MicroMillions 7: thorus1985 conquers Event #12 ($3.30 NLHE Big Antes)

The MicroMillions 7 continued packing houses and smashing guarantees on its second day. Event #12 was not only the first Big Antes tournament of the series, but it more than doubled its $40K guarantee. 28,738 players came out to compete, creating an $86,214.00 prize pool. 3,600 players earned a share of it with $8,208.35 set aside for first place. Red Spade bannermen Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby and Felix "xflixx" Schneiders were in the mix, but neither finished in the money.

Blinds were up to 250,000/500,000 with a 100,000 ante on the final table bubble. The action folded to -Freakrer- on the button and he moved all-in for 4.87 million. DJekky flat-called from the small blind and ennzo75 reshoved for 5.98 million from the big. DJekky called off an additional 1.11 million and the cards went on their backs.

-Freakrer- A♠5♣
DJekky A♥9♦
ennzo75 A♦K♦

Ennzo75's dominating hand held up on the ten-high board and he raked in the 15.1 million pot. DJekky survived to make the final table with 3.25 million in chips and -Freakrer- was its unfortunate bubble boy, finishing in tenth place.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: clubduster (17,293,375 in chips)
Seat 2: ennzo75 (17,340,508 in chips)
Seat 3: jamnick85 (11,403,955 in chips)
Seat 4: tomalika (24,255,588 in chips)
Seat 5: joeyhullekes (18,092,564 in chips)
Seat 6: SebbyGl (13,317,748 in chips)
Seat 7: iL!Ght (16,135,451 in chips)
Seat 8: thorus1985 (22,594,391 in chips)
Seat 9: DJekky (3,256,420 in chips)

DJekky double-doubles

His stack decimated on the final table bubble, DJekky desperately needed a double-up and he quickly got one when his A♠T♠ flopped the nut flush vs. jokehullekes, who flopped the second nuts with Q♠9♠. DJekky moved up to 6 million in chips but quickly fell back to 3 million before doubling again. With the action folded to SebbyGI in the cutoff, he open-shoved for 10.4 milllion with K♦Q♣ and DJekky called all-in from the big blind with J♥8♥. DJekky flopped a jack and turned trips, good for the 7.47 million pot.

Two down in two hands

After doubling up DJekky, SebbyGI was left with only 7.9 million in chips. With the blinds up to 400,000/800,000, joeyhulleke opened for a min-raise from the cutoff and SebbyGI shoved for 7.75 million on the button with K♦Q♣. Unfortunately for SebbyGI, thorus1985 woke up with A♥A♠ in the small blind and reshoved for 17.3 million, folding out joeyhullekes. Thorus1985's aces held up and SebbyGI hit the rail in ninth place, good for $431.07.

On the next deal, jamnick85 opened for 1.6 million, thorus1985 called from the small blind and SJekky shoved for 4.02 million from the big. Both opponents called, but thorus1985 check-folded to jamnick85's 1.99 million bet on the A♦9♦2♠ flop. DJekky turned up K♠K♣, cracked by jamnick85's A♠4♥. DJekky couldn't manage a two-outer and ended his run in eighth place ($732.81).

tomalika's fall

Although tomalika arrived at the final table as the chip leader, he lost ground by doubling up two short stacks. First iL!Ght's A♥Q♦ flopped a queen vs. his 9♠T♠, doubling him for 9.5 million to 22.4 million. Then, moments later, thorus1985 three-bet shoved for 10.4 million with A♠K♦ and tomalika looked him up with K♠J♦. Thorus1985 flopped an ace and doubled to 23.7 million, leaving tomalika on 10.2 million.

Tomalika hung on until the 500,000/1,000,000 level, when he shoved on the button for 8.17 million with J♠T♣ and ran into joeyhullekes's T♠T♦. Joeyhullekes flopped top set and turned a boat on the T♥8♦5♦5♥5♣ board, sending tomalika home in seventh place ($1,077.67).

thorus1985 takes control

With six players remaining, thorus1985 held the chip lead with 40.4 million and jamnick85 was close behind with 36.3 million. However, thorus1985 asserted control and moved up to 58 million in chips by picking up this 31.7 million pot from jamnick85 without a showdown:

Shortly thereafter, clubduster opened for a 2.4 million min-raise from UTG and ennzo75 shoved for 6.95 million. Clubduster called, his Q♦T♣ racing with 5♥5♣. Clubduster trailed all the way to the river when a queen spiked, giving him the 17.1 million pot and eliminating ennzo75 in sixth place ($1,551.85).

