Chile's angeloh1969 Chops Down Opposition to Win MicroMillions Event #53

Pot limit Omaha is one of the most exciting poker variants PokerStars spreads. By its very nature, pots grow large and do so quickly and it often seem like every hand is a straight, flush or full house. There are some players out there who like to spice up their Omaha action. How? By playing it to a no limit betting structure. By seating everyone at six-handed tables. By having the option to re-enter the tournament should they bust.

This was the exact format of the 53rd event of the MicroMillions 8 series, a $3.30 buy-in No Limit Omaha 6-Max, Re-Entry with a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool. That prize pool's guarantee was surpassed by $626 after 2,487 players bought in and purchased 1,055 re-entries between them.

That bumper crowd of action-junkies were whittled down to the final table of six after only seven-and-a-quarter hours of play and then a champion crowned 75 minutes later.


Final Table Seat Draw

Seat 1: Gorgo69 (Chile) -- 361,759
Seat 2: murashkin (Russia) -- 786,051
Seat 3: ibetmysister (Belgium) -- 1,993,903
Seat 4: 1stAceRimmer (Australia) -- 7,802,266
Seat 5: pollaku (Brazil) -- 715,452
Seat 6: angeloh1969 (Chile) -- 6,050,569

Chile's angeoh1969 started quickly out of the blocks at the final table, winning eight of the first ten hands, including a pot weighing in at 6.665 million.

Gorgo69 gone in sixth place

angeloh1969 took a brief rest from terrorising his opponents to allows Australia's 1stAceRimmer to claim the first scalp of the final table. The action folded to 1stAceRimmer in the cutoff and he raised to 188,000 at the 40,000/80,000/10,000a level. Gorgo69 was down to 105,509 after paying the big blind and he decided this was the hand to go with in an attempt to double, and he called off his remaining chips.

1stAceRimmer: K♥Q♦7♠5♥
Gorgo69: K♣J♦5♣3♠

Gorgo69 took the lead on the 8♦2♥J♠ flop, but in Omaha anything can and does happen. Something did indeed happen, the turn came the 9♦ and the river the T♦ to improve 1stAceRimmer to a straight, nine to king, and to send Gorgo69 to the rail in sixth place, a finish worth $185.95.

Pollaku poleaxed in fifth place

Only three more hands took place before the players climbed another rung on the pay ladder when pollaku crashed out at the hands of the aggressive angeloh1969. The chips went into the middle of the felt preflop, pollaku raising all-in from the small blind for 219,202 chips in total and angeloh1969 tossing in the extra 139,202 needed to call.

The K♥Q♣9♠9♥ of pollaku was in front of the J♦T♦6♥5♣ when the chips went in, but by the river of the J♣T♥T♣2♣4♦ board, angeloh1969's hand had improved to a full house and pollaku had to make do with fifth place money in this tournament, or $345.34 to you and I.

1stAceRimmer finishes in fourth spot

Eight action-packed hands later and 1stAceRimmer busted in fourth place and collected $568.49 for his efforts. First to act under the gun, 1stAceRimmer moved all-in for 493,088 with the Q♥J♦J♣5♥ in his hand and murashkin of Russia called with the A♠K♣Q♣5♠ in the small blind.

Both players improved their hand on the A♥K♥K♦A♣7♥ board, although 1stAceRimmer's flush was well-beaten by the full house that murashkin now held.

After the quick-fire eliminations of half of the final table within the first 22 hands, the remaining trio locked horns for 56 hands before something finally gave and another player was sent to the rail.

ibetmysister busts in third place

By this stage the blinds and antes had increased to 70,000/140,000/17,500a and ibetmysister bet his 1,799,002 stack from the button. angeloh1969 stepped out of the way from the small blind, but murashkin called in the big blind.

Ibetmysister held a strong hand in the shape of A♣A♦Q♥9♣, but murashkin's K♥J♥T♦8♠ had some potential to improve. murashkin caught a ten on the flop and a king on the turn of the 7♦5♥T♥K♣ board, leaving ibetmysister with the second best hand going to the river. The 2♠ landed on the river, which failed to alter the course of the hand and with that, heads-up was set.

Going into the one-on-one section of the tournament, angeloh1969 held a substantial 10,348,706 to 7,361,294 chip lead over mirashkin. That lead was extended by another to million over the course of the first 40 hands of heads-up play and on the 49th hand it was all over.

murashkin mauled on the river

First, angeloh1969 limped into the pot then murashkin raised all-in for 3,557,544 in total. The call button was clicked by angeloh1969 and what would ultimately be the final hand of his exciting event unfolded.

murashkin: A♦K♦K♠J♣
angeloh1969: A♥K♣3♠2♠

The pocket kings of murashkin stayed strong on the 5♣3♥8♥ flop and on the 5♥ turn and everything pointed to a murashkin double, everything but the fickle finger of fate that is. Fifth street came into view, displaying the 3♦, a card that improved angeloh1969 to trip threes and elevated him to the status of MicroMillions champion.

MicroMillions-053: $3.30 NL Omaha 6-Max, Re-Entry
Entrants: 3,542 (including 1,055 re-entries)
Prize pool: $10,626.00
Place paid: 450

1. angeloh1969 (Chile) -- $1,649.26
2. murashkin (Russia) -- $1,206.05
3. ibetmysister (Belgium) -- $887.27
4. 1stAceRimmer (Australia) -- $568.49
5. pollaku (Brazil) -- $345.43
6. Gorgo69 (Chile) -- $185.95

Matthew Pitt
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 8