MicroMillions 7: dydyk2911 is the bounty king of Event #22 ($8.80 Progressive Super-Knockout)

Bounty tournaments got a whole new dimension when PokerStars cooked up the Progressive Super-Knockout format. Like a regular Super-Knockout, players' buy-ins are split between two prize pools; half goes to the regular prize pool and half to the bounty pool. When a player is eliminated, the opponent delivering the knockout wins half that player's bounty in cash while the other half is added on to his or her own bounty. This twist benefits an aggressive style-- players can be freerolling or even profiting long before the tournament actually hits the money. However, the more players you eliminate, the larger your own target grows.

The size of his target didn't seem to bother dydyk2911 one bit. Arriving at the final table with an average stack but the second-largest price on his head, dydyk291 went on to eliminate three opponents, growing that bounty to over $2,500 by the time he got heads-up with ducky709. Only a little over 24 hours after making his first final table of the series in Event #10, dydyk2911 closed out his first MicroMillions title. The win also moved him up to second place on the TLB with 160 points, only five points shy of current leader Deeagie.

31,712 players bought in to Event #22, their $8.80 buy-ins creating regular and bounty pools of $133,190.40 each for a total of 266,380.80 in prize money. 6,633 places were paid with first place set to earn $9,700.51 in addition to any bounties collected. Five Red Spades were in the mix, including Tyler "frosty012" Frost, Caio Pessagno, Naoya Kihara, and Martin Hruby. Only one finished in the money, Team Online's Felix "xflixx" Schneiders (778th).

Blinds were up to 150,000/300,000 with ten players remaining. With the action folded to Shafterhopf in the cutoff, he moved in for 4.37 million and orgi3000 successfully isolated with a three-bet to 8.44 million. Orgi3000's pocket sevens held up vs A♣8♥ and Shafterhopf ended his run on the final table bubble. Orgi3000 added another $181.58 to his bounty tally and increased his own bounty to $677.34.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: ducky709 (1,792,277 in chips, $1,053.83 bounty)
Seat 2: dolgat (5,923,562 in chips, $410.85 bounty)
Seat 3: EP13042013VP (12,201,894 in chips, $630.55 bounty)
Seat 4: karabatak61 (8,811,176 in chips, $212.14 bounty)
Seat 5: timomaska (7,633,731 in chips, $483.33 bounty)
Seat 6: orgi3000 (25,204,174 in chips, $677.34 bounty)
Seat 7: Rip_AA (4,360,001 in chips, $386.17 bounty)
Seat 8: Fastest10 (6,334,924 in chips $392.40 bounty)
Seat 9: dydyk2911 (7,018,261 in chips, $797.43 bounty)

Double quack-quack

Ducky709 limped onto the final table with only 1.8 million in chips and blinded down to only 717,000 before catching a break. With the blinds up to 200,000/400,000, Ducky709 shoved from UTG+1 and got two callers in dolgat and timomaska. The latter two checked down the J♣6♠3♦6♥4♦ board before ducky709 revealed K♥6♣ for trips. Both opponents mucked and ducky709 tripled to 3.2 million.

Up to eight big blinds, ducky709 still wasn't out of the woods. Later in the level, orgi3000 made an oversized (misclick?) raise to 12,800,000 with 9♠T♠ and ducky709 called all-in from the big blind with Q♣Q♦. Ducky709's queens held up and he moved up to 6.85 million in chips.

dydyk2911 and orgi3000 collect bounties

Nearing the ten big-blind mark, dydyk2911 picked up J♠J♦ in the nick of time and opened for a 3x raise to 1.2 million. Rip_AA shoved for 4.54 million from the big blind with A♠K♦ and dydyk2911 called. Dydyk2911 hit a jack on the flop to make a set and left Rip_AA on only 29,240 in chips. Dydyk2911 finished off Rip_AA on the next deal when his J♦T♦ held up against J♠8♥. Dydyk2911 picked up $508.78 for his ninth-place finish while dydyk2911 collected his bounty.

The blinds rose to 250,000/500,000 and orgi3000 opened for 1.05 million from UTG+1. Fastest10 looked down at pocket eights and shoved for 2.84 million. Orgi3000 called with A♣Q♠. Although the J♥9♥5♦ flop favored Fastest10, orgi3000 turned an ace and rivered a queen to send Fastest10 to the rail in eighth place ($863.07). Orgi3000 banked $196.20 for the knockout and increased his own bounty to $873.54.

EP13042013VP takes the chip lead

Second in chips to begin the final table, EP13042013VP was up to 13.8 million when he slyly open-limped the cutoff with J♣J♠. Orgi3000 shoved for 29.4 million from the big blind and EP13042013VP snap-called. Orgi3000's A♠T♠ did not improve on the Q♣Q♥J♦8♠Q♦ board and EP13042013VP took the chip lead with 28.1 million.

timomaska gets dolgat's chips, ducky709 nabs the bounty

Moments later, dolgat opened for a min-raise to 1,000,000 from UTG and both EP13042013VP and timomaska called. Dolgat led out for 2.5 million on the 4♦3♦5♣ flop, EP13042013 folded and timomaska shoved for his remaining 3.41 million. Dolgat called the 916k balance, his A♦J♠ trailing timomaska's 6♠6♣. Timomaska improved to two pair on the 4♥ turn and made a straight with the 7♠ on the river, good for a double-up to 11 million.

