MicroMillions 7: napa3uTa denies BastiKiefer a repeat title in Event #89 ($5.50 NL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo)

BastiKiefer arrived at the final table with the rare opportunity to make a repeat win. The German won this event in the MicroMillions 5 and although he was the shortest stack to start, BastiKiefer couldn't contain himself and revealed his situation:

BastiKiefer: lol i want win again so much
napa3uTa: which event u have won??
BastiKiefer: this
BLACK YA: ahah
napa3uTa: last year???
BastiKiefer: with a deal on the last 3... micro million 5

BastiKiefer went to work and eliminated two opponents, boosting his stack into safer territory. Then, with the field down to five, everyone agreed to an ICM deal that squared away the vast majority of the prize pool. BastiKiefer climbed his way into the chip lead by the time he got heads-up, but napa3uTa came from behind to win his first MicroMillions title and $1,759.45.

2,608 players entered Event #89, their $5.50 buyins combining to create a $13,040.00 prize pool. 336 places were paid with $2,218.42 set aside for first place. Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome and Luka "LukaSteel" Kovač joined the field, but both finished outside the money.

The blinds were up to 30,000/60,000 on the final table bubble when volgadon opened for a raise to 120,000 from the small blind. IzzyInsist called from the big blind and they saw a T♠9♥3♦ flop. Volgadon led out for 120,000, IzzyInsist shoved for 918,158 and volgadon called, turning over A♠9♣9♦8♥5♦ for a set of nines. IzzyInsist's K♥K♦Q♣T♣7♠ did not improve, while volgadon hit the 3♣ on the river to make a full house and eliminated IzzyInsist in seventh place.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: BastiKiefer (540,552 in chips)
Seat 2: juniortahl (1,699,203 in chips)
Seat 3: Loko12rus400 (707,779 in chips)
Seat 4: BLACK YA (892,826 in chips)
Seat 5: volgadon (2,270,818 in chips)
Seat 6: napa3uTa (2,914,329 in chips)
Seat 7: Y-TriBBiani (1,465,611 in chips)
Seat 8: daviedee69 (2,548,882 in chips)

BastiKiefer busts a pair

Y-TriBBiani sank to only 164,000 in chips after BLACK YA spiked a river jack on a 7♦4♦4♣6♠J♣ board to make a full house with A♦J♦J♠2♣2♠, snapping off Y-TriBBiani's A♣A♥K♠T♠6♣. However, Y-TriBBiani got lucky on the next deal. All-in preflop with four callers, Y-TriBBiani's A♠J♦3♣3♦2♦ made threes and sixes on the Q♣6♠6♦ flop. Volgadon's 400,000 bet folded out their other three opponents and he revealed K♥K♣T♦6♥5♠ for trip sixes. The 7♦ turned gave Y-TriBBiani a flush draw and a low draw and the 8♦ river filled both, giving Y-TriBBiani the 860,000 pot.

With the blinds up to 60,000/120,000, Y-Tribbiani saw a Q♦4♣2♦ flop for free from the big blind. He checked to UTG limper daviedee, who bet 120,000. Y-Tribbiani shoved for 665,000 and daviedee69 called.

daviedee69 A♣K♣J♣7♦5♦ (flush draw, gutshot wheel draw, low draw)
Y-TriBBiani A♦J♠6♥4♠2♠ (two pair, low draw)

Once again, luck was with Y-TriBBiani as running deuces made him quads to scoop the pot, leaving daviedee69 on 699,000.

A few hands later, daviedee69 open-shoved from the small blind and BastiKiefer called from the big. BastiKiefer's A♦8♠6♠2♥2♦ flopped a set of deuces and turned deuces full on the J♥5♣2♠2♥T♦ board, crushing daviedee69's A♥A♣Q♠8♣2♣. Daviedee69 was eliminated in eighth place, earning $130.40 for his finish.

BastiKiefer was up to 1.2 million in chips when he picked up A♥A♣A♦5♠4♦ in the big blind. The action folded to Y-TriBBiani, who open-shoved for 1.18 million from the small blind and BastiKiefer called. Y-TriBBiani's K♥8♦8♠5♥4♠ was toast against BastiKiefer's set of aces on the A♠3♦T♥9♣K♠ board and he hit the rail in seventh place.

volgadon vanishes

Three hands later, napa3uTa opened for 378,000 from UTG and volgadon called from the big blind. Both players checked the K♣8♣7♥ flop. The turn came the 6♦ and volgadon led out for 420,000. Napa3uTa raised to 2.24 million and volgadon called all-in, revealing 9♣8♠5♣4♠3♦ for a nine-high straight. Napa3UTa's set of kings with A♥K♥K♠6♥2♣ needed help and he got it when the 8♥ rivered, making him kings full of eights and a 8-7-6-2-A low. Volgadon was suddenly out in sixth place, collecting $391.20.

A five-way chop

With the hour growing late, the final five immediately agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Here's a look at how they stacked up at the time:

napa3uTa (4,831,649)
BastiKiefer (2,898,053)
BLACK YA (2,171,019)
Loko12rus400 (2,059,523)
juniortahl (1,079,756)

They quickly agreed to an ICM chop that guaranteed each player between $995 and $1,559 and left the required $200 in play. With the prize pool more or less squared away, cards went back in the air.

napa3uTa takes out two

Shortly after the action resumed, Loko12rus400 open-shoved for 1.74 million from UTG and napa3uTa called on the button.

Loko12rus400 A♦Q♥Q♣6♥2♣
napa3uTa A♥K♦J♠T♦2♥

Loko12rus400's queens were snapped off on the J♦T♠4♦ flop as napa3uTa made two pair, jacks and tens. The 9♣ turn was no help to Loko12rus400 and the A♣ river improved napa3uTa to aces up. Loko12rus400 was eliminated in 5th place, his share of the deal totaling $1,224.36.

Napa3uTa picked up more steam when BLACK YA open-shoved for 1.53 million with A♥J♣9♦4♦3♣and he reshoved for 6.65 million on the button. Napa3uTa's A♦J♠T♥8♦2♠ rivered a wheel to scoop the pot, the board running out 7♣5♣2♠5♦4♥. BLACK YA's run came to an end in fourth place, good for $1,244.67.

juniortahl eliminated in third place

With the blinds up to 100,000/200,000, juniortahl open-shoved on the button for 1.31 million. Napa3uTa flat-called from the small blind and BastiKiefer reshoved for 2.63 million from the big. Napa3uTa called, and the cards went on their backs.

juniortahl A♦7♦5♦5♥2♣
napa3uTa K♣Q♣Q♥T♦7♠
BastiKiefer A♥A♠7♣4♥3♦

BastiKiefer flopped aces full of eights, putting the high on lockdown, and he made an 8-6-4-3-A low when the 6♦ turned. The river improved BastiKiefer's low to a 7-6, and he scooped the main and side pots, eliminating juniortahl in third place ($995.56).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: BastiKiefer (6,659,209 in chips)
Seat 6: napa3uTa (6,380,791 in chips)

BastiKiefer had a slight lead going into heads-up play, but lost it when he was quartered in this 12.2 million pot:

Down to 3 million in chips, BastiKiefer doubled up when his A♥K♥J♠7♠7♥ rivered jacks full of kings on a J♣9♥2♠K♦J♦ board, snapping off napa3uTa's A♦A♣8♣5♦3♠. BastiKiefer moved back up to 5.4 million in chips, but didn't hang on to it for long. Two hands later, he open-shoved with A♠K♥8♦4♠2♣ and napa3uTa called with A♦T♦9♣6♦2♠. Napa3uTa flopped trip tens and rivered a jack-high straight, denying BastiKiefer a repeat title:

Congratulations to napa3uTa on capturing a MicroMillions title! He banked $1,759.45 for the win while runner-up BastiKiefer earned $1,358.08.

MicroMillions-089: $5.50 NL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo
Entrants: 2,608
Total prize pool: $13,040.00
Places paid: 336

1. napa3uTa (Cyprus) $1,759.45*
2. BastiKiefer (Germany) $1,358.08*
3. juniortahl (Brazil) $995.56*
4. BLACK YA (Belarus) $1,255.67*
5. Loko12rus400 (Russia) $1,224.36*
6. volgadon (Russia) $391.20
7. Y-TriBBiani (Czech Republic) $260.80
8. daviedee69 (United Kingdom) $130.40

*= reflects the results of a five-way deal that left $200 in play for the winner

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 7