Halunke112 Hauls In Over $3,500 From MicroMillion 8 Event #72

Progressive knockout tournaments have vastly increased in popularity over the past few years, thanks in part to them allowing players to win significant sums of cash without having to reach the money places.

This format has added excitement because players do not only win a bounty for every opponent they eliminate, sending a player to the rail adds more value to the bounty on their own head, which makes busting them an attractive proposition.

Event #72 of MicroMillions 8, the $5.50 NL Hold'em [Progressive Super Knock-Out] saw 7,333 players buy in and create a combined prize pool of $38,864.90. That mammoth-sized field was whittled down to the nine handed final table over the course of eight hours, with the players lining up as so:


Final Table Line-up

Seat 1: Halunke112 (Germany) -- 5,166,790
Seat 2: hipik4 (Czech Republic) -- 3,429,480
Seat 3: GARYGOS (New Caledonia) -- 2,323,305
Seat 4: hossainrakib (Bangladesh) -- 612,220
Seat 5: Rubl'Din79 (Russia) -- 1,326,852
Seat 6: Empty
Seat 7: Bobbie1410 (Australia) -- 490,514
Seat 8: kayasa (Australia) -- 3,039,816
Seat 9: ANNEGEPUNKT (Germany) -- 1,943,523

The eagle-eyed among you will no doubt have noticed that the final table only has eight players listed at it. That is because Russian duo tasty25 (10th) busted at the same time as Aslanbek33 while hand-for-hand was in play.

Aslanbek33 Ousted in Ninth Place

Aslanbek33 had more chips and was deemed to have finished in ninth place, reaching the final table. Their tournament ended when Halunke112 min-raised to 240,000 from under the gun and Aslanbek33 called from the big blind. The flop fell A♣5♠4♠, Aslanbek33 moved all-in for 160,764 and Halunke112 called.

Aslanbek33 had been caught with his fingers in the cookie jar and was forced to show the lowly 7♣3♠, while Halunke112 flipped over A♥8♣ for a pair of aces. The K♠ turn was followed by the Q♦ river and with that only eight players took their seats at the final table.

hossainrakib Busts in Eighth Place

The second player to bust from the final table was Bangladesh-based hossainrakib. The action folded to hossainrakib in middle position and he raised all-in for 494,056 chips, or a little over three-big blinds. Bobbie1410 raised all-in for 1,758,084 in total from the button, and when both blinds folded it was time to showdown some cards.

Bobbie1410: A♥K♠
hossainrakib: 9♦7♦

A flop reading Q♠6♦J♥ kept the ace-king of Bobbie1410 ahead, with the straight-completing T♦ on the turn locking up the hand for him. An inconsequential 6♥ completed the community cards and confirmed hossainrakib's exit.

kayasa Crashes Out in Seventh

Players secured even more prize money after the very next hand because kayasa crashed out in seventh place. kayasa was down to 562,848 chips at the 80,000/160,000/20,000a level and moved all in from the button with A♦K♠ and Halunke112 called with the 9♣7♣ from the big blind. It was a call that was rewarded with a 9♦3♦5♣4♦7♥ and a cool $126.35 bounty for Halunke112.

Bobbie1410 Busts Out in Sixth

Less than four minutes later and the table grew even shorter with the elimination of Australian Bobbie1410. A 13 big blind shove from Bobbie1410 on the button was called by Halunke112 in the big bling, creating a 5.54 million chip pot. Bobbie1410 showed A♥J♥, but was in terrible shape against the dominating A♦K♥.

A final board reading 6♥Q♦K♠8♦7♥ was enough to send Bobbie 1410 to the rail and leave the final table with only five players.

ANNEGEPUNKT Sent to the Rail

The eliminations showed no sign of allowing down and two minutes after Bobbie1410's bust out ANNEGEPUNKT lost his stack. The action passed to ANNEGEPUNKT in the small blind and he raised all in for 1.198 million chips at the 10,000/20,000/25,000a level. Halunke112 called from the big blind with 3♥3♣, ANNEGEPUNKT turned over J♠7♠ and when the five community cards ran 9♣6♥5♣Q♦K♦, Halunke112's pocket threes held and ANNEGEPUNKT exited the tournament.

GARYGOS Goes in Fourth

The frantic pace continued with the exit of GARYGOS in fourth place. GARYGOS jammed all-in for 12 big blinds with the A♦6♥ and looked set to add the blinds and antes to his stack. That was until Halunke112 looked him up with the superior A♥K♥. Halunke112 went further ahead on the 3♥K♦9♥ flop and his hand stayed best on the 8♠ turn and T♦ river. Game over for GARYGOS.

hipik4 Exits in Third Place

By this stage, Halunke112 held a substantial chip lead over his two remaining opponents and would extend that lead further when he despatched hipik4 in third place. Halunke112 raised to 12 million from the small blind and hipik4 called.

It was K♥7♠ for hipik4 versus the Q♦T♠ of Halunke112 and when the board ran 8♥T♥J♦6♣8♣ heads-up was set.

In addition to the significant prize money for finishing first, Rubl'Din would also collect $743.58 if he managed to bust the seemingly unstoppable Halunke112. Sadly for him, that never happened and he had to make do with $1,943.24 in prize money and $103.09 in bounty payments.

Halunke112 held a 14,321,342 to 4,011,158 chip lead over Rubl'Din, but Rubl'Din was within 120,000 chips after 85 hands of one-on-one play.

The blinds had now increased to 150,000/300,000/37,500a and Rubl'Din raised to 600,000. Halunke112 responded with a three-bet all-in for 9,755,736 and Rubl'Din79 called.

Halunke112: A♦5♦
Rubl'Din: Q♦Q♥

Halunke112 was in bad shape against the ladies in the hand of Rubl'Din. He managed to spike a five on the 6♥9♥5♣ flop, but still needed to improve his hand further to avoid having to hand over all but one small blind of his stack. And improve he did as the A♣ landed on the turn to gift him two pair. The K♠ on the river was of no help to Rubl'Din and his queens and he became the tourament's second place finisher, leaving Halunke112 to revel in the glory of becoming a MicroMillions champion and having turned $5.50 into over $3,500 over the course of nine hours.

MicroMillions-072: $5.50 NL Hold'em Progressive Super-Knockout
Entrants: 7,333
Prize pool: $38,864.90
Places paid: 1,530

1. Halunke112 (Germany) -- $2,710.72 plus $795.12 in bounties
2. Rubl'Din79 (Russia) -- $1,943.24 plus $103.08 in bounties
3. hipik4 (Czech Republic) -- $1,360.27 plus $105.03 in bounties
4. GARYGOS (New Caledonia) -- $971.62 plus $140.68 in bounties
5. ANNEGEPUNKT (Germany) -- $777.29 plus $319.88 in bounties
6. Bobbie1410 (Australia) -- $582.97 plus $196.64 in bounties
7. kayasa (Australia) -- $388.64 plus $252.70 in bounties
8. hossainrakib (Bangladesh) -- $194.32 plus $41.08 in bounties
9. Aslanbek23 (Russia) -- $122.42 plus $8.59 in bounties

Matthew Pitt
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 8