Clubduster, however, was not long for this final table. A few hands later, iL!Ght opened for 2.6 million, thorus1985 three-bet to 7.2 million and clubduster shoved for 16.2 million from the big blind. IL!Ght foded, but thorus1985 called the additional 9 million, revealing A♥J♦. Clubduster's A♠T♥ was dominated and did not improve on the 6♣5♣4♠6♥7♣ board, ending his run in fifth place ($2,327.77).

thorus85 extinguishes iL!Ght, jamnick85 takes out joeyhullekes

With the field down to four, thorus1985 had a runaway chip lead with 90.2 million while his opponents all held between 11 and 24 million. Third-in-chips jamnick85 found Q♠J♠ in the cutoff and shoved for 18.2 million, but ran into thorus1985's A♣K♦ in the big blind. Jamnick85, however, outflopped thorus1985 on the J♣6♦5♥7♦5♦ board and doubled to 38.3 million.

Thorus1985 quickly rebounded, though, when iL!Ght shoved for 19.7 million on the button and ran 2♦2♠ straight into his Q♥Q♠. Thorus1985's queens held up on the A♦K♥9♦J♥9♥ board and iL!Ght hit the rail in fourth place ($3,103.70).

Then, on the very next deal, jamnick85 shoved 25 million from the small blind and joeyhullekes called off his remaining 9 million from the big. Jamnick85's 6♦9♦ trailed joeyhullekes's A♥T♥ on the A♦9♠5♦ flop but hit the 6♠ on the river to make sixes and nines. Joeyhullekes was out in third, earning $3,879.63 for his efforts.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 3: jamnick85 (36,738,597 in chips)
Seat 8: thorus1985 (106,951,403 in chips)

Jamnick85 turned a 3 to 1 chip defect into an evenly-matched battle by doubling up on the first hand. The money went in on the turn, jamnick85's top pair holding up vs. thorus1985's flush draw.

Jamnick85 took a slight chip lead with 73.4 million to thorus1985's 70.2 million. However, thorus1985 rebounded by taking down a 58.2 million pot, his third bullet going unanswered on the Q♠8♥3♠9♥8♣ board. The two traded pots, thorus1985 whittling jamnick85 down to 33.7 million before he picked up Q♦Q♥ and doubled to 67.4 million.

Thorus1985 slowly worked his way back up to 100 million in chips only to double jamnick85 once again. This time, all the money went in pre flop on a coin flip, thorus1985's A♦K♥ going up against jamnick85's T♥T♠. Jamnick85' tens held up and rivered a set, good for the 86.7 million pot.

With the blinds up to 1M/2M, thorus1985 was down to 46 million when he picked up Q♣2♣ and called jamnick85's pre flop min-raise. Thorus1985 led out for 6 million on the A♠9♦7♣ flop and jamnick85 called. Both players checked the 2♥ on the turn. When the river brought the 2♠, thorus1985 shoved with his trip deuces and jamnick85 called, revealing A♦3♦. Thorus1985 doubled to 92 million and retook the chip lead.

Moments later, all the money was in the middle again, thorus1985 three-bet shoving with A♣T♣ and jamnick85 calling with 9♥9♣. Thorus1985 flopped an ace, the board running out A♥T♦3♣8♠K♥ to lock up the win.

Congratulations to thorus1985 on capturing his first MicroMillion title! He banked $8,208.35 for the win, while runner-up jamnick85 earned $5,979.80.

MicroMillions-012: $3.30 NL Hold'em Big Antes
Entrants: 28,738
Prize pool: $86,214.00
Places paid: 3,600

1. thorus1985 (Czech Republic) $8,208.35
2. jamnick85 (Poland) $5,979.80
3. joeyhullekes (Netherlands) $3,879.63
4. iL!Ght (Romania) $3,103.70
5. clubduster (Canada) $2,327.77
6. ennzo75 (Slovenia) $1,551.85
7. tomalika (Bangladesh) $1,077.67
8. DJekky (Russia) $732.81
9. SebbyGI (Germany) $431.07

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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