MicroMillions 8: drrrrrrry moisturizes bankroll after winning Event #59 ($3.30 FL Omaha Hi-Low)

There's nothing like seeing triple the guarantee while signing up for a tournament, except maybe winning it. Once again the popularity of the MicroMillions tournament offers short buy-ins for sizable paydays would crush another promised minimum amount as Event #59's $3.30 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo's $5K guarantee was tripled up to $15,648.00 thanks to the large crowd willing to play through the pains of getting quartered by a nasty river card. Poland's drrrrrrry would weather those counterfeited lows the best taking away the title and $1,928.19 after a four-way split.

One familiar Red Spade would cash yet again in the MicroMillions series. Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby would collect his fifth cash of the series taking home $12.51 in 159th place.

Checking in on the Player of the Series race with six month worth of Sunday Million buy-ins (26 of them at $215 a pop) Bobrovaflya and FENOMENICO were tied at 295 points apiece going into tonight. Bobrovaflya would miss out on the 675 paying spots finishing in 1,438th place while FENOMENICO would snag a few points and take the overall lead after cashing in 248th place ($8.76).

As for the goings a little higher up the pay scale, 35 minutes into the seventh hour of play the tournament would shrink from 5,216 to our final two tables of nine players a piece. In the next 15 minutes that two table SnG held just 11 players as the shortstacks found the 120K/240K stakes a little high as the average stack held just under 10BBs when all 11 made it to the hourly break.

SeldomSoft's exit in 11th place ($93.88) a few hands back from the break would start up hand-for-hand play. Woo'ed by Wu. Nearly no hand is safe while playing Omaha and this elimination was made more painful being the final table bubble of a MicroMillions tournament. With the stakes up to 160K/320K and 7♦A♣K♣ on the board with rounder05643 all-in preflop, glen_wu would bet out after the flop to knock out genowaty and turn over two pair 3♥7♣A♠T♥ as rounder05643 showed the flopped set 6♦K♦K♥J♦. The 5♦ turn helped neither player, but the A♦ river gave glen_wu a higher boat sending the final nine to the table below:


Seat 1: DfRus (3772330 in chips)
Seat 2: genowaty (3544628 in chips)
Seat 3: Diplodokkus (1489481 in chips)
Seat 4: alabamasong3 (3227323 in chips)
Seat 5: papamuja (990328 in chips)
Seat 6: glen_wu (2985878 in chips)
Seat 7: DutchArt888 (3297105 in chips)
Seat 8: kasha1111 (5080709 in chips)
Seat 9: drrrrrrry (1692218 in chips)

Three and out

Just three hands, enough time to settle a drink and stretch your legs before getting ready to play for the big money after eight hours. And it was all done in less time it takes your kids to switch the channel to Spongebob Squarepants when you are not looking. papamuja would raise UTG+1 as kasha1111 made the call in middle position to see a 5♥5♦T♥ flop. kasha1111 would check-call the flop and the 2♠ turn. After the J♠ dropped on the river papamuja bet less than a full bet for 190,328 as kasha1111 made the call again hold the flopped trips 8♠A♣4♣5♣. papamuja's wrap low A♠3♥4♠6♠ draw missed everything including the chance to continue in ninth place ($125.18).

Double teamed

As the stakes moved up to 250K/500K kasha1111 would call UTG as genowaty raised from the hijack seat and DutchArt888 called in the big blind as well as kasha1111 to see a K♥5♦J♦ flop. genowaty would bet all-in for just 4,628 chips as both players called. Both would check the 4♥ and kasha1111 check-called the 8♣ river bet turning up an eight-five low 5♠3♥9♥A♥ while DutchArt888 showed the straight with an eight-six 7♣6♦A♦T♥. genowaty was unable to best either hand and slunk away in eighth place ($195.60).


glen_wu would be floundering about with a little more than a small blind's worth of chips hoping for a spot to double up or more. No one seemed to want glen_wu's chips as play folded around to the small blind and glen_wu dutifully entered the remaining stack of 11,372 as DutchArt888 only had to sit back and watch the cards come out holding 7♦Q♦4♥Q♠. glen_wu showed T♦Q♥4♦K♥ and both of them would hit a flush on the river 6♦ K♦ A♠ A♦ 5♦. Queen-high versus ten-high meant glen_wu's run as the shortstack was done in seventh place ($352.08).