His stack decimated, dolgat three-bet shoved for 2.5 million a few hands later and ducky708 called. Ducky709's 7♠7♥ held up vs. 5♣5♠ and dolgat hit the rail in seventh place ($1,265.30). Ducky709 picked up another $205.43 in cash and increased his own bounty to $1,259.25.

EP13042013VP snaps off timomaska

Still in the chip lead, EP13042013VP picked up A♥J♦ UTG and opened for a 3x raise to 1.8 million. Timomaska shoved for 9.49 million from middle position and EP13042013 called only to watch him reveal pocket jacks. However, EP13042013VP's hit a stroke of luck and snapped them off with an ace on the flop, the board finishing A♦T♣7♣K♦K♥. Timomaska was eliminated in sixth place ($1,822.04) and EP13042013VP increased his bounty to $892.21.

dydyk2911 and ducky709 decimate orgi3000

With five players remaining, EP13042013VP retained the chip lead with 26.6 million, orgi3000 was second with 20.9 million, and ducky709 was the short stack with 7.85 million. With the action folded to him in the small blind, orgi3000 opened for 2.2 million and dydyk2911 moved all-in for 9.4 million from the big blind. Orgi3000 called, his A♠Q♣ racing with 4♣4♦. This time, the coin fell on dydyk2911's side, his fours flopping a set on the 9♠4♥2♥K♥A♥ board. Dydyk2911 doubled to 19.3 million while orgi3000 fell to 11.4 million.

Ducky709 also got a reprieve thanks to orgi3000. All-in pre flop with A♠2♦ vs. 3♦3♥, ducky709 spiked an ace on the river to win the pot and double to 15 million. Left with only 5.25 million, orgi3000 moved in a few hands later with J♥7♥ but did not improve against dydyk2911's A♠Q♥. Orgi3000 took home $2,729.07 for his fifth-place finish while dydyk2911 banked another $436.77 and increased his own bounty to $1,427.28.

Don't you let that deal go down

Only two hands later, EP13042013VP picked up 5♥5♦ in the cutoff and open-shoved for 22.9 million. However, dydyk291 was lying in wait with K♦K♣ in the big blind. EP13042013VP didn't find a miracle on the Q♦4♠2♠J♣T♣ board and exited in fourth place, good for $3,640.09. Dydyk2911 added another $446.11 to the tally and increased his bounty to $1,873.38.

As play turned three-hadned, dydyk2911 had a massive chip lead with 50.8 million, ducky709 was second with 18.9 million and karakatak61 was the short stack with 9.5 million. After a long string of small pots that say dydyk2911's stack shrink to 38 million, all three agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. However, once negotiations began, they couldn't even come to terms with what type of deal they wanted to consider-- chip count, ICM, or something else entirely. Irritated with the slowdown, ducky709 threw his hands up.


Shortly after action resumed, dydyk2911 opened for 3.6 million from the small blind and ducky709 shoved for 19 million from the big with K♣K♠. Dydyk2911 called and was up against it with A♣4♣. Ducky709 kept the lead on the T♥8♣6♠ flop but dydyk2911 spiked the A♠ to snap off his pocket kings. The river was the 2♦ and ducky709 was suddenly on the rail in 3rd place ($4,557.77). Dydyk2911 added $629.63 to the till and increased his own bounty to a staggering $2,503.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 4: karabatak61 (20,733,021 in chips, $212.14 bounty)
Seat 9: dydyk2911 (58,546,979 in chips, $2,503 bounty)

Heads-up play went for only a dozen hands before dydyk2911 flopped top pair and turned top two to close out the win:

Congratulations to dydyk2911 on his first MicroMillions title (and his second final table of the MicroMillions 7)! He banked $9,700.51 for the win while runner-up karabatak61 earned $6,975.18.

MicroMillions-022: $8.80 NL Hold'em Progressive Super-Knockout
Entrants: 31,712
Total prize pool: $266,380.80
Regular prize pool: $133,190.40
Bounty prize pool: $133,190.40
Places paid: 6,633

1. dydyk2911 (Czech Republic) $9,700.51 + $2,609.07 in bounties = $12,309.58
2. karabatak61 (Belgium) $6,975.18 + $212.14 in bounties = $7,187.32
3. ducky709 (Canada) $4,557.77 + $1,259.25 in bounties = $5,817.02
4. EP13042013VP (Moldova) $3,640.09 + $892.21 in bounties= $4,532.30
5. orgi3000 (Germany) $2,729.07 + $873.54 in bounties = $3,602.61
6. timomaska (Ukraine) $1,822.04 + $483.33 in bounties = $2,305.37
7. dolgat (Russia) $1,265.30 + $410.85 in bounties = $1,676.15
8. Fastest10 (Poland) $863.07 + $392.40 in bounties = $1,255.47
9. Rip_AA (Costa Rica) $508.78 + $386.17 in bounties = $894.95

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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