MicroMillions 7: Frog Doc 77 leaps to the top of Event #30 ($3.30 NLHE Turbo, Heads-Up)

Win three heads-up matches, make the money. Win eleven more, and become a champion. Easy enough, right? At least 16,384 players agreed and bought into Event #30 of the MicroMillions 7, the first of two heads-up events. The prize pool swelled to $49,152.00, nearly doubling the $25k guarantee. 2,048 places were paid with $3,596.82 set aside for first place.

Seven hours and eleven rounds later we were down to the final eight players.



DarkHorse710 def. korica0

DarkHorse710 trotted out to an early lead, moving up to 2,580 in chips when he got two streets of value after his A♦K♦ turned aces up. Midway through Level 2, DarkHorse710 three-bet to 240 from the big blind, then led out for another 240 on the T♠8♠7♥ flop. Korica0 called and the 6♥ came on the turn. DarkHorse710 fired 960 and korica0 gave up his hand, falling to 875 in chips. Korica0 fell to only 385 by Level 4 and ultimately committed the rest of his chips pre flop with Q♥T♠. Unfortunatley, korica0 ran straight into K♥K♠ and went out in eighth place while DarkHorse710 moved on to the semi-finals.

GrindinDude def. Masarach87

This match was neck-and-neck until GrindinDude picked up back-to-back pots on the river without a showdown, increasing his stack to just over 3,000. GrindinDude stayed true to his name and kept the pots small as he whittled away Masarach87's last 1,000 in chips. After winning 10 out of 12 pots, GrindinDude open-shoved from the small blind with Q♥9♥ and Masarach87 called off his last 235 with K♠T♥. GrindinDude hit a nine on the flop and advanced to the semis, eliminating Masarach87 in seventh place.

hunaczech def. Kick Dirty

Kick Dirty and hunaczech traded pots well into Level 2 when Kick Dirty raised the button pre flop and c-bet the 6♠3♠3♥ flop. Hunaczech called, and the J♦ came on the turn. Hunaczech checked, Kick Dirty bet 120 and hunaczech raised to 299. Kick Dirty called. The river fell the 8♠ and hunaczech led out for 419. Kick Dirty moved all-in for 1,631 and hunaczech folded.

Up to 2,900 in chips, Kick Dirty called a preflop minraise with 6♥9♥ and hit bottom two pair on a Q♥9♦6♦ flop. Kick Dirty check-raised to 160, only to have hunaczech move all-in for 962. Kick Dirty called, his sixes and nines coolered by hunaczech's Q♠6♣. The turn and river blanked with the 7♣ and the 8♣ and hunaczech doubled to 2,084
Hunaczech chipped up to 3,000 when he shoved a J♥6♠4♣ flop and Kick Dirty gave up his hand. A few hands later, both players picked up ace-high and the money went in pre flop, hunaczech's A♠Q♦ dominating Kick Dirty's A♥8♠. Hunaczech's hand held up on the K♦5♦3♦4♣A♣ board and Kick Dirty was out in sixth.

Frog Doc 77 def. Egor2338

Frog Doc 77 took an early lead and hovered around 2,500 in chips before Egor2338 called Frog Doc 77's triple-barrel bluff with a straight draw and evened the counts. However, Frog Doc 77 soon reclaimed the lead when his K♠K♣ turned a set.

Frog Doc 77 chipped up steadily before closing out the match by winning seven of the last eight hands. Ultimated, Egor2338 committed his last 420 in chips with A♠Q♥ and Frog Doc 77 called with K♥8♠. Frog Doc 77 hit an eight on the flop, the board running out J♥T♦8♥5♥7♣ to end Egor2338's run in fifth place.


Frog Doc 77 def. hunaczech

Frog Doc 77 built a lead early, grinding hunaczech down to 1,320 in chips. Holding pocket sixes, Frog Doc 77 bet the flop and turn on a Q♦9♥5♠3♠J♣ board before checking back on the river. Hunaczech revealed A♠4♠ for ace high and Frog Doc 77 moved up to 3,000 in chips.

