex wasted no time in shoving for 37.3 million from the big blind. Holding a pared down stack of 19.9 million, RaiseUpBlind called with A♣J♣. Flipping against Altrounder's pocket eights 8♠8♦, RaiseUpBlind watched a clubless 3♥ 9♦ 3♠ 5♠ 7♦ board run the former chip leader out in third place ($16,666.41).

Three minutes to turn the tide, four to win

In a long distance road race it's not usually the person who can run faster that wins but rather the athlete who has the most left in the tank at the end. crispoker10 would take down five of the last six hands of this tournament. First, doubling up with a 75 million chip pot after pushing preflop with Q♠K♥ and watching a king and ace flop against BulexNoTex's 3♥A♦. But, a queen on the river 9♠ K♠ A♣ 4♣ Q♥ shipped the big pot crispoker10's way. Two hands later, the MicroMillions 7 Event #11 winning hand was dealt below:

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This time crispoker10 held the ace A♠7♦ and got it to stick against BulexNoTex's T♠K♣ on the 9♦ 8♣ 5♦ 9♠ 5♣ to the claim the extra $2,000.00 and tonight's Event #11 title!

MicroMillions-011: $11.00 No Limit Hold Em' (6-Max)

Players Entered: 18,921
Places paid: 2,400
Prize pool: $189,210.00

(* denotes part of four-way deal)

1. crispoker10 (Portugal) *$16,426.12
2. BulexNoTex (Portugal) *$15,869.17
3. RaiseUpBlind (Canada) *$16,666.41
4. Altrounder (Albania) *$10,869.72
5. simeonoveca1 (Bulgaria) $3,532.55
6. sanatkaikini (India) $2,238.35

Hey! It's only day two of the MicroMillions 7 series. Be sure to stick around as the small buy-ins take away some serious cash for the next week by following the around-the-clock coverage right here at the PokerStarsBlog.

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

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