arks24 Sails Away With the MicroMillions Razz Title in Event #91

To the uninitiated, Razz looks like a funny old game, mainly because it rewards players for making the worst hand possible instead of the usual poker hands. Two pair, full houses and quads are frowned upon, although flushes and straights -- so long as they are low -- are not.

On Sunday morning, 1,712 players decided to try their luck at the Razz event of MicroMillions 8 and created an $8,560 prize pool as they did so. Some seven hours and 10 minutes later, only one player remained in the field, our champion.

Let's see how the tournament progressed from the final table of eight through to the crowning of the winner.

Razz Final.png

Seat 1: Dart Serg (Russia) -- 14,240
Seat 2: germany5590 (New Zealand) -- 2,516,884
Seat 3: 31beer31 (Poland) -- 137,040
Seat 4: arks24 (Estonia) -- 623,461
Seat 5: spennymac (Canada) -- 1,427,669
Seat 6: Cepblu BoJIk Ukraine) -- 320,150
Seat 7: The_Greeeek (Ukraine) -- 2,392,562
Seat 8: arcmonkey (Russia) -- 1,127,994

The first hand at the final table resulted in the first exit. Russia's Dart Serg only has 2,240 chips remaining after paying the 12,000 ante and he called those off when arcmonkey brought in for 18,000. 31beer31 called, Cepblu BoJlk raised to 60,000 and only 31beer31 called.

On fourth street, Cepblu BoJlk bet 60,000 and 31beer31 folded.

Cepblu BoJlk: 2♥7♣3♠/5♥/T♥/Q♠/4♠
31beer31: Xx Xx 6♣/9♠ folded on fourth street
Dart Serg: 8♥T♦5♣/5♠/7♠/K♣/6♦

By the river, Dart Serg held T-8-7-6-5 and lost to the 7-5-4-3-2 of Cepblu BoJlk to finish in eighth place.

Eight hands later and arcmonkey joined Dart Serg on the sidelines after his hand ran out to what would have been a good Seven Card Stud hand, sadly they were playing Razz!

The_Greeeek brought in for 24,000 and arcmonkey raised to 80,000. arks24 flat-called arcmonkey's raise and when the other players folded, it was heads-up to fourth street. arks24 led for 80,000 and called when arcmonkey raised all-in for 105,914 in total.

arks24: 5♣7♥3♦/6♥/Q♦/J♣/8♥ for an 8-7-6-5-3
arcmonkey: 7♠5♥6♠/7♦/Q♠/6♦/Q♣ for 6-6-Q-7-5

A cruel run out for arcmonkey who had three pairs in his hand by seventh street, definitely not what you want in razz, and his tournament was over.

The lightning pace continued with the back-to-back eliminations of spennymac and 31beer31.

Sixteen hands after arcmonkey's demise, spennymac raised to 60822 and was all-in. Two players folded, then germany5590 raised to 80,000. The other active players ducked out of the way and the cards began coming into view:

spennymac: 3♦7♠4♠/T♦/Q♦/5♥/K♥ for a T-7-5-4-3
germany5590: A♣2♥6♠/5♦/K♠/3♥/8♦ for a superior 6-5-3-2-A

On the next hand, germany5590 brought in for 24,000, 31beer31 raised to 30,160 and was all-in as a result. The_Greeeek raised to 80,000 and germnay5590 called.

On fourth street, The_Greeeek bet 80,000 and germany5590 folded.

The_Greeeek: 8♣2♣6♠/K♠/A♥/4♥/2♠ - for 8-6-4-2-A
germany5590: A♠4♠J♠/T♠ - folded on fourth street
31beer31: 3♦7♥6♣/9♥/3♥/8♦/T♣ - for 9-8-7-6-3

Game over for 31beer31 and game on for the remaining four players who were now guaranteed $599.20 from their $5.50 investment.

That princely sum increased to a much more substantial $813.20 when Cepblu BoJlk crashed out in fourth place shortly after the exit of 31beer31. The_Greeeek brought in for 30,000 and germany5590 raised to 100,000. Cepblu BoJlk called the 100,000 and the other players mucked their hands.

Fourth street saw a 100,000 bet from germany5590 and a call from his sole opponent. Germany5590 the led for 200,000 on fifth street and Cepblu BoJlk called off his last 138,780.

germany5590: 5♠2♦7♠/4♠/J♠/6♠/T♠ - for 7-6-5-4-2
Cepblu BoJlk: 5♣6♣2♣/K♥/3♥/J♦/9♥ - for 9-6-5-3-2

Cepblu BoJlk needed a seven, four or ace on seventh street to stay in the tournament, but the 9♥ fell instead and sent him to the sidelines to collect fourth place money.

The surviving three players locked horns for 24 hands before a huge pot was created that resulted in The_Greeeek heading home in third place.

The_Greeeek bet 12,000 on third street and only arsk24 called. On fourth street, arks24 bet 12,000, The_Greeeek raised, arks24 put in another raise and The_Greeek capped the betting with a 480,000 bet. Arks24 called and it was off to fifth street.

arks24 bet 240,000 and then called when The_Greeeek raised to 418,332 and was all-in.

arks24: 7♠6♥5♦/A♠/8♥/8♦/[7d - for 8-7-6-5-A
The_Greeeek: 4♣A♣6♦/5♥/5♣/J♦/J♠ - for J-6-5-4-A

The_Greeeek's seat hadn't even gone cold when germany5590 piped up in the chat box, "do you wanna discuss a deal dawg?"

The answer was yes. No negotiations were needed because the player immediately agreed to chop the remaining prize pool via ICM and play for an additional $100. This meant arks24 would win a minimum of $1,236.49 and $1,232.31 would be germany5590's.

"lets play for that gold bracelet son," said germany5590 as play resumed.

Only one ante separated the players going into heads-up play and neither party managed to pull away from the other for too long before matters were levelled off again. Then, on the 93rd hand of one-on-one play, the following action occurred that resulted in a champion being crowned.

First, arks24 brought in for 60,000 only to see germany5590 raise to 200,000. Arks24 responded with a raise of his own to 400,000 and then called when germany5590 raised to 600,000 and then called when arks24 capped the betting with a fourth raise to 800,000.

On fourth street, arks24 bet 200,000 and was called. Germany5590 bet 400,000 on fifth street and after a series of raises from the heads-up duo, the betting was once again capped. Germany5590 was all-in for his last 93,506 on sixth street and arks24 tossed in the calling chips.

germany5590: 2♠7♦3♣Q♣K♥9♠Q♥ - for Q-9-7-3-2
arks24: 4♠A♥8♣8♦J♠7♠7♥ - for J-8-7-4-A and the win!

Final Hand.png

MicroMillions-091: $5.50 Razz
Entrants: 1,712
Prize pool: $8,560
Places paid: 224

1. arks24 (Estonia) -- $1,336.49*
2. germany5590 (Germany) -- $1,232.31*
3. The_Greeeek (Ukraine) -- $813.20
4. Cepblu BoJIk (Ukraine) -- $599.20
5. 31beer31 (Poland) -- $428.00
6. spennymac (Canada) -- $256.80
7. arcmonkey (Russia) -- $171.20
8. Dart Serg (Russia) -- $85.60

* = reflects a heads-up deal

Don't forget that at 2:30 p.m ET on Sunday night the $1 million guaranteed MicroMillions 8 Main Event takes place. Despite costing only $22 to enter, the winner will walk away with at least $100,000!

Matthew Pitt
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 8