Hunaczech managed to stay afloat until the 30/60 level, when he raised pre flop with 6♦8♠ and bet 120 on the 9♥6♣5♥ flop. Frog Doc 77 raised to 300, hunaczech shoved for 1,010 and Frog Doc 77 called, revealing K♥9♠. Frog Doc 77's top pair held up and he punched his ticket to the finals, eliminating hunaczech in fourth place ($1,152.61).

DarkHorse710 def. GrindinDude

The lead changed three times in this semifinal match before GrindinDude flopped trips and moved out to a 3 to 1 chip lead:

DarkHorse710, however, wasn't about to go quietly. Down to 595 in chips, he saw a free flop with 3♣7♠ in the big blind and saw it come down T♥T♣7♥. DarkHorse710 shoved and GrindinDude called, revealing A♣K♠. GrindinDude didn't improve on the 3♦ turn or the 4♦ river and DarkHorse710 doubled to 1,190.

Six hands later, DarkHorse710 doubled again when his J♦T♠ turned a pair of jacks vs. GrindinDude's A♥7♠. Up to 2,140 in chips, he ground his stack up to 2,900 before GrindinDude shoved for 1,110 with 6♥7♦. DarkHorse710 called with A♦T♠, but fell behind on the 8♣7♣2♠ flop. GrindinDude made sevens and sixes with the river 6♦ and retook the chip lead with 2,220.

DarkHorse710 fell back to 1,120 in chips before he doubled up, his pocket eights holding up against A♥8♦. Nine swaps of the blinds later, GrindinDude got the rest of his money in on a A♦8♥4♥2♦ board, his 5♦9♦ trailing DarkHorse710's J♥T♥. DarkHorse710's flush came in with the 2♥ river and GrindinDude was eliminated just short of the final table in third place ($1,152.61).



DarkHorse710 and Frog Doc 77 engaged in a 30-minute battle royale in the final round, the lead changes flying back and forth. Frog Doc 77 was first to strike when his 4♦8♦ turned two pair vs. DarkHorse710's top pair with J♠9♦. Up to 2,970 in chips, Frog Doc 77 left DarkHorse710 on seven big blinds when his 5♠8♥ flopped middle pair on a A♠2♠8♣6♣A♦ board. Frog Doc 77 successfully extracted value on the flop, turn, and river, leaving DarkHorse710 on only 430 in chips.

DarkHorse710 quickly rebounded, doubling to 980 when his 6♦T♦ flopped a six, turned trips, and rivered quads . However, eight hands later, DarkHorse710 was all-in with the worst of it, his A♦3♥ trailing Frog Doc 77's A♣7♦. A heaven-sent 9♥3♣3♦ flop gave DarkHorse710 trip threes and he doubled again, this time to 1,420.

Frog Doc 77 kept the pressure on and chipped back up to 3,000 when he raised the river on a Q♦T♥5♣2♠8♥ board and DarkHorse710 gave up his hand. With the blinds up to 100/200, Frog Doc 77 snapped up six pots in a row before running his A♥Q♥ into DarkHorse710's A♦A♠. Although the aces survived the flop, it was Frog Doc 77's turn to get lucky. Hearts fell on the turn and river to make Frog Doc 77 a flush:

Congratulations to Germany's Frog Doc 77 on his first MicroMillions title! He banked $3,596.82 for the win while runner-up DarkHorse710 earned $2,282.12.

MicroMillions-030: $3.30 NL Hold'em Turbo, Heads-Up
Entrants: 16,384
Prize pool: $49,152.00
Places paid: 2,048

1. Frog Doc 77 (Germany) $3,596.82
2. DarkHorse710 (Hungary) $2,282.12
3. GrindinDude (Germany) $1,152.61
4. hunaczech (Czech Republic) $1,152.61
5. Egor2338 (Russia) $635.04
6. Kick Dirty (Germany) $635.04
7. Masarach87 (Ukraine) $635.04
8. korica0 (Russia) $635.04

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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