MicroMillions 8: 69FABIAN69 tastes victory, scores six figures in Event #98 ($22 NLHE Main Event)

In its eighth edition, the MicroMillions once again proved to be a roaring success. Over the last ten days, small-stakes players took center stage and turned out in droves for the 100-tournament series, where each buy-in cost no more than $11. The one exception was today's $22 Main Event, which guaranteed a $1 million prize pool and at least $100,000 to first place. The prospect of turning $22 into six figures drew enough players to pack a football stadium and in the end, Hungary's 69FABIAN69 lived the dream, earning that coveted six-figure payday and the MicroMillions Main Event title.

The MM8 Main Event drew a 57,886-player crowd, the prize pool smashing through the $1 million guarantee to top out at $1,157,720.00. 8,541 players earned a share of it with first place set to earn an incredible $107,274.94 off their $22 investment. A baker's dozen of Red Spades joined the field including Joe Cada, Marcel Luske, Christophe and Matthias De Meulder, Tyler "frosty012" Frost, Caio Pessagno and Martin Hruby. Three of them finished in the money: Grzegorz "DaWarsaw" Mikielewicz (5,130th), Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara (1,621st) and Andre Akkari, who was eliminated in 1,041st place when his pocket kings were snapped off by A♦J♣.

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Late registration was open for three hours and by the time the gates closed on this tournament, the field had already been reduced by more than half to 25,600 players. By the ten-hour mark, 65 remained and only 20 were left as the Main Event entered its twelfth hour.

When ten players remained and play went hand for hand on the final table bubble, the blinds were up to a massive 1.5M/3M. The action folded around to drunken_aks, who open-shoved for 16.1 million on the button with A♥3♦. Unfortunately for him, dilimAA woke up with A♠K♠ in the big blind and snap-called. DilimAA made top pair on the K♦9♥5♥Q♦6♥ board, ending drunken_aks's run in tenth place.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: stelsn (36,539,780 in chips)
Seat 2: RoxyDeluxe (40,779,391 in chips)
Seat 3: berge64 (68,871,764 in chips)
Seat 4: dilimAA (73,435,694 in chips)
Seat 5: sangfugl (23,824,920 in chips)
Seat 6: 69FABIAN69 (172,473,152 in chips)
Seat 7: hotumatua77 (71,203,377 in chips)
Seat 8: smokinjenny (50,835,142 in chips)
Seat 9: Skomi11 (40,896,780 in chips)

hotumatua77 eliminated in ninth place

The blinds were up to 2M/4M when sangfugl three-bet shoved for 13.8 million on the button and Skomi11 called with A♠9♠. Sangfugl's pocket sevens won the race and he doubled to 38.1 million. Then on the next hand, berge64 made a 3x raise to 12 million and smokinjenny shoved for 41.9 million from the big blind. Berge64 called, his A♥J♠ dominated by A♦Q♠. Smokinjenny's hand held up on the T♣6♠5♦3♦6♣ board and she doubled to 90.4 million. Berge64 sank to 28.7 million and got the rest of his chips in the middle with K♦K♣ against hotumatua77's A♦A♣, but a king on the flop brought berge64 back from the brink and doubled his stack to 65 million.

Three hands later, RoxyDeluxe opened for 10.25 million and hotumatua77 moved all-in for 36.7 million with pocket eights. RoxyDeluxe quickly called with pocket tens and they held up on the A♦5♣2♣A♥Q♣ board, ending hotumatua77's run in ninth place ($8,937.59).

berge64 busts in eighth place

Down to 36.8 million with the blinds up to 3M/6M, berge64 picked up A♥9♥ in the small blind and three-bet shoved. UTG raiser sangfugl called with A♣Q♦. Sangfugl made a pair of queens on the flop and rivered queens and sevens, the board running out Q♣T♣3♣7♠7♦. For eighth place, berge64 took home $12,202.36.

Double whammy

On the next deal, dilimAA opened for a min-raise to 12 million on the button and 69FABIAN69 made a very light three-bet shove for 158 million with 8♣T♣. DilimAA was more than happy to call all-in with A♦A♣. Although 69FABIAN69 flopped an eight, he did not improve any further and sank to 95 million while dilimAA took the chip lead with 134.8 million. DilimAA, however, didn't hang on to the top spot for very long. On the next hand, dilimAA dropped a 119 million pot to smokinjenny when he folded to her river shove on a J♣J♦3♦2♦Q♣ board.

Two down in two hands

Three hands later, 69FABIAN69 opened for 15 million and stelsn shoved for 16.6 million from the small blind. 69FABIAN69 called the balance and turned over 7♥7♦. Stelsn's A♥3♥ did not catch up on the J♠9♣2♣3♦6♠ board and he went out in seventh place ($16,636.43) while 69FABIAN69 moved back into nine-figure territory with 108 million.