Singing a dirge for kasha1111

Three minutes later with the stakes still at 250K/500K alabamasong3 would raise from the cutoff as kasha1111 made the call in the small blind and drrrrrrry did the same in the big blind. kasha111 liked the 9♦5♣7♣ flop to lead out as onlhy alabamasong3 made the call. 3♦ brought a low into play as alabamasong3 put kasha1111 all-in for the remaining 434,130 after showing a pair of sevens with seven-five-four low J♣A♦4♣7♦. kasha1111 held the nut-low Q♣A♠2♦3♣ until the river 3♦ turned alabamasong3's hand into a scooping wheel and knocking out kasha1111 in sixth place ($508.56).

rrrrrrrrready to win

As the stakes moved up to 300K/600K some rumbling for a chop stirred up. But, a five-handed deal never materialize as a raising war would break out. DutchArt888 would limp in as drrrrrrry raised, and DfRus made it three bets. Diplodokkus called all-in for 170,326 chips as both DutchArt888 and drrrrrrry called. DfRus bet from the 4♦9♥Q♥ flop as both active players called. All would check the pairing Q♠ turn and drrrrrrry took a stab at the 7♥ river which neither player answered as drrrrrrry showed an ace kicker 6♣A♥5♣2♦ to the queens on the board. Diplodokkus could not answer while showing a ten kicker T♣5♦8♥6♦ collecting $665.04 in fifth place.

The large bets relative to the stack sized got our remaining four players to quickly agree to the deal shown below leaving $100.00 a side for the champ:

alabamasong3 (Belgium) $1,832.63
drrrrrrry (Poland) $1,828.19
DutchArt888(Netherlands) $1,396.12
DfRus (Russia) $1,299.43

Scooping for an eight figure pot

DutchArt888 could not paint a better hand as the stakes stayed at 300K/600K in a huge three-way that would leave one player watching from the sidelines. alabamasong3 would raise from the cutoff as DutchArt888 called on the button and DfRus three-bet in the big blind. Both players called to see the 7♠8♣J♥ flop. DfRus led out as both players called again. 5♣ turn and DfRus continued betting as alabamasong3 called but DutchArt888 raise, DfRus three-bet, and DutchArt888 capped with alabamasong3 calling all bets and DfRus all-in. 9♠ on the river and DutchArt888 bet while alabamasong3 had enough and folded. DfRus showed the eight-high straight and a low 6♥2♥3♦4♦ while DutchArt showed the rivered jack-high straight with the better low A♠2♠T♣8♠ to send DfRus off with $1,299.43 in fourth place.

Singing a different tune

As the bets moved up to 400K/800K alabamasong3 seemed committed to the hand before the cards even came out typing "gg" into the chat box. alabamasong3 would cap the betting with DutchArt888 preflop then got the rest of it in after the 2♠K♣K♠ flop while showing ace-high A♠4♥8♣6♥. DutchArt888 could only do a little better with Q♦3♦A♥J♣. But, the queen kicker was enough as the board rolled out T♦ and 5♣ to ship the 4.8 million chip pot to DutchArt888 as alabamasong3 took home $1,832.63 in third place.

Drying the canvas

drrrrrrry would start off with a 16 million to 10 million chip advantage but the swingy nature of limit Omaha hi-low left a lot of room for a reversal. Heads-up play would have the chip lead move back and forth for over 25 minutes. Finally with the bets up to 600K/1.2MM and DutchArt888 grasping a small stack of 2.35 million, drrrrrrry got the necessary scoop. Capped preflop DutchArt888 went with a high hand K♠T♥8♠Q♥ as drrrrrrry Mixed it up a bit showing 4♣7♦9♦A♠. The Q♣7♠T♦ flop was kind to DutchArt88 hitting top two, but the 8♦ turn opened up a possible backdown low for drrrrrrry. A second seven hit the river 7♥ giving drrrrrrry trips and tonight's MicroMillions 8 Event #59 title earning $1,928.19!

MicroMillions-059 $3.30 Limit Omaha Hi-Low

Entrants: 5,216
Places paid: 675
Prize pool: $15,648.00

(* denotes part of four-way deal)

1. drrrrrrry (Poland) *$1,928.19
2. DutchArt888 (Netherlands) *$1,396.12
3. alabamasong3 (Belgium) *$1,832.63
4. DfRus (Russia) *$1,299.43
5. Diplodokkus (Russia) $665.04
6. kasha1111 (Canada) $508.56
7. glen_wu (Taiwan) $352.08
8. genowaty (Poland) $195.60
9. papamuja (Germany) $125.18

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

David Aydt
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 8