The next hand saw Skomi11 open-shove for 33.7 million with K♥7♣ and RoxyDeluxe reshove for 66.7 million right behind him. RoxyDeluxe's A♣Q♣ flopped an ace, turned a flush draw, and rivered the nut flush on the A♠J♠6♣T♣K♣ board, eliminating Skomi11 in sixth place ($22,702.88).

sangfugl runs into jacks

With the blinds up to 4M/8M, sangfugl looked down at 4♠4♣ and open-shoved for 85.8 million from the cutoff. However, 69FABIAN69 woke up with J♦J♣ on the button and called off his remaining 74.9 million. 69FABIAN69's jacks held up and he raked in the 166.7 million pot, leaving sangfugl on only 9.9 million. Two hands later, sangfugl was all-in from the big blind with J♣8♥ vs. smokinjenny's A♠9♠, but he did not improve on the K♠Q♦2♥5♣3♥ board. For fifth place, sangfugl collected $30,957.43.

smokinjenny burns out in fourth

All four remaining players held stacks above 100 million, but it didn't add up to much with the blinds up to a staggering 5M/10M. When the action folded to RoxyDeluxe on the button, she made it 20 million to go and dilimAA shoved for 138.9 million. from the big. RoxyDeluxe called with Q♣Q♥ and dilimAA revealed 6♥6♦. RoxyDeluxe's queens held up and she doubled to 219 million, leaving dilimAA on only 26.4 million. DilimAA, however, was able to reclaim some of those lost chips straight away when his Q♥5♠ held up against RoxyDeluxe's J♣T♣ in a preflop all-in worth 90.3 million.

Much to dilimAA's delight, smokinjenny made a small blind shove for 130.5 million with A♠7♦ and RoxyDeluxe called with T♦T♠ from the big. RoxyDeluxe flopped a set of tens and rivered tens full of kings on the T♥5♠4♥K♠K♥ board, ending smokinjenny's run in fourth place ($42,233.62).

RoxyDeluxe solves a dilimAA

When three-handed play commenced, RoxyDeluxe was the chip leader with 341 million, 69FABIAN69 was second with 167.4 million and dilimAA was still the short stack with 70.3 million. Only three hands after smokinjenny's elimination, RoxyDeluxe opened for 20.5 million and dilimAA shoved from the big blind with A♣9♦. RoxyDeluxe called with J♣5♣ and was behind all the way to the river, where she spiked a pair of fives and eliminated dilimAA in third place ($57,619.72).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: RoxyDeluxe (430,076,284 in chips)
Seat 6: 69FABIAN69 (148,783,716 in chips)

RoxyDeluxe and 69FABIAN69 immediately agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Final table host Felix "xflixx" Schneiders calculated the numbers and they quickly came to terms on a chop that guaranteed RoxyDeluxe at least $85,216.01 and 69FABIAN69 $80,668.11. With $20,000 and the title still on the line, action resumed.

On the second hand back, 69FABIAN69 doubled to 262 million when his Q♥9♠ rivered a pair of nines vs. RoxyDeluxe's K♦2♠. Five minutes later, 69FABIAN69 doubled again, his pocket sixes holding up against K♠4♥.

Left with 131 million, RoxyDeluxe found A♣Q♥ in the big blind and called 69FABIAN69's shove on the next hand. 69FABIAN69's K♥9♠ did not improve on the J♦7♠5♦7♣3♦ board and he fell back to 316 million.

Five hands later, RoxyDeluxe was closing in on 69FABIAN69, holding 283 million to his 295 million. Dealt Q♣8♣, RoxyDeluxe made it 24.6 million to go on the button and 69FABIAN69 shoved from the big blind. RoxyDeluxe called and was behind to 69FABIAN69's A♥5♦. 69FABIAN69 paired his ace on the flop, the board running out A♦T♠2♠4♦9♠. After a wild ride that saw him go from chip leader to short stack and back again, 69FABIAN69 locked up the win and a six-figure score.

Congratulations to 69FABIAN69, our MicroMillions 8 Main Event champion! He banked $100,668.11 for the win while runner-up RoxyDeluxe earned $85,216.01.

From all of us here at the PokerStars Blog, we hope you've enjoyed our coverage of the MicroMillions 8. Congratulations to all 100 of our newly-minted champions and come September, we'll be back to bring you all the WCOOP action as it unfolds.

MicroMillions-098: $22 NL Hold'em Main Event
Entrants: 57,886
Total prize pool: $1,157,720.00
Places paid: 8,541

1. 69FABIAN69 (Hungary) $100,668.11*
2. RoxyDeluxe (Austria) $85,216.01*
3. dilimAA (Brazil) $57,619.72
4. smokinjenny (Canada) $42,233.62
5. sangfugl (Norway) $30,957.43
6. Skomi11 (Serbia) $22,702.88
7. stelsn (Russia) $16,636.43
8. berge64 (Russia) $12,202.36
9. hotumatua77 (Austria) $8,937.59

*= reflects the result of a heads-up deